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Head in Flames ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Head in Flames By Lance Olsen ✾ – Tbjewellers.co.uk Fiction HEAD IN FLAMES Is An Astonishing Collage Novel Composed Of Chips Of Sensation, Observation, Memory, And Quotation Shaped Into A Series Of Narraticules Told By Three Alternating Voices, Each In Fiction Head in Flames Is An Astonishing Collage Novel Composed Of Chips Of Sensation, Observation, Memory, And Quotation Shaped Into A Series Of Narraticules Told By Three Alternating Voices, Each Inhabiting A Different Font And Aesthetic Political Existential SpaceThe First Belongs To Vincent Van Gogh On The Day He Shot Himself In Auvers Sur Oise In Head in Kindle - JulyThe Second To Theo Van Gogh Vincent S Brother S Great Grandson On The Day He Was Assassinated In Amsterdam In NovemberThe Third To Mohammed Bouyeri, Theo S Murderer, Outraged By The Filmmaker S Collaboration With Controversial Politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali On AMinute Experimental Short Critiquing Muslim Subjugation And Abuse Of Women The Aggregate A Restless, Haunting Exploration Of Art S Purpose, Religion S Increasingly Dominant Role As Engine Of Politics And Passion, The Complexities Of Foreignness And Assimilation, And The Limits Of Tolerance.

Lance Olsen was born in and received his BA from the University of Wisconsin , honors , his MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop , and his MA and PhD from the University of Virginia He is author of eleven novels, one hypertext, four critical studies, four short story collections, a poetry Head in Kindle - chapbook, and a textbook about fiction writing, as well as editor of two.

Head in Flames  Kindle Ï Head in  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Head in Flames
  • Lance Olsen
  • English
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9780981502755

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    The cover art is amazing The title is clever, contextually to the book.The Goodreads reviewer John who recommends this one for readers w a spine, a sense of history, an openness to discovery that comes via great fear yes Just yes.Wow, artistically, it s an amazing conceptual piece.And, I m horrified I can t even explain how I felt reading this book I wanted to read it I wanted to stop reading it But I didn t I couldn t really The power of...

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    Hasn t old Europe grown weary stale Don t the husks of Renaissance Enlightenment need slashes of verve aesthetic savageries, these days Such questions loom razorlike, in Lance Olsen s exciting new novel A chapterless, relentless narrative, HEAD IN FLAMES unfolds in three alternating typefaces that actually look like razor slashes, no entry longer than a few lines Each typeface streams a different consciousness Two are men intent on spilling blood, the third trundles oblivious towards his murder Such a text offers next to nothing by way of scene setting, and while there s character development, it can be tricky, given the narrators self delusions Besides, these are characters reined in by the facts The call for slash savagery comes from the most famous of the three, Vincent Van Gogh The great Impressionist has a turbulent turn of mind, on the day we visit that July afternoon in 1890 when he shot himself in a cornfield Yet the other two narrators on are on track for worse One is Van Gogh s film maker descendent, Theo, riding his bike through Amsterdam on the November morning in 2004 when the third interior monologist, Mohammed Bouyeri, waits with a gun a long serrated blade The murder beheading at the end of Theo s commute, combined with Vincent s eventual passing, deliver a shattering climax in counterpoint I ve rarely experienced so deep a chill, in reading that s...

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    Everything s coming back to Van Gogh today Did you know Van Gogh once nursed a miner back from near death for several months I did not before today read it in Gauguin s journals Then this book arrived in the mail, with its various Van Goghs, its intergenerational transhistorical sp...

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    This is one of my favorite books, though it is not for faint of heart nor is it necessarily easy to follow I would recommend reading in one or two sittings, as it can take a bit to get into the narration The story is told sentence by sentence, rotating through three timelines and characters, which are distinguished by different font faces This is an incredibly thoughtfu...

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    This text was required reading for my Advanced Seminar in American Studies at the University of Utah where the author is also a professor.I debated between three and four stars for this book The craft and content certainly warrant four maybe even five stars, but, overall, it just didn t resonate with me as other texts in this course have Even visually, this text is thought provoking The text is delivered in three distinct, alternating fonts each font embodying one of the three main characters each character presented in a different narrative point of vi...

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    Great We watch three different streams of consciousness inch forward on fateful courses, which can give one a headache but is really rewarding Beautiful and poignant and brave.

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    mildly obsessed with this book 40 pages in.

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