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Ilfayne's Bane[Read] ➱ Ilfayne's Bane By Julia Knight – Hilde is shunned for her strange looks and ability to dream the future both unwelcome gifts of the half kyrbodan blood that flows in her veins One of those dreams summons the legendary mage Ilfayne a Hilde is shunned for her strange looks and ability to dream the future both unwelcome gifts of the half kyrbodan blood that flows in her veins One of those dreams summons the legendary mage Ilfayne a tortured man driven by demons as cruel as her own The only man who doesn't recoil from her Condemned to four thousand years of loneliness and regret Ilfayne finds a rare thing in Hilde a friend Just as he gathers the courage to reveal the tender feelings he thought had lost her kyrbodan blood forces her to bond with a man of her own race To deny the bond means she could die Either way she is lost to him Now Ilfayne's oldest enemy has resurfaced one who will stop at nothing to destroy him Including targeting their greatest vulnerabilities Ilfayne's hidden love for Hilde and Hildes guilt wracked conscience Holding the lives of two men in her hands Hilde is faced with a terrible and deadly choice Loyalty or love.

Oooh let's see Um loved fantasy since that first King Arthur book when I was about I love all fantasy but particularly Epic and I like a strong romance element too which is probably why that's what I writeI love Pratchett Cherryh Gaimen to name but a few but heck I'll give anyone a go.

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  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Ilfayne's Bane
  • Julia Knight
  • English
  • 22 July 2016
  • 9781605044392

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    Ilfayne's Bane by Julia Knight is a Fantasy novel wrapped in a love story It's rather well written and though it is not explicitly labeled YA Young Adult I do suspect that but for one or two scenes it skirts the border between YA and adult Fantasy fictionThe story centers around Hilde a half breed human with strange eyes who is treated like the town witch She does have dreams and sees portents but tries to keep such things to herself She works in a tavern that her grandmother runs until one night she is attacked She then decides to run awayWhat ensues is a strange journeymystery where she meets two people of infamous reputation the wizard Ilfayne and his partner Regin They and their exploits are legendary Ilfayne for his magic Regin for his fighting Both rescue Hilde from attacks by Shadowmen and bring her with them to Ainald home of the kyrbodans It is there that Hilde discovers her true heritage and a hidden menaceMeanwhile in Ganberg another city the king has gone crazy Girls are going missing only to be found drained of their blood And trying to find out why is about to start a warThere isn't a tremendous amount of violence but it's there There's also some domestic violence and discussion of rape and an attempted rape scene Those would possibly disualify this book as YA material but none of them are gratuitous I feel the novel is a bit naive and unsophisticated in some areas but not overwhelmingly so just enough to give me the sense that this is probably written for those a bit younger than myself but perhaps it's the genre?The characters are pretty well fleshed out though initially the author leaves a bit too much to the imagination It was hard to get a grasp or a visual of the characters until the book was halfway over Also don't look for the love story until later on a lot of ground is laid before even the first glance is exchanged or any feelings develop Be patientAs the story progresses there are additional layers added and overall they work well It's not easy to juggle so many sub plots in one book but the author manages to keep things going in a well controlled and smooth fashion even including a bit of emotion and humour along the way Knight also manages to wrap the whole thing up in a tidy ending which is nothing to sneer at in my opinionOverall I enjoyed the book The small problems with it were just that small I would recommend this book for ages seventeen and up because of the violence domestic violence and the attempted rape scene The book's listed as 'Fantasy Romance' on the publisher's site but the romance is really only a catalyst to the ending As this is the first book in the Oathcursed series it will be interesting to see how the characters and adventures develop

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    Another disappointing read The writing here was a real problem it lacked clarity and was all over the place; you often didn't know which characters were in a scene or who was talking The action jumped all over the place both in time as in events happened out of sync and in place The world building was poorly executed and the romance element was lacking any kind of tension or passionNot for me

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    Well Goodreads just ate my review I'll be doing an in depth one on my blogEither way strongly recommended for readers of high fantasy particularly if you like the grand sweeping epic feel of the DragonLance series

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    I done wroted it DAnd it's been nominated for an EPIC award

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    Not sure what I made of it really

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    Ilfayne's Bane pulled me in from the start The story behind the heroine's ancestry and circumstances is very intriguing and it's easy to get on board with her adventure The story is fast paced from the off yet does a very good job of building up a fully fledged fantasy world full of sorcery wizards and plenty of dark magic I also enjoyed the introduction of her key secondary characters especially Hunter who seemed a very genuine human guy in what for me was uite a 'high fantasy' world Julia Knight does a very good job at displaying action seuences too involving lots of sorcery that's clear to visualise In the second half of the book my interest waned though There's a tragic love element for the heroine about halfway through that I felt was too long drawn out and her melancholy slows down the pace and takes up much of the characters' conversations I also found there were one too many action seuences in the novel Whilst done well it seemed we skipped from one to the other and we never stayed in one location or fighting one battle long enough to grasp it's true significance To add to this I felt the Big Bad needed a bit presence when first introducedAll in all a good book I would recommend for holiday reading or for someone who hasn't the time to get involved in a large heavy tome

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    I have rarely come across heroes like Ilfayne and Hilde The series that comes to mind is Nobel Dead by Barb and JC Hendee I also am reminded of Marie Brennan's Warrior and Witch books Each of these books are clearly dark fantasy and not romance or romance wannabe I am always pleasantly surprised when story material is so well refined and is done by a woman Way to go ladies Was it perfect? No But it did not need to be The story delivered in every aspect just stronger in some while weaker in a few others The weakness that stood out throughout the story was deliberate and not an absence of detail I did not know at the time that the mystery of Ifayne needed to be drug out to the very last page Throughout the book his description was always incomplete I found that I did not understand Hilde either They were two people in a crowd that did not stand out unless you made the effort to look In the end the mystery of who they truly were as individuals became moot and as a reader you became grateful and appreciative of the decisions they made in the final scenesBy the way this is no short story and it appears to be the beginning of a series

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    There's a really good story hiding in here The writing lacks depth and clarity; I found myself wondering if maybe the book had been over edited Every once in a while something of what I hope is the author's true voice shines through I'll also admit to a couple of times wanting to give Hilde and Ilfayne a good shaking and tell them to snap out of it; this is usually what makes me give up on a book but I wanted to see how this one ended The epilogue was satisfying and I'm planning to read some of the author's later work in hopes it will grab me

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    Review forwarded to GUD Magazine for publishing on their site

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