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Aint Misbehavin ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Aint Misbehavin ➮ Author Shelli Stevens – On a prewedding vacation to Europe with her friend, Lena learns her fiancé is cheating on her Deciding she needs to have some fun herself, she indulges in the sexy New Yorker who's been trying to get On a prewedding vacation to Europe with her friend, Lena learns her fiancé is cheating on her Deciding she needs to have some fun herself, she indulges in the sexy New Yorker who's been trying to get into her pants But will she lose her heart in the process?Business brings Tyler to Amsterdam, but a petite bombshell on vacation is what convinces him to stay Each day brings them closer, and he begins to think she could be the one to curb his bachelor ways Until he realizes that he’s just the pawn in a game of Aint Misbehavin Epub / revenge.

Shelli is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author who read her first romance novel when she snatched it off her mother’s bookshelf at the age of eleven One taste and she was forever hooked It wasn’t until many years later that she decided to pursue writing stories of her own By then she acknowledged the voices in her head didn’t make her crazy, they made her a writerShelli is a true.

Aint Misbehavin  Epub Ù Aint Misbehavin  Epub /
  • ebook
  • Aint Misbehavin
  • Shelli Stevens
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781600881404

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    Ten pages. That is how long it took for me to get completely hooked by Foreign Affair.

    The story at first appears to follow a traditional plot in the romance genre: romance sceptic Lena Richards, trapped in a loveless, sexless relationship, will discover there is more to life than a controlling husband to be, and her job as a travel agent. However, as the story progresses, the cliché fades away and the story becomes something very different. Foreign Affair becomes a sweet, erotic tale about a budding relationship filled with lies, half truths, and secrets.

    Although some characters, like Tyler’s ex girlfriend (crazy, rich, phony woman), Lena’s fiancée (your usual controlling misogynist jerk), or even Lena’s best friend, Stephanie, (beautiful, stunning, glamorous that made Lena pale in comparison) were a bit stereotypical, the two main characters came off as real live people.

    I loved the way Lena becomes flustered around good-looking men and the fact that she’s curvy and not a hottie but simply a cute girl. I adored Tyler for his good looks, his willingness to follow Lena’s rules and especially for his way of making Lena feel special and help her become comfortable in her own skin.

    Being realistic, the novel could have ended fifty pages earlier with a happy ending. The final misunderstanding between the characters was terribly frustrating, but it was worth it just to enjoy a few more laughs and to glimpse what the couple could have if they took the step to understand each other.

    It was fun to read a story written before the Euro, for it gave the whole setting an even greater romantic perspective. Ms. Stevens does a fantastic job of introducing us into this couple’s world and showing us how gradually their attraction becomes something much more meaningful.

    Foreign Affair is definitive must read that will leave you eager to take a trip and search for your own foreign affair.

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    Shelli Stevens has a way of writing that makes you feel as if you are part of the scenery.

    Full review on Sensual Reads.

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    Lena Richards worked as a travel agent in an upscale Portland Oregon boutique and she could not wait to get Carolyn Monroe out of the office and she gritted her teeth as the hussie talked down to her, she needed to make this sale and she would do it if it killed her! Handing her the requested pamphlets, Carolyn did not even remember her name as she breezed out the front door! Lena just wanted to get home from her day of hell on the job and knowing she should not head for the golden arches because Keith was a health nut and would disapprove she stepped on the gas passing the house that they had bought. Lena had dated Keith since they had been in high school and had given him her virginity and now they had lived together for ten years and engaged and due to be married soon, but some thing was lacking in their sex lives as he only thought about his release and never hers.

    Stephanie, Lena's best friend had surprised her coming down from Seattle to take her to lunch as they never got the chance to get together very often with Steph being an actress. Lena was getting dressed when Keith barged in, forbidding her to wear the outfit she had selected and before she could tear into him, Steph laughed and hurriedly got her out the door telling her they were lunching in Paris and Keith had arranged with her job for a two week vacation! Lena had allways wanted to travel, but Keith had put her off; he was such a tightwad for a lawyer! Steph told her that the vacation was a pre-wedding gift and they needed to stop in Amsterdam first. Once they got settled in, the women agreed to take in the sights and get some lunch but as Lena got comfortable in her seat, she heard a deep sexy voice that made her tingle.

    Tyler Bentz was sick of sight being alone, his firm always sent him because he was single so that when he heard American English being spoken he made his way to the two women's table and invited himself to join them. The one called Stephanie was okay if he had been drawn to her looks but it was the petite woman that stirred his blood as no other woman had ever done and he began planning how to spend more time with her.

    Shelli Stevens tells a powerful story of love denied, lies, half truths, and infidility, with lots of hot steamy sex that makes you run for plenty of ice! As Tyler and Lena fight their growing attraction to each other, both are convinced that love could not happen in less than a week. Lena feels anger at Tyler and instantly disikes him, but when she learns through Keith's mom that he is on vacation in Maui with her, she decides to get revenge by having a fling with Tyler and it instantly bites her on the butt!! Ain't Misbehaving is a book that fans will not want to put down as you try desperately to keep up and I highly recommend it. Stephanie and Danny are so bad!!

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    I really loved this book, it was great and down to earth. I loved watching Lena struggle with Tyler and fall in love with him, even if the whole thing did start off with revenge in mind. I couldn't believe that Keith, Lena's cheating scum fiance would do that to her, Lena is such a sweet girl. I was emotionally involved with the book the whole way and I loved when Lena and Tyler discovered the truth and each other again. However I am disappointed with the ending, I wanted an epilogue, it ended happy but I wanted to know more about their future!

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    I love the story; I love how Lena found happiness in Paris and how wonderful Tyler is as a partner to Lena. It’s excellent to watch Lena come out of her shell and explore new things in life. I think Tyler’s high opinion of Lena really made her comfortable with herself and is one of the many reasons the couple is so good together.

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    Another amazing story from Shelli Stevens! I especially love Tyler in this book, his character appeals so much to me and he is great with Lena. Add in a spitfire best friend and it's amazing! I truly hope Stephanie has her own book too as I fell in love with her! This book is definitely a great read and just when you think you have it figured out, it switches up on you. Love it!

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    Now I like a Big Misunderstanding just as much as anyone (that is to say, not that much), but the huge leap over this big one was so irritating, I finished the book relieved.

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    A good self-indulgent Saturday kind of read. It was a little more indulgent than I like them, and a little bit repetitive in some ways. I just needed a good love story today, and this did the job.

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    Cute, though the end dragged a bit. More of a 3.5 stars than 4, but since I'll read more by her, I'll bump it up.

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