Barn Party

      Barn Party
The Chicken Sisters are planning a party and invite all the barnyard animals But mean old Rooster thinks that only neat, clean animals should be allowed to attend It s up to muddy Pig, sloppy Cow, and messy Goat to teach Rooster a lesson and save the party. Best Read [ Barn Party ] author [ Claire O'Brien ] –

Hi everyone I grew up in the middle of England, playing in abandoned allotment gardens and riding my bicycle for miles and miles My school and my local town had good libraries so I could always get hold of a new book to sink into.I became a primary school teacher and taught in London, Yorkshire, the USA and Colombia, finally settling back in London about seven years ago I love visiting galleries and riding my bicycle around hidden corners of the city to see the interesting architecture.My son, Ewan, is a student in Brighton and spends a lot of time living in a tent at festivals.

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      Barn Party
 ePUB By Claire O'Brien –
  • Paperback
  • 46 pages
  • Barn Party
  • Claire O'Brien
  • English
  • 16 April 2018
  • 0753458543

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    The Chicken Sisters decided to throw a barn party, so they made a poster clearly inviting ALL the animals to the event They assigned the egotistical Cockerel the task of displaying the invitation poster in a prominent position where it would be clearly visible to all the animals and that he did however when it dawns on the Chicken Sisters that not one of the animals had even commented on the upcoming party, they are concerned that something is not quite right They soon allay each o...

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    This was almost a good book Rooster snubs the other animals on the farm and won t invite them to a party because they are not clean and neat The part I don t like is that then the animals take revenge on rooster and make him dir...

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    A great story for kids to read.

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