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Morning Girl❮Download❯ ➿ Morning Girl ➺ Author Michael Dorris – In alternating chapters Morning Girl a twelve year old Taino and her younger brother Star Boy vividly recreate life on a Bahamian island in 1492 a life that is rich complex and soon to be threatened T In alternating chapters Morning Girl a twelve year old Taino and her younger brother Star Boy vividly recreate life on a Bahamian island in a life that is rich complex and soon to be threatened The award winning author of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water presents a tale based on an entry in the diary of Christopher Columbus that tells of a native family living in a vibrant community striving to coexist with the natural world.

The Broken Cordthe pseudonym Adam is used for his son in the book In Dorris married aspiring writer.

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    Set in an island in the Bahamas on the eve of Christopher Columbus's fateful landing in 1492 this story following the daily lives of two siblings Morning Girl and Star Boy providing a window into Taino culture This story is very gentle and the writing is simple yet powerful Told in alternating chapters it is a slice of life tale through which the reader glimpses the indigenous society in which the characters live Morning Girl and Star Boy have typical sibling suabbles within a loving family They form a kind of yin yang with Morning Girl representing the day and Star Boy representing the night Their tribe has a harmonious relationship with the natural world living in relative comfort at the subsistence level There is a very bittersweet undertone to the story as the reader knows that the entire Taino tribe will be extinct only a few years after the events described take place The world in which Morning Girl and her brother live is about to be destroyed The knowledge that she her entire family and their tribe will all be soon dead wiped out by smallpox made me very sad The novella ends with an epilogue from Christopher Columbus's log book documenting his first encounter with the native people of the Bahamas which is a death knell for the Taino I've often wondered how things would have played out differently if there had been a mammal comparable to the oxen of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean native to North America that could have been domesticated to pull a plow so that the Spaniards would have encountered a civilization or pockets of civilization as sophisticated as their own when they landed in the New World

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    The book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris was about a family that lived on a Bahamian island in 1492 The characters Star Boy and Morning Girl are siblings and they are the foils of each other This book has all the five literary elements and many evidences to support each element This book has many conflicts unlike other books that only have one main conflict and it didn‘t follow the format of a story plot Overall this book was a uniue and descriptive book The author's development of character is strong because it gave thorough information about the character and clearly illustrates the view of the character At the beginning of the book Morning Girl said The name my family calls me is Morning Girl because I wake up early always with something on my mind1 Morning Girl is the main character and the author Doris made her act like some normal teenage girl in real life always with something on her mind This was something that could be related to real life because everyone has something to worry about even when they are sleeping The author's development of setting was descriptive because it actually included details of the place The author uses My father got down on his hands and knees and crawled toward where I was headed dragging himself forward by reaching first for a stump then for a rock39 This is descriptive because you could actually have an image on your mind of where the setting was located while reading It also gives people a better understanding of the book The moralsthemes Doris communicates are powerful because it’s related to real life When Morning Girl asks her father the uestion “Why should my own face be a secret from me?” ‘There is a way’ Father said kindly ‘Look into my eyes’ he told me Suddenly I saw two tiny girls looking back Their faces were clear their brows straight as canoes and their chins as narrow and clean as lemons'who are they?' 'They are the answer to your uestion' Father said 'And they are always here when you need to find them' 35 36 No one has a definite look because everyone’s views and opinions are different You might be beautiful in one’s eye but not the others The author’s use of diction is confusing because the author doesn’t point out the events that happened; he made it into a complex way for the readers to understand When Morning Girl’s mom came home without a baby it didn’t mention miscarriage Instead it uses “Because the new sister didn’t come” I whispered” 21 This made it confusing and complicated for the readers Even though the wordings are simple but this was a complex book The conflict Dorris creates is uninteresting because there’s no big conflict and it’s always those little family problems The character Star Boy is childish and always trying to hide from his mistakes One of the conflicts is “I won’t go home I’ve been hiding in these rocks all day”23 Whenever he made mistakes all he does is to hide from people and let his family find him even for the smallest thing However that’s what most people in real life will do because they feel ashamed for what they did to themselves and others This book was an average book after all except for the dictions and the conflicts This book would be so hard for some people to understand but it should be recommended because of the development of characters settings and morals This book would be recommend to children that’s age 9 and up as it said on the book because of its dictions It also will be recommended for anyone that could be interest

