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Elijah Of Buxton[Read] ➲ Elijah Of Buxton By Christopher Paul Curtis – Tbjewellers.co.uk Newbery Medalist and CSK Award winner Christopher Paul Curtis's debut middle gradeyoung YA novel for Scholastic features his trademark humor compelling storytelling and uniue narrative voiceEleven yea Newbery Medalist and CSK Award winner Christopher Paul Curtis's debut middle gradeyoung YA novel for features his trademark humor compelling storytelling and uniue narrative voiceEleven year old Elijah is the first child born into freedom in Buxton Canada a settlement of runaway slaves just over the border from Detroit He's best known in his hometown as the boy who made a memorable impression on Elijah Of PDF/EPUB or Frederick Douglass But things change when a former slave steals money from Elijah's friend who has been saving to buy his family out of captivity in the South Elijah embarks on a dangerous journey to America in pursuit of the thief and he discovers firsthand the unimaginable horrors of the life his parents fled a life from which he'll always be free if he can find the courage to get back home.

Curtis was born in Flint Michigan on May to Dr Herman Elmer Curtis a chiropodist and Leslie Jane Curtis an educator The city of Flint plays an important role in many of Curtis's books One such example is Bucking the Sarge which is about a fifteen year old boy named Luther T Ferrel who is in a running battle with his slum lord Elijah Of PDF/EPUB or mother Curtis is an alumnus of the University of Mic.

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  • Hardcover
  • 341 pages
  • Elijah Of Buxton
  • Christopher Paul Curtis
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
  • 9780439023443

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    The boys picked to read Elijah of Buxton for this month’s discussion The librarian asked me how I tricked them into reading an historical novel I told her it was my wit and good looks I think it has to do with the cover Anyhow some have loved it and some have struggled Third graders are so used to being told to make sure words are spelled correctly that when they read a novel with dialect that is different it takes them out of their comfort zoneOn Friday during Independent Reading I look up because I hear Chris say “oh my god oh my god WOW” He was almost to the end of the book He gets up goes to his friends and rereads them the part They begin to discuss the book So much for the discussion this Wednesday and Independent Reading I think the guys have discussed the book then any adult book club There are times when we see and hear things that tell us this is why I put up with No Child Left Untested and the CSAP

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    Despite that I liked Curtis’s lively colorful convincing portrayal of everyday life in Buxton I felt that Elijah of Buxton had a slow start However towards the middle of the novel when Curtis began weaving individual Buxton residents' escape and slave stories into Elijah’s daily experiences I slowly came to love the book As I was reading the novel on a CTA Chicago Transit Authority bus I found myself tearing up suddenly struck by what Elijah and his mother would call being “fra gile ness” while I was reading the scene in which the new escaped family arrives in Buxton I loved the way in which Curtis incorporated the stories of many of Buxton’s free blacks to develop believable human characters show the myriad torturous paths to freedom or back to slavery and the enduring pain that continues to linger under the surface of free Buxton By beautifully developing his characters and binding them to readers' hearts Curtis manages to convey the full sadness and horror of the Buxton residents' experiences without extreme graphical violence or an overly heavy story We as well as Elijah are reminded that “people that used to be slaves are toting things ‘round with ‘em that caint be seen with your regular eyesThey’ve seen people acting in ways that caint help but leave scars and peculiarities” 101 By extension these “scars and peculiarities” continue to lay beneath many of societies' present ills We as a society oftentimes unknowingly hurt and offend deserving the same rebuke that Mr Leroy gives Elijah for using the word “nigger” “Ya’ll’s ignorant in a whole slew of ways Y’all ain’t been told your whole life what you is 99In my opinion Elijah of Buxton is largely the story of the title character coming of age through learning about his heritage not necessarily in the classroom with Mr Travis but through hearing the stories of his community and experiencing the legacy of fear and violence and ultimately joy in freedom and Hhope Curtis sprinkles others’ stories into the novel and I thought to myself while reading the novel “The title of the novel is Elijah of Buxton so why does it seem like so little time is spent on the narrative episodes of his experience?” It occurred to me while writing this that simply Elijah’s story is the story of the community of Buxton and vice versa As alluded to earlier Elijah’s story is our story the story of individuals making sense of the world around them of learning and becoming “growned up” which I think that Curtis conveys wonderfully through Elijah’s comically confused sometimes naïve observations of the world around him With this method Curtis captures the feeling of disconnect and confusion we oftentimes feel when something is beyond the scope of our understanding and experience This is one of the reasons why I think that this novel would be good for educating children as well as adults who are largely unfamiliar with the broad repercussions of slavery or who cannot associate the legacy of slavery with a human face with which to empathize Other things that I admired about this novel were its uncompromising immediacy realism and complexity Although it may seem far fetched that Elijah encountered Frederick Douglass or talked to captured slaves Curtis recounts realistic stories about slavery through believable and well developed characters The stories about slavery escape and life in Buxton do not contain shocking graphical descriptions yet they retain a strong emotional punch

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    A story set in a Canadian settlement of runaway slaves Elijah was the first child born there thus the first person born free living in the community The book at 340 pages is a bit long for this kind of novel and though there are many small incidents the major incident in the book doesn't happen until the last uarter of the book I was waiting for something to happen I suppose it's a deliberately different construction for a young adult novel Because of its length I probably won't put this on the reading list for my students in my Social Studies Methods class as they have so much reading to do

