Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms

Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms❮Reading❯ ➷ Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms Author Chuck Austen – A clothing executive a stripper a comic book collector and a minister are stuck in a nudist colony A screwball comedy in the PG Wodehouse tradition if Wodehouse had had a libido Without meaning to Cor A clothing executive Sun on MOBI ô a stripper a comic book collector and a minister are stuck in a nudist colony A screwball comedy in the PG Wodehouse tradition if Wodehouse had had a libido Without meaning to Corky Wopplesdown has just gotten sexy lingerie model Wisper Nuckeby fired In an effort to somehow Like Warm PDF or make things right he sets off on a wild journey to find her while in the unlikely company of a rude horny stripper a repressed minister an unexpected fiancee and a comic book collecting pervert Then Corky's car breaks down in the tiny hamlet of Nikkid Bottoms a little coastal village where Warm Sun on PDF ✓ the sun is warm the people are nice and the clothing is optional Funny edgy and wickedly satirical this is the irreverent Chuck Austen writing at his ingeniously zany and unbelievably outrageous best Fully illustrated.

Charles Austen.

Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms Kindle ☆ Warm Sun on
  • Trade Paperback
  • 398 pages
  • Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms
  • Chuck Austen
  • English
  • 21 March 2015
  • 9781435707795

10 thoughts on “Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms

  1. says:

    If you want to read a book that talks only about getting boners in awkward places but nothing else no real story line or character development than this is the book for you Couldn't finish it

  2. says:

    This book was a little too long with a few too many twists diversions and tangents but was over all uite fun Might be a little to mature for younger kids but teenage boys will probably love it

  3. says:

    The good• Fast paced• Made me laugh several times especially in the first half• Nice price for the Kindle edition 2The bad• Several annoying and over the top characters Mindie Grandfather Morgan etc• A lot of the comedy died away as the book entered the second half• The story got super preachy toward the end• An absurd plot twist 34ths of the way through –for me much of the story feel apart after that As a rule if there are going to be any fantasy elements in a novel it’s not a good idea to wait until past the halfway mark to toss them in for the first time The verdict • It was an okay summer read but probably not something I will ever pick up again or recommend to others

  4. says:

    This wasn't a bad book in the sense that it made me laugh a few times and the main character although spineless was fairly amusing but some sections of the book simply failed to make sense Given that Wisper knew about the 'alternate worlds' concept from the very start of the story surely she would have explained some of this to Corky at some point to clear up the reasons why so many people were naked in the different world Also Corky gets erections at almost every second in the novel surely anyone over the age of 17 is pretty much able to show some control and it simply becomes unrealistic

  5. says:

    This was the first book that I read on my iPod Kindle App The protagonist is a wealthy super hero comic nerd whose job is to evaluate how lingerie looks on models and give feed back to the company He gets lost in an alternate reality while on his way to a comic convention and finds true love and some self confidence How could I not like this bookYes there are adult situations and language All very unrealistic it is a silly little comedyNot as funny as Christopher Moore's work but with a similar feel

  6. says:

    There's a lot to love and a lot to hate about this book It's way too long I really believe it was not edited at all and so much of it seems to have been written by a horny teenage boy Yet if you get past the first 3rd or even half the story does get engaging and I ended up really caring for most of the characters even though there were many times when I wanted the protagonist to grow a pair of balls

  7. says:

    Excellent humor and imagination but frustratingly long winded in many partsReally look forward to its seuel Nekkid Bottoms By the Sea which was supposed to follow Satan's Little Girl in 2008 but I still cannot find it anywhere If anyone knows the status of Nekkid Bottoms By the Sea please let me know

  8. says:

    This book won't change your life It's not deep It's a really silly fun read Flat out ridiculous and I laughed out loud at parts and was somewhat embarrassed because it was far from high brow humor Great vacation book or if you just need some silliness in your life

  9. says:

    Started off fairly funny if an overly silly premise and then just goes totally off the rails and not in a good way It goes from silly fun to obnoxiously ridiculous I forced myself to finish reading which was hard because I was rolling my eyes the whole time

  10. says:

    More like 35 stars It reminds me very strongly in a good way of Christopher Moore but it could have been tighter It's his first book though so I expect him to improve and I'll probably read of his stuff eventually

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