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    In the book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris one of the main characters Morning Girl talks about her relationship with her younger brother Star Boy The novella contains the five literary elements characters diction setting conflict and moral The book overall is well written and is a satisfactory bookThe characters of the novella are very detailed and are easy to visualize Throughout the book the main characters Star Boy and Morning Girl alternate in writing the chapters of the book The author’s development of characters is strong because he is very descriptive and detailed In chapters in one and two the author talks about how the characters got their names and why they got them “The name my family calls me is Morning Girl because I wake up early I always with something on my mind”pg1 The setting of the book is really vague and unclear at times Most of the time the author will fully describe the surroundings of the characters and where they are at that moment of the book “There are things I noticed as a rock that I never realized as a boy I could feel the movement of a shadow on my body as the sun slid across the sky” pg27The setting at most is well developed and the characters are overall well detailed and descriptive The diction of the book is appropriate “‘She is’ Father sighed and sueezed my shoulder ‘She is disappointed’ “pg 21 The diction is appropriate because instead of saying that Morning Girl’s mother had a miscarriage they described how she felt when she lost the baby Another thing about the diction is that you can tell when Morning Girl is writing a chapter and when Star Boy is writing a chapter They both have their different ways of writing and their vocabulary differs The conflict of the whole novella is unclear There isn’t a big conflict of the book but small conflicts throughout the book Throughout the chapters Morning Girl and Star Boy have a troubled relationship Even thought they are brother and sister they fight a lot in most of the chapters “’How do you know is it’s a sister?’ He asked ‘Why not a brother?’ ” pg 17 on this page Star Boy his mother and Morning Girl are fight on whether or not the baby will be a sister or brother to them Overall the conflict is very vague and unclear Unlike the morals they are valuable and can be used in everyday life “He glanced at me and it was so strange because I thing that was the first time we ever actually saw each other Of course I knew what he looked like Sometimes I could tell when he was behind me without turning around But I never let myself wonder much about him He was justI don’t know always there the opposite of me and now suddenly I realized that in some ways we were the same” pg20 This part of chapter three is saying that they are family and are not very much different then each other They are family and are connected in a wayIn conclusion in my opinion the book overall was satisfactory I would recommend this book to any of my teachers and my siblings

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    In the book Morning Girl by Michael Dorris it shows how there are two sides of the book It shows how siblings can have rivals but still get along It has uniue character traits and this book is meant for ages 9 and up The diction of this book is poorly for young readers Overall the book can be recommend to older readers The author’s development of character and setting is strong Michael Dorris writes in a way that Morning Girl and Star Boy can be realistic They show character traits and emotions Morning Girl; “I don’t tell this to anyone because they might misunderstand but I like the aloneness of the early morning” 2 Star Boy; “I had been outside studying the sky from our cassava patch” 38 This kind of action shows how the character and setting can relate towards each other The author’s development of conflict and moral is valuable Michael Dorris writes in a way that Morning Girl and Star Boy can be similar They both show how they have similar feelings as siblings Morning Girl “I didn’t know how long Mother would be away day passed slowly without her” 19 “ It was so strange because I think that was the first time we actually saw each other I realized that in some ways we were the same” 20 21 This kind of action show how conflict and moraltheme can relate towards feelings The author’s development of diction is confusing Michael Dorris writes in a way that death appears in the novel This shows how it can confuse young readers and may not have an understanding of death”No Not a new brother either Not this time” 20 This kind of action show how diction can be complicated and not all births can be successful The book Morning Girl shows how this book is interesting It explains how siblings in life can have different points of views Even though the diction wasn’t great this book can be considered for recommendation The book can only be recommended to teens and adults only

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    This book is a beautifully imagined example of walking in someone else’s moccasins Michael Dorris a mixed blood Modoc and head of Dartmouth’s Native American Studies program until his death in 1997 tells the story of the first encounter of the Tainos with the men from Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas It is based on the journal entries of Columbus himself but told through the alternating narratives of Morning Girl and her pesty brother Star Boy It is devastating to imagine what happens to the children their family and their community following the end of the book Morning Girl could be memorably paired with Jacobs' nonfiction text “The Tainos The People Who Welcomed Columbus” and used as an alternative perspective prior to Thanksgiving It is a book that should be read by all Americans who celebrate Columbus Day

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    This short fiction packs a wallop Morning Girl who loves the day and her younger brother Star Boy who loves the night take turns describing their life on an island in pre Columbian America Their world is so vivid and humane that when in Morning Girl's last narrative she witnesses the arrival of the first Europeans to her world it is devastating for the reader who realizes that this event marks the light at the beginning of the tunnel The excerpt from Columbus' journals at the very end compounds the horror of what these honest and brave people will lose everything

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    Morning Girl is a novella by Michael Dorris This book was meant for people ages nine and up but it will be very confusing and vague for a young reader to understand It’s about two siblings Star Boy and Morning Girl living in an island having family problems Morning Girl doesn’t feel that her brother is part of the family since he’s so different and Star Boy doesn’t want to agree and be like his sister The development of Morning Girl is very relatable and the characters are actually real The author writes his story in two separate narrative characters with real emotions and actions Whenever Star boy was upset he always takes shelter to a place where no one could find him He doesn’t want his mistakes to be taken on others “When Morning Girl told me she had been careless with my canoe” my father said “I was very annoyed””But it wasn’t her” I shouted”28 It makes us; readers have a feeling and sympathy for Star BoyThe setting was really well done too since Dorris wanted to make it as real as possible When “The palms were already spread on the ground perfect for thatch Coconuts lay where they had fallen and even in some unexpected places – large puddles or places where the ponds had spilled over their banks – silver fish carried from the sea could amazingly be found” 46 It was well detailed that the people are in a tropical islandIt’s hard to imagine a nine year old to understand the book Since the way the author uses his words is that everybody could read at a third grade level but not the context to the story When the mother wasn’t at the house the father was trying to tell his kids that “She is disappointed” 21 This makes the reader confused and the author doesn’t want his readers to know what really happened The story itself is very trite It goes back and forth with random events and days to what happens to the siblings As the reader reads the book they will barley know what is going on till the end of the book There are lots of mini conflicts in the book about sibling rivals and other family problems but they aren’t going to be notice There are morals in the story but for a young reader that reads it might not understand it because it’s very vague and might not know which of the uotes or sentences are morals For example “There are things I noticed as a rock that I never realized as a boy I could feel the movement of a shadow on my body as the sun slid across the skyI got to know myself as a rock even better than I had known myself as a person one part at a time with no rushing and nothing to make me hurry past something important By the hour that the sky turned red I had learned a great deal that I would not forget” 27 Young readers might not pick up a moral that easily in the book and might be very confused to what it meansIn the end the story is very confusing for any reader to understand Plus I don’t really recommend this book to a child under thirteen

