Worth➬ [Ebook] ➧ Worth By A. LaFaye ➸ – Tbjewellers.co.uk After Nathaniel's leg is crushed in an accident his father brings home an orphan boy John Worth to help work the fields Worth has come to Nebraska from New York City on the Orphan Train which brings h After Nathaniel's leg is crushed in an accident his father brings home an orphan boy John Worth to help work the fields Worth has come to Nebraska from New York City on the Orphan Train which brings homeless children west to find new lives Nathaniel feels increasingly jealous of the boy who has taken over not only his work but the attention of his father who has barely spoken to him since his injury In school for the first time he is far behind even his youngest classmates and he feels as useless there as he does at home Meanwhile Worth is still grieving for his family and his old life As the farm chores prevent him from going to school he also resents losing his dream of an education and a good job And for all the work he does he knows he will never inherit the farm that he's helping to save But a battle between ranchers and farmers and a book of Greek mythology that Nathaniel reads aloud each evening forges a connection between the two boys who begin to discover that maybe there is enough room on the farm and in the family for both of them A LaFaye's dynamic portrayal of two boys longing for something they no longer have and finding the resources to face the future offers a fresh perspective on the thousands of children who moved west via the Orphan Trains in the late nineteenth century.


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  • Hardcover
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  • Worth
  • A. LaFaye
  • English
  • 20 April 2016
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    Just one month ago my daughters and I “traveled” to North Dakota and discovered Jake's Orphan a story that revolved around a farming family who “took in” a boy from the orphan trainUnfortunately for Worth a middle grades novel set in Nebraska we had the recent comparison in our minds of a story that revolved around a farming family who “took in” a boy from the orphan trainEven so if we hadn't had the comparison to make this story would have fallen short for us I'm sorry but if you have a 144 page book and for 136 pages of the book “Ma” and “Pa” treat the orphan like a flea infested stray dog refusing to look him in the eyes giving him residence in a lean to that is no better than a garden shed and making him eat all of his meals out on a tree stump you can't wrap up this mess in a tidy 8 pagesIn 8 pages you can't make this boy seemed “beloved” and an accepted member of a family after he's been treated worse than an unwanted dog in all previous pagesAnd even though I applaud this author for donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to the North American Council on Adoptable Children wwwnacacorg I must contribute that I find this story an awkward representation of a successful adoption storyI am a proud mother of both biological and adopted children and the parents in this story the Peales are absolutely appalling to me They don't have any knack with their original biological child and they certainly don't have any leftover love for a newly arrived traumatized orphan I was ashamed of them as human beings to be honest and I'm not sure the author knew uite uite what she was doing in representing them as so cruel and unfeeling and then giving them a uick change of heart in the last remaining pagesAlso what's wrong with pronouns? We need them we love them they work for us in stories This novel needed pronouns and frankly outside of poetry no writer is so clever that they can write riveting prose without them

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    This book is about a boy named Nathaniel who is trying to survive and find happiness after his leg is brutally injured in the storm His family runs a farm and all the crops were destroyed due to the storm The family also lack in business and have to take a lot of loans to pay for the crops Things have changed ever since this incident has taken place His dad hasn’t had any conversation with him and his mom is always depressed and mad about the death of her daughter Missy years ago Nathaniel is finding it very hard to live this way and wants to change his style of living But to make things worse his dad brings home a boy named John Worth from the Orphan Train to do Nathaniel's chores Nathaniel feels like he’s worthless and that he is no use to the family He is truly sad since is not being able to help on the farm and is actually jealous of John since he has caught the attention of his father After some great tragedies in John’s life he is finding it hard to fit in the family just know that everything works out in the end But something helps brings the family together you're gonna have to find out to create a special bond that I think is very touching For me this story was a little hard to follow at the startand there were parts that were boring and I was on the verge of abandoning it I felt the need to read to understand it better and sure enough as I kept reading the story got intense and I started enjoying it The plot of this story was good and I particularly liked how the main character dealt with his problems I also liked all the emotions that the characters displayed My favorite part was “Lumbering around like a newborn colt I spun to get up and hug Ma She hugged me right back letting out a laughing sigh “Don’t you worry Nathaniel I’m not going anywhere” And for the first time I hoped John Worth didn’t have to go anywhere either” This shows that Nathaniel had empathy John because of the hard times he has been through and doesn’t want him to go Overall I think this was a great book and I really recommend it

