Once a Spy (Spy #1)

Once a Spy (Spy #1) ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Once a Spy (Spy #1) Author Keith Thomson – Tbjewellers.co.uk Drummond Clark was once a spy of legendary proportions  Now Alzheimer’s disease has taken its toll and he’s just a confused old man who’s wandered away from home, waiting for his son to fetch h Drummond Clark was once a spy of legendary proportions  Now Alzheimer’s disease has taken its toll and he’s just a confused old man who’s wandered away from home, waiting for his son to fetch him   When Charlie Clark takes a break from his latest losing streak at the track to bring Drummond back to his Brooklyn home, they find it blown sky high—and then bullets start flying in every direction  At first, Charlie thinks his Russian “creditors” are employing aggressive collection tactics  But once Drummond effortlessly hotwires a car as their escape vehicle, Charlie begins Once a PDF or to suspect there’s much to his father than meets the eye  He soon discovers that Drummond’s unremarkable career as an appliance salesman was actually a clever cover for an elaborate plan to sell wouldbe terrorists faulty nuclear detonators  Drummond’s intricate knowledge of the “device” is extremely dangerous information to have rattling around in an Alzheimer’saddled brain  The CIA wants to “contain” himand so do some other shady characters who send Charlie and Drummond on a wild chase that gives  “father and son quality time” a whole new meaning With Once a Spy, Keith Thomson makes his debut on the thriller stage with energy, wit, and style to spareFrom the Hardcover edition.

Keith Thomson has been a semi pro baseball player in France an editorial cartoonist for Newsday and a screenwriter Now a resident of Alabama, he writes about intelligence and other matters for The Huffington Post His novels include Once a Spy, a New York Times Best Seller, Twice a Spy and Pirates of Pensacola.

Once a Spy ePUB ✓ Once a  PDF or Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 325 pages
  • Once a Spy (Spy #1)
  • Keith Thomson
  • English
  • 12 October 2017
  • 9780385530781

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    You know when I picked this book up it was sort of a , well it looks a little interesting. I'll see how it goes decision. I had my reservations. I like good action reads, I like GOOD spy fiction especially if it's a successful bleed over into what can be called Spy/fi.

    I mean we are starting off with a ne'er-do-well son with daddy issues (not in the traditional meaning of that phrase where a young woman likes older men [as it happens I still haven't met one of those]). His father was always busy selling his mediocre appliances, traveling to sales conferences and in short neglecting his family. He remembers mom dying young and dad never being there...

    Now dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer...and he suddenly finds (while plotting to get money from dad to pay the bookies he owes for losses at the track) that there are people trying to kill his dad, that his dad can hot-wire cars, defeat locks, handle guns like Wyatt Earp and kick butt martial arts wise.

    It turned out to be an excellent read and almost gets a 5 (it slowed down and dragged a bit filling in background about the center but not badly). I'm planning of following it.

    I can recommend this one, enjoy.

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    When I read the back of this audiobook, I was intrigued: Charlie Clark discovers that his run-of-the-mill dad with Alzheimer's is actually a top spy. Because of the Alzheimer's and the risk of leaking top-secret info, people are out to contain Dad. This spy novel is full of action, with really no slow parts, and has so much specific detail about the spy world, a look at Alzheimer's, and LOTS of good, dry, sarcastic humour. I think that if I had read this book myself, I would have quite enjoyed it, and laughed out loud on numerous occasions.

    However, this Danny Campbell narrator dude, TOTALLY ruins the book. The choice of narrator is horrible. His voice sounds far too dopey to voice these intelligent characters. Honestly, I couldn't buy into the fact that all of these people were top-security-clearance intelligence agents, I just couldn't. And Campbell, in my opinion, couldn't deliver the sarcastic one-timers. Horrible.

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    I really enjoyed this book! The pace was great....never any slow spots and the plot had enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The father/son bonding dynamic adding a nice emotional component, and provided some depth to both characters. The humor was fantastic, the technical details interesting, and the espionage tactics constantly surprising. I wasn't sure if all the convoluted ciphers were tongue-in-cheek or actually legit, but they were entertaining either way. This is the kind of book I love: unpredictable, engaging, and quite funny. The only reason I read this book in the first place is because it was an available kindle title at my local library. I was looking for something light and entertaining and this filled the bill perfectly.

