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Green Lantern: Legacy

GREEN LANTERN LEGACY DC GREEN LANTERN LEGACY Thirteen year old Tai Pham lives in the apartment above his grandmother s store, where his bedroom is crammed with sketchpads and comic books But not even his most imaginative drawings could compare to the colorful adventure he s about to embark on Green Lantern Legacy CG Graphic Novel Superheroes CATS Green Lantern Legacy is the latest graphic novel from DC s new Zoom Series It s written intentionally to pull in a younger audience And that means we

Sea of Stars, Vol. 1: Lost in the Wild (Sea of Stars, #1)

Sea of stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives Sea of Stars,Vaadhoo Island,Maldives Vaadhoo Island is one of the popular group of islands which are considered as the heaven on EarthThis island has lots of surprises,specialties which are revealed at night timeThe splendid water in the sea just looks like a reflection in the mirror reflecting the stars sparkling from above the sky The Breathtaking Sea of Stars in The Maldives Gaze into the sky and see countless stars and the faint outline of the Milky Way