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    Nathaniel and his family are homesteaders in Nebraska in the 1800s Nathaniel breaks his leg in a freak accident and is told that he may be lucky to walk again Because times are hard and money is tight his father takes in an orphan boy from New York to help around the farm – John Worth Nathaniel once his leg begins to heal is sent to school so that he can make something of himself Nathaniel resents and envies the relationship that John seems to have with his father but after learning John lost his family in a terrible fire the two begin to be friends Meanwhile there’s a lot of tension between the farming and ranching families – farmers are regularly suing their ranching neighbors when their cattle break through the farm fences and destroy the farmers’ crops Nathaniel’s father is on good terms with his neighbor but he continues to lose money whenever the cattle stampede The ranchers and the farmers are about to settle their differences when some fence cutters attempt to stir things up again Nathaniel and John catch them in the act and the kids are brought to justiceThis was a great look at what homesteading life might have been like back in the 1800s There were also several unexpected details which made this read fascinating than perhaps the usual fare Nathaniel’s mother is the educated one in the family and also the handy person; she can repair just about anything she sets her hands to she also handles all of the bookkeeping Nathaniel also becomes friends with a Greek girl who has immigrated to the States and they bond over a book of Greek mythology which actually helps Nathaniel learn to read These uirks made the characters stand out made them realistic – I’d never have thought about homesteaders being interested in things like mythology Nathaniel and John are both easy to like – strong characters with strong opinions This short meaty read should appeal to boys

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    Third in the Nissa great literature series for juvenile readers and revolving around Nathaniel Peale and his whole family Based in 19th century NebraskaIn 2008 Worth was nominated for the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award In 2006 it won the Simon Honor Book In 2005 it won the Scott O’Dell award and in 2004 it won the California Book Award Silver Medal for Juvenile And I can see why it won all these awards This is brilliantMy TakeAbsolutely brilliant I’d give it a “7” if the rating system would let me It’s ideal for nine to thirteen year oldsand adults will appreciate LaFaye’s absolutely gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS descriptions that are so uniue and yet capture the feeling”Then a fog rolled in misting me clean through — no pain no thoughts nothing but wet gray haze liked I’d been set adrift in a boat at dawn”Yep if you fancy yourself a writer BUY this book It’s easy to read and those descriptionsoh yeah”Just like that he went from laughing to crying so hard he couldn’t breathe The suddenness of it sent Ma forward like she was catching someone who’d taken a fall”LaFaye has created a world that brings it home how families struggled with the anger between farmer and rancher as well as the battle to survive to earn that homestead to pay the bank to make it The storm and Nate's struggle are excellent metaphors for their trialsIt’s a story rampant with guilt Pa’s Nate’s Worth’s LaFaye uses first person protagonist point of view from Nate’s perspective and we learn firsthand how agonizing those pains are The leg his father’s abandonment and the new “son” who’s come to take his place all with LaFaye’s deft turn of phrase describing emotions and actions in totally new ways that make you feel it allI do have a couple nigglesI wanna know about Ma A woman who “hears the lightning in the tall grass” and tinkers with repairs Ya gotta admire a woman like her But I also want to know why she’s taken against Worth For such a “Christian” woman she sure is unChristian I’m also confused over those oranges How could they have lasted long enough to get to Nebraska from New York?Listening to Nate talk about their home in Nebraska and how it started out The slow very slow accumulation of chairs a table bedseven windows Further on the talk is about schoolin’ Ma desperately wants Nate to go and she is the learned one in the family It’s a great opportunity to talk with your kids about education The limitations on how far or if one could attend school I know the kids'll come up with all sorts of positives about that one lol and it's a good opportunity to note those negatives How it hampered people as well as the whys of not being able to go to school And Nate’s exposure to learning is what helps him and Worth bondAnother good topic is the relationship Pa has with his ranching neighbor It’s a Christian and I mean this in the original way attitude that pays big dividends for both families and is an excellent example of working together to solve problemsThe StoryIt’s a disaster in so many ways leading to radical changes in the Peale family Pa must deal with his guilt while Nate battles the loss he knows and the one he fearsAs for Worthhe’s lost so much The CharactersNathaniel “Wood” Peale is eleven years old and hasn’t yet been to school Ma Mary Eve mends household goods for folks although Pa Gabe takes the credit People prefer to think women can’t do a man’s work Vernon Dixie and Belle are the draft horses; Dimple is the cow Missy is the daughter who died while in Verna Crawford’s neglectful care; Mr Crawford shooed Nate out I think Uncle Jasper is Ma’s brother Uncle Paul had been building a curing shedJohn Worth is an orphan boy a city boy from New York whose family died in a tenement fire Tommy was his brother and he’d had three sistersSeth Clemson is their neighbor who runs a herd of cattle One of his hands is Gavin Tussler More neighbors include Tin Harper a rancher; the Kinleys are farmers; the Campbells got themselves a new son; the Gantrys are a ranching family feuding with their neighbors the farming Danvers and Calvin Danver was found dead; the Dales; and Widow Kerensky is a rancherDoc Kelly is the local doctor Baker is the even handed sheriff Mr Carter owns the bank Ralph Pitcher runs the mercantile Pastor Emerson preaches Mr Kennel teaches school in a soddie The other students include Penny Dale Milton Harper Horace Danver Katia Mavchek Trevor Gantry Theo Harper the Kerensky twins Margaret Planck and Alexander and Anemone Cordimas who are from GreeceHester Feringeld was a neighbor while Mrs Kempki worked in the drug store in Chicago Benny Saddler had been Nate’s friend Mana is Greek for mother I’m thinking that Eddie Dawson’s ma would have preferred not to have survived Willie Sharp’s success gives Worth his goalThe Cover and TitleThe cover is an out of focus photograph of a young Nathaniel running through a field of fluorescent yellow hay In the pinks and browns background is the family farm a windmill on the right with streaks of pink lightning flashing a portent of the storm that is to come A white informational blurb is at the very top with the author’s name in a deep grayed out brown right aligned under it The title is below that in white with a deep brown shadow Off center at the bottom is a round gold medallion for the Scott O’Dell AwardThe title can go two ways that orphan boy and for what it’s Worth

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    It was ok Like reading a Bonanza type of book

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    Afraid of being replaced by another boy Nathaniel James tries to heal sooner to work with his Pa again This book is a fiction This book is okay but it could do better When Nate gets struck by the lightning his Pa brings a boy not a son but someone who can work with him while Nate healsThe setting is in a farm in Nebraska Nathaniel wanted to work in the farm with his Pa again But with his leg injured he can't really do much So he decided to just be mean to the boy John Worth Then some things start to happen like they start to get along with each other John Worth's family died in a fire but Nate doesn't know that Nate's little sister died by choking on a piece of bread After Nate got struck by the lightning he couldn't work with his dad and his dad was so busy So his dad really couldn't be around Nate for a long time because he had to get to work When his dad brought John Worth to their home Nate felt as if he was being replaced His dad said that the boy was just going to help around with the crops and animalsThe first person point of view affects the story because the reader knows how the main character feels A major event that changed the main character is when he got struck by the lightning because after that his Pa didn't talk to him much because of all the work The setting adds to the conflict because since it was in a farm where he got struck and there's many work to do his Pa is busy and Nate can't do that work and has to stay in bed for most of the timeI was surprised when his mom didn't want to accept John Worth Mostly because she was depressed about the death of her daughter I liked the way the author made the two main characters Nathaniel and John get along at the end like in most stories An interesting thing I learned from this book was you shouldn't judge someone if you don't even know themI rated this book a 2 out of 5 because this book didn't really interest me It could have had details about the incident and about how Nate's dad felt about everything I would like to recommend this book to people who like to read books about a boy getting injured and then thinking he might be replaced This book was good because it showed how a boy didn't think about getting to know the other boy first before starting to judge him At the end when he figures out what actually happened he feels very sorry for acting the way he did and they end up getting along very well They end up becoming brothers from another mother

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    Grades 4 7Rebecca Caudill Award NomineeAudio Book read by Tommy FlemingEleven year old Nate and his family experience setback after setback and end up farming in Nebraska and desperately trying to make ends meet Life becomes even difficult when Nate's leg is struck by lightning To help out on the farm Nate's father brings home John Worth from the Orphan Train John's family like many during that time was killed in a tenement fire John was treated essentially like slave labor especially by Nate's mother who grieves the loss of her baby daughter and Nate's leg The novel explores numerous interesting issues including the notion of women's work Nate's mother is a tinkerer a job generally held by men city and country life immigration acceptance literacy grief love and what it means to be a community and a familyThe conflict explored between Nate and his family and John Worth is situated in a larger conflict between ranchers and farmers and presents an interesting portrait of late 19th century America The audio recording of Worth ruined the simplicity of the language and at times interfered with my comprehension of the story The reader's accent was overwrought and uneven The worst part of the reading is when Fleming attempted to speak with a Greek accent when the character Anemone entered the story At the time of the recording Fleming was in high school so with that in mind he did a good job; however I would never use this recording to assist struggling readers as it would detract from their experience rather than add to it

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    Worth tells the story of a Nebraska farm family in the second half of the 19th century When the only son is badly injured in a farm accident the family adopts a boy Jack Worth from one of the orphan trains that brought orphans from East Coast cities out to live with and work on farms The story is told through the perspective of Nathaniel the crippled son as he deals with losing full use of his leg being made to go to school instead of work with his father on the farm and adjusting to an addition to the family who seems to be there to replace him The novel also brings up issues such as the conflict between farmers and ranchers the struggle for outsiders to belong in this insular community and household roles at the time This book provides perspective on a period of history which is often not discussed unless you grew up in Nebraska or another Great Plains state While providing new information it also connects with experiences that many children share today family struggles the sense of belonging in a new community difficulty in school However I think like most historical fiction it would be best combined with a brief study of Orphan Trains the conflict in the Great Plains over farming and ranching and farm life in general The ideal age group for this novel would be grades 5 7

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    Since the story is told in first person by the main character Nathanial the audio CD is read by a young male actor The narrator does a great job with changing voices not only between the young male characters but also taking on the voices of the adults in the story The voices are believable and it is evident that the reader is skilled at storytellingacting

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    Nathaniel’s mother can tell when lightning’s coming even when there’s not a cloud in the sky She says she hears it in the grass Hearing the lightning doesn’t guarantee that rain will come but she isn’t usually wrong about the lightning Sometimes there’s lightning and no rain at all “Run out and warn your father” she tells Nathaniel Father takes her word for it even though it’s a beautiful sunny day If lightning’s coming they’ve got to get all of the hay into the barn or lose it—either it’ll rot when it’s soaked or it’ll burn if lightning strikes it So much hay And only two of them and only one wagon It’s not going to get into the barn if they stand there thinking about it though so they start in as fast as they can and after only a few wagon loads are in the barn the clouds hang heavy in the sky and the lightning starts to flash First far away as they throw load after load of hay into the wagon and then closer and closer followed by loud crashing thunder Nathaniel is up on the edge of the wagon moving the hay with his pitchfork when the sky lights up and CRASH A thunderclap roars right over his head The horse spooked by the terrifying noise jerks forward causing the wagon to lurch Nathaniel falls and his leg is crushed beneath the wheel Months later Nathaniel can stand on his leg but only to limp—he’ll never be able to help around the farm again His family so close to bankruptcy already is desperate if they don’t have help around the farm they’ll lose everything His father announces that they’re adopting an orphan coming west on the train from New York to help with the chores Nathaniel knows why “A steer you’d have to pay for but a boy you could adopt for free” When John Worth arrives and he’s Nathaniel’s age but without the bum leg Nathaniel hates him “What good am I any?” Nathaniel thinks He’s filled with fear and anger he’ll do anything to keep John from replacing him in the familyIssues Good historical fiction Orphan train book not from the orphan’s point of view but from the adopting family’s point of view Why would someone adopt one of these children? Here’s one reason with the attendant feelings to go along with the action Not out of compassion but need; the mother is hostile toward John stereotyping him as a street urchin who’d steal rather than the unfortunate victim of an apartment fire as he actually was Nathaniel is hostile as well for different reasons and his father is all business you’ll get a roof over your head although it’ll be a lean to not a house roof and food for your work but don’t expect than that What John craves is the love of a family again and he fears for his future all work no education no inheritance That will go to Nathaniel who hates school and does poorly at it It’s reasonably well written although the turn around at the end is rather sudden and would make for a few good discussions in class

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