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    ONCE A SPY-by Keith Thomson a Thriller- with sidesplitting dark humor about a degenerate Gambler and his former top spy father- who has early onset Alzheimer's - who are on the run- this book is brilliant- superb characters, plot, dialogue and a sensitivity to the terrible disease- yet somehow almost every page had me laughing out loud or unable to guess what will happen next- A classic in the making!!! Keith Thomson is an author who is a true treasure!!! Quite simply- this book is as fine a book as I have ever read and should not be overlooked by anyone who appreciates well above average story-telling!!

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    This was the goofiest book, and I loved it! This is what happens if James Bond had Alzheimers and an adult son.

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    I enjoyed this book so much that I wanted to try the audio version. The narrator sounds as if you are sitting by a campfire with a veteran grandpa spy telling the story. And that actually suits the story to me, considering the subject matter. I'm enjoying this quite a bit.

    Full review below.


    I came across this thanks to Mystery Scene magazine where I have found many great recommendations.

    Imagine a super spy managing to live long enough to develop Alzheimer's. What happens when he may inadvertently let slip some of the big secrets he knows?

    Such is the premise of this really enjoyable book. Drummond Clark is the aging spy in question. His son Charlie is addicted to betting at the track and desperately trying to figure out how he's going to pay back a Russian mobster when his father turns up missing. All Charlie is trying to do is to return his father home and figure out which assisted living facility would be best, while skimming enough to pay his debts. However, repeated coincidental attempts on their lives send them on the lam for a simultaneously humorous and touching attempt to escape.

    The scene at the beginning of the book when the father slips his leash of company monitors is a great example of the combination of unconscious trained stealth and Alzheimer's with which Charlie must deal for the remainder of the book. Along the way Charlie and his father spend time together, some lucidly and some not, in a way they never did before ... and Charlie discovers that his gambling career and natural talent combine unexpectedly to help keep them alive.

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    Charlie Clark's father, Drummond Clark, was konce probably the best secret spy in the world. Today, Drummond Clark is a former spy suffering from Alzheimers.

    Charlie thought his father was an appliance salesman that paid very little attention to his son, Charlie's mother, a doting mother, was killed while Charlie was still a young boy. Well, maybe not, could it be that his mother was a spy also and her death had to be arranged by the government?

    Charlie finds himself, and his father, in a fight for their lives. A wild chase has begun and his father is going in and out of lucidity, and there is some question as to who they are running away from. There is the social worker, Helen Mayfield (if this is her right name), who may actually be part of the CIA, DEA, or maybe MI6. Of course, Charlie thinks he is being pursued by Leo Grudzev and the Russian Mafia, trying to collect a long overdue bill.

    Then there is Drummond, when lucid, is sure he is being pursued by former colleagues because he has become a liability. He knows some very secret secrets that he might compromise due to his Altzheimers.

    There is action throughout the book with enough comedy to satisfy everyone's funny bone. Some of the wit is very reminiscent of Get Smart, although there is no cone of silence or telephone shoe.

    Absolutely a delightful read that will satisfy the mystery and comedy need in any reader.

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    My review is simply going to be about my reaction to this book. EXTREMELY WELL DONE> A compelling page turner AFTER the first 50 pages or so. (I am guessing about the number of pages having read it on my Kindle)

    Never trust anyone who says Trust me, but trust me when I tell you it is worth the slow beginning. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that you rest and relax and enjoy the slower paced beginning because when the story takes off, it takes off like a shot barely allowing you to catch your breath (or any sleep) until you have come to the end of the book...but hopefully not the end of the story.

    Upon reflection, this could very well have been a brilliant piece of writing with the beginning of the story being rather slow and plodding, just like the life of one of the protagonists. Oh well done, very well done indeed.

    Congrats to Keith Thomson, you have yet another fan.

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    A fast, fun read. The premise works well - Charlie doesn't realize his father, Drummond, is CIA, meanwhile Drummond is suffering from Alzheimer's. Throw in a few bad guys and mayhem ensues. Short chapters and cliffhangers give the book some urgency, but the relationship between Charlie and Drummond is what kept me turning the pages. Of course, you have to suspend some disbelief over the gunfighting scenes (and one helicopter ride), but it is worth a read.

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    This was a surprisingly good read that my mother passed along to me. She found it in the Dollar Stores' books section, and apparently she does find a LOT of very decent books there. This book's author drew me in with funny and suspenseful situations that made for many nights' good entertainment. Looking forward to reading his follow-up novel, Always a Spy.

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