The Shamutanti Hills

The Shamutanti Hills❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Shamutanti Hills Author Steve Jackson – Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the precious Crown of Kings, intending to use its power to further his tyrannous ends In this first book of Steve Jacks Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the precious Crown of Kings, intending to use its power to further his tyrannous ends In this first book of Steve Jackson s Sorcery series, you embark on a quest in the turmoil of Kakhabad, progressing through four books in order to achieve your ultimate goal the Crown of Kings Your first task is to traverse the dangerous Shamutanti Hills Unique in the Fighting Fantasy series, the Sorcery books allow you to choose your role will you be warrior or sorcerer Can The Shamutanti MOBI :´ you master the demands of the sorcerer s craft, casting spells with the Sorcery spell book and using all your wits to overcome the enemy Be careful, for nothing in Kahkabad is quite as it seems.

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The Shamutanti Hills PDF/EPUB ☆ The Shamutanti  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • The Shamutanti Hills
  • Steve Jackson
  • English
  • 01 May 2019
  • 9780140318074

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    Man these books were popular when I was a youngster If you like a book role playing game where you are a wizard I recommend these books Before Harry Potter but equally as good.

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    I remember finding this first volume of the fopur part Sorcery series on the shelf of a small local bookshop than two decades ago It was in a cardboard slipcase together with the Sorcery Spell Book This was the big twist, this gamebook series allowed the reader to play as a sorcerer The snag was that the spells had to be memorised from the book, and each had a cost to cast It added a whole new dimension.Wizardry wasn t the only innovation with this series Penned by Steve Jackson, one of the co creators of the Fighting Fantasy series, it was intended to be read by older readers The four books in the series were larger than the other gamebooks of the time and grew positively huge by volume 4 and they were all linked Decisions and items carried on from one book to the next, and all manner of moral questions faced the reader with no necessarily right or wrong answer Resources such as rations have to be carefully husbanded If the reader doesn t eat, he will weaken And money is required to sleep in the safety of an inn.The ultimate quest is to recover the stolen Crown of Kings from the Archmage, but at this stage of the adventure such considerations are far distant The first book is a surprisingly gentle introduction as the reader leaves the safety of his home and travels through the poisoned lands of the Shamutanti Hills, heading for the great port city of Khare, the gateway to the even worse lands beyond.A very good job is made of describing the journey and the passage through the hills and woods, encountering all manner of creatures and poverty stricken villages One refreshing thing was that I found very many encounters could be avoided with a little thought, and some of the creatures didn t necessarily attack unless provoked Knowing when to fight and when not was a useful skill to acquire It was atmospheric, interesting, and there were a large number of alternate paths through the countryside and choices to be made, increasing replay value enormously.I had little difficulty until I met the manticore pictured on the cover This shredded me twice before I finally laid it to rest Shortly thereafter, I found myself outside the gates of Khare, ready to begin book 2

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    There was an old man in a treeWhose plight was distressing to see For the Elvins who stowedHim up over the roadCouldn t find their remarkable key.If the Minimite friends you, beware He won t go, you ll be filled with despair.Maybe helping the SvinnsCould relieve you of him Or Black Lotuses, quelling the air

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    I remember thinking these books were just so darn cool when I was growing up I had purchased the second and third off the shelf on a whim from a used bookstore I sold them and regretted the decision almost instantly, so I was excited to be able to request the first book in the series through our library s new Outerlibrary Loan service.I played a full game through and remembered why I liked the books as a concept than in practice I m terrible I always get the plague or run over by a boulder because I think I may be able to figure out a clever way to save my skin I m no Indiana Jones The interface is very ingenious how perfect to have a printed, randomized set of die at the foot of all right hand pages to make the game playable out of the box The story is creative, and I love the interactivity Next level Choose Your Own Adventures.

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    The first of a series of 4 gamebooks called Sorcery , and by far the best in the genre Great magic system with 48 different spells at your disposal Great plot and subplots, good writing, pretty hard to finish but that s also part of the fun OLIVIER DELAYEAuthor of the SEBASTEN OF ATLANTIS series

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    This was an innovative combo of choose your own adventure and RPGs in a cohesive fantasy series Really loved it as a kid, to the point of contorting my body to roll dice on the floor of the plane in economy on my my way to Wisconsin for Christmas one year Good fun

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    Round up all minimites and ship them to camps, it s the only way Avoid Jan and the game becomes much easier.I also thought very unamusing Mr Jackson s fondness for fake magic codes only one letter off from the real configurations I did not submit to the rules in these cases You can t make me attempt to memorize 20 spells and then pretend it s fair to place as a choice YAB instead of YOB Memorization is fine as a game element, but the challenge should be in remembering what each spell does, not what words comprise a spell in the first place.But hey, I m not the game expert.

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    This is a nice diversion from the standard Fighting Fantasy scheme, in which the player has to memorise three letter codes for magic spells and is then asked which of them he knows but there are nonsense codes mixed in that lead to certain doom For instance Will you cast a spell SUS, HUF, DIP, FOF, SUD where DIP and SUD don t exist, and HUF cannot be cast in the present situation This creates a strangely effective atmosphere, as the player learns spells and becomes confident in using them.It s amazing how many meaningful encounters still fit in 456 sections, given that a whole lot of them just describe how a spell is non existent or won t work right now.

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    The shortest and least challenging of the 4 Sorcery books but still very entertaining I haven t played any of these games for so many years I d almost forgotten how enjoyable they are, a perfect change for when my brain gets too overwhelmed with French and Japanese learning I went through this 4 times, picking different ways each time and I m sure I ve figured out the best path Excellent fun

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    Great spell system I love it Defiantly a step up from early fighting fantasy I like the way you have to struggle to remember the spells much like a wizard should lol Remembering what ingredient works with which spell as well If you like the idea of been a wandering wizard with spells for every situation then this is highly recommended.

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