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    I laughed and cried Elijah became flesh and blood to me and of course I learned a little about slavery and what it means to be free It took a page or two for me to get accustomed to the dialect I kept waiting for the library copy to come in but went ahead and bought it It's one worth owning

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    I mistakenly thought that this was the author's Newbery medal winning book Did I waste time reading this when I had intended it to be credited towards my project of reading all the Newbery medal books? I don't think so I enjoyed every page

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    I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book It isn't very action packed or exciting In fact the events from the book description don't take place until the last 100 pages of the story For the first 240 pages I felt like I was waiting for the real story to beginAlso the heavy use of dialect makes the reading a bit tedious I hope I never have to read gunn used for going to or even gonna againOn the other hand I was fascinated with the setting I learned a lot I hadn't known before about the settlement of runaway slaves called Buxton in CanadaI also really liked the characters especially Elijah and his wonderful sense of humor He makes a great narrator A favorite Elijah uote that made me chuckle All the growned folks that hadn't never learnt to read nor write whilst they were 'slaved in America had to take lessons at the school house at night Between cooking and cleaning and gardening and sewing and knitting and working the fields at harvesttime and helping out at the chopping bees and the raising bees and tending to her sheep and shearing 'em and gathering wool and carding it and spinning it Ma had been lazy and was slacking off on her school lessons and they waren't sticking particular goodIn fact I found myself marking the place of several great uotesWisdom from Elijah's neighbor Mr Leroy kept chomping and said 'Fish eating's like anything else in life Elijah If you go at it 'specting something bad to happen all you gunn do is draw that bad thing to you You caint be timid 'bout nothing you do you got to go at it like you 'specting good things to come out of it If I's to worry 'bout bones choking me it'd happen every time I et fish Ain't nothing further from my mind' Fish bones snapped in his mouth like dry twigsWisdom from Elijah's Ma when comforting a neighbor who just found out that her husband had died Well the body don't never endure do it? But I hopes naw I knows that something inside all of us be so strong it caint be stopped It fly on foreverWisdom from Elijah's Pa when they found out Mr Leroy was conned out of a huge sum of money that was meant to buy his family out of slavery Let this here be a lesson to you You caint let your wantings blind you to what's the truth You always got to look at things the way they is not the way you wish 'em to beI can see why Elijah of Buxton won so many awards and I'm definitely not sorry I read it But because of the issues mentioned above I really can't give it than three stars

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    Oh Christopher Paul Curtis you had me at this description of hoopsnake poisoningYou swell so much that after exactly seven and a half days the pressure in your body becomes too great and you explode like an overheated steam boiler In seconds your stomach and your lungs and your other entrails are flung around you for milesThen Curtis seals the deal with a two page long section combining my two favorite things Frederick Douglass and vomit jokesClearly Curtis has upped his comedy game He has also upped the dramatic stakes It seems impossible that anything could be tragic than the final chapters of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 but this book achieves it The main character is a brilliant proxy for the reader a person connected to slavery who has to learn about it through a series of painful revelations Curtis' style is a masterful ode to Mark Twain He skillfully evokes Twain's irony fascination with lies exaggerations use of dialect and discursive narrative structure Elijah of Buxton should be reuired reading for anyone attempting The Adventures of Tom SawyerThis book also contains a section on the N word that explains it better than I've seen anywhere else This section should also be reuired readingNewbery Comments2008 was a controversial year at the Newberys Good Masters Sweet Ladies Voices from a Medieval Village was a book nobody asked for and it continues to gather dust to this day On the other hand Feathers and The Wednesday Wars were both uality books that connected with readers They are both still popular today However I argue that Elijah of Buxton is distinguished in ways that surpass any of the other contenders Tragically though it is often forgotten or overshadowed by Curtis' other books This is a masterpiece waiting to be rediscovered

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    So many gems in this book The one that stood out was the use of the N word and why no one should say it I can’t stand that word but I know many who use it out of love insults or embracing Let’s just say that if a young person reads this book they will get what the big deal is about using certain language Overall an enjoyable book with a lot of history Some parts sad and some parts funny When you think the story is going one way it goes another

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    I loved this story of Eli the first free born black child of Buxton a black settlement in Canada He gets into some little trouble and then some big trouble The audiobook is a great read This is probably considered middle grade

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    I really enjoyed this The plot is original and the character's journey is one that would be hard to guess; something which I really appreciate The character development is exceptional too You really come to feel for the characters agonizing with them in their guilt foolishness pain and growth It's a story that will stick with you because the lessons are poignant I would definitely recommend this be read by a mature reader or as a family read aloud so you can discuss the issueslife lessons presented in the book They are well worth the time Ages 13CleanlinessChildren's Bad WordsMild Obscenities Substitutions 44 Incidents doggone doggone it all blang it all doggone humbug I’ll be blanged egads shucks dern blasted darn shoot stupid dmn spelled out incorrectlyName Calling 14 Incidents jackleg man of the Lord scallywags rapscallion babbling idiot chowderhead fool brat yellow belly dog of a blamed thief this is mentioned as swearing pickaninnies Ngg the boy doