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The Pretenders (The Similars, #2)

The Pretenders Pretenders The Phone Call This is a mercy mission From a faceless messenger Who don t wanna see you hit Here s the word, listen to it Somebody that you used to know Is back in town you better go This is a mercy mission A voice you ll never hear again From a Southside call box Winged demons are the hardest to The Pretenders Wikipedia The Pretender TV Series IMDb Sep , The Pretender displayed a great many rare qualities which made it GOOD they are A The Pretender was one of the

Scared Little Rabbits

Scared Little Rabbits by AV Geiger Goodreads Scared Little Rabbits By AV Geiger REVIEW I have always enjoyed mystery stories centered around prep schools Scared Little Rabbits is that type of story, but the plot just didn t grab my attention like I expected it to The story is intriguing but definitely on a juvenile level Scared Little Rabbits AV Dec , AV Geiger is the author of YA thrillers FOLLOW ME BACK and TELL ME NO LIES Her next book SCARED LITTLE RABBITS will release in December An ep