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    in the book morning girl morning girl and star boy are brothers and sisters They are like any other family but instead of names they use tag names They all go through a lot they went from a miscarriage to a really big storm Star boy and morning girl have a relationship like any other siblings they fight they are always in competition and disagree a lot but they still love each other The book was uninteresting because it lacked setting conflict and moral but had a good amount of character and diction The authors development of character is strong because readers could really relate and see how each characters personality is For example “when I was angry I imagined what life would be like if he weren’t around how each minute could be” pg15 I could relate to this cause I did that before other older or younger siblings do the same This shows that the characters are relatable Another literary element that was well developed was diction The authors use of diction was very powerful because the author used a lot of metaphors to describe something in details For example “but morning girls word were a splashing stream that found its way between my fingers no matter how tightly I pressed them together” pg58 This is a really good comparison just to prove her words are very strong and how they had a big effect Character and diction is the best developed literary element in the book The morals Doris communicates are very uninspiring because the audience wouldn’t be able to pull out the moral For example “then still later beneath a blank sky were clouds had washed a way my familiar stars I got the maddest of all” pg57 The moral was very hard to pull out from this uote for me so imagine how the audience that is nine years old would feel on reading this uote The authors development of setting is vague because it doesn’t give a clear visual of the setting It doesn’t show a clear idea for example “who needed a roof when the sun shone so friendly or when the stars glowed over head watching our sleep”pg45 This uote doesn’t show how the whole setting looks it just tells me about the settings sky The conflict Doris creates is dull because its not so exciting For example “sure as I know that morning girl would want to hear all that happened to me in that storm and be jealous that that happened to me and not her”pg41 This uote shows that the conflict is dull because its not even a big problem Moral setting and conflict lacks a lot in this story Morning girl was the worst book I read and it lacks three of the five literary elements This book is very boring and confusing Honestly the audience which is supposable only nine years old wouldn’t like this book at all I don’t recommend this book to anyone The book had good character and diction writing buy wasn’t a fun or cool book to read

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    In the novel Morning girl writtin by Michael Dorris is for young childern at the age nine and up Morning Girl and Star boy are alternating chapters in the book Morning Girl is the older sister and Star Boy is the younger brotherThis book is very unintriguing because there isnt much action The author makes it so there is two sides of the story With every chapter changing points of views the book isnt competely terrible because it has some unusual writing techniuesMichael Dorris uses some literary techniues in a great way The authors development of the characters are strong because the audience can relate to them The way he alternated the chapters with the two characters was uniue There aren't many books that do that The authors development of setting is thorough because it is clear and the reader can picture it in their heads Its not great but its good enough for kids to understand what the setting looks like The moralsthemes are appropriate because people can learn from them Little kids can learn these morals so when they get older they would make the right decisions Michael Dorris uses some literary techniues in a disappointing way The authors use of diction is very uninspiring and weak because its boring and not at a high level Higher level readers would not be inspired by this book The conflict Michael Dorris creates are confusing because their constantly changing The many conflicts made the book worse because the readers are going to wonder what the author wants us to learn from the book To conclude I do not recommend this book for readers Overall the novel is boring because there is no real action or any intriguing conflicts This is a good book for little kids to read when their still young so they can learn the lessons The novel would of been better is there was just one main conflict Michael Dorris uses some of the writing techniues in a good and bad way

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    A historical fiction novel Morning Girl by Michael Dorris is a very character based book The morals are encouraging and for young readers The chapters are alternating perspectives between the main character Morning Girl and her younger brother Star Boy This book has many simple wording but has a complex plotIn every book there are both good and bad points This book doesn't get a five star rating because there are morals for each chapter which makes the book complexed The diction of this story is very interesting because in the story when they mentions the miscarriage of their new sister instead of directly saying it was a miscarriage they just stated that the new baby didn't comeBesides the bad points this novel also has good points The characters are somewhat described but the the book's main character Morning Girl was fully describe how she looked like in a chapter because her apperance seemed to be a secret from her Along with the characters the setting was described throughly as well when Star Boy mentions about the beach and how life of a rock is so different from life of a human being The conflict of the story is different but throughout the story the conflict was the diifference between Star Boy and his older sister Morning Girl As the story goes on the conflict between the siblings are slowly resolved and they gain understanding of each otherThis book was a decent book but the setup of the story was complexed because most people are used to reading types of books with one plot throughout the entire story and when there is one plot throughout the story the book's main focus is on the one moral which the book emphasises on Recommendations to this book would be to people who aren't used to regular formatting books with one plot throughtout the entire story

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