Yuletide Protector

Yuletide Protector ➼ [Download] ➹ Yuletide Protector By Lisa Mondello ➹ – Tbjewellers.co.uk A DEFENDER FOR CHRISTMASHer Ex Husband Wants Her Dead Daria Carlisle Can Hardly Believe It Detective Kevin Gordon Insists It S Trueand That It S His Fault That Her Ex Is Still At Large Which Means It A DEFENDER FOR CHRISTMASHer Ex Husband Wants Her Dead Daria Carlisle Can Hardly Believe It Detective Kevin Gordon Insists It S Trueand That It S His Fault That Her Ex Is Still At Large Which Means It S His Responsibility To Make Sure Daria Stays Safe So When Daria Stubbornly Refuses To Run Scared, Kevin Takes On The Yuletide Protector Kindle - Role Of Yuletide Protector He Knows Firsthand That Daria S Ex Means Business And With Christmas Coming, The Determined Cop Intends To Give Daria The Holiday Celebration She Deserves Safe And Sound By His Side Forever.

The Marriage Contract, with a new contemporary romance called.

Yuletide Protector  Kindle Ï Yuletide Protector
    PDF Reader for the Connected World Give Daria The Holiday Celebration She Deserves Safe And Sound By His Side Forever."/>
  • ebook
  • 0 pages
  • Yuletide Protector
  • Lisa Mondello
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781426845277

10 thoughts on “Yuletide Protector

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    This was a good book I liked the characters a lot, and the suspense narrative was very good The book probably deserves stars, and if I were reviewing it for a publication as an unbiased reviewer, I d probably give it 4 stars But it was just missing something for me it just wasn t something I ll read again, though I might recommend it to a friend or two It might have been the religious aspect of the book, as religion is a central theme Many reviewers felt the focus was too strong I didn t feel like there was too much prayer or too much of a focus on religion because I felt that it was included in the story line in places and ways that felt authentic rather than forced Possibly, for me, the religious theme made it too sweet for my taste I don t need dark or dirty, but this was definitely tame I d say the action suspense helped balance it out and kept it interesting so I m conflicted as to what made it difficult for me to really connect with the story While I liked the story line, I also felt like I was never drawn in to the point that it ...

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    Review on on my blog starsI ve read and enjoyed many Love Inspired Suspense novels but, unfortunately, I didn t care for Yuletide Protector all that much The story started out well and I thought I was going to really like it, but somewhere along the way it felt like nothing much was happening in the story and things became mundane for me I also didn t like the romance story and the ending that much, as it seemed like things were resolved very quickly Plus, there seemed to be contradictions in the storyline at times.The things I liked I liked the beginning and how Kevin was undercover doing a sting operation I also liked how selfless Kevin was, at times, and that he protected Daria using his own money, since the police department didn t have the budget for it.Overall, Yuletide Protector was an okay read for me I wanted to enjoy it that I did, but it just didn t click with me There were things I liked, but a lot of things I didn t I do seem to be in the minority, though, as most of the reviews I ve seen ...

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    Yuletide Protector by Lisa MondelloThis book is definitely full of suspense but it also deals with the real life problem of stalking Detective Kevin Gordon has lived with the fact that fifteen years ago his sisters best friend was murdered by her ex boyfriend No one saw the signs of abuse while they were dating, and then it was too late Now he is facing a crisis of an ex husband who wants his wife dead Kevin goes into protective mode with the stubborn woman Is he reliving not being able to help Lucy or has this woman become important for other reasons Daria Carlisle finally owns a home It s big and will take a lot of money and work but it is hers She never lived in one place for long as a child and she needs the anchor that this house provides Suddenly her world is shattered when she is told George, her ex husband, wants her dead but they don t have the proof to lock him up yet At first she don t believe it, until her safe place is violated, her home And it s obvious that George is behind it She refuses to leave her home so the handsome Kevin Gordon starts watching her there She sees his faith and how that is his anchor Daria is not a believer but Kevin s example and actions speak his faith This story shows where greed and lack of control can lead It shows the faith Kevin has that he knows he cannot let himself fall for Daria because she...

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    This book was not meant for me, so I couldn t finish it, so I m not going to rate it The start was good, and the suspense plot seemed interesting, but I just couldn t get past the hero s saintliness I have no doubt Christian readers will enjoy this book, because it had a lot of good points However, a...

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    Daria is divorced from George, living alone, and trying to rehab an old house George tries to hire a hit man to kill her, who is really an undercover cop, Kevin Kevin takes it upon himself to use his own time and money to watch Daria s every move Still, George breaks into her home and leaves deadly gifts for her to find This story has just the right amount of everything There s enough attraction to make it romantic, enough suspense to make you turn the page, enough clues to make it...

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    This is a story that takes place close to home for me I really miss living in New England with all the changing seasons I didn t like shoveling out all the time, but now that I live where there is hardly any snow...

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    Not a lot about Christmas, but the suspense was great Of course, you get caught up in the relationship between Kevin and Daria Daria is a very unusual name.

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    this could have been a 3 or 4 star book but there was just too much praying in it for me other than that it was a good story if u are able to muck ur way thru all the religion.

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    A lot of these love inspired suspense are alright but this one actually was pretty good At times it had me at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen.

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    Love this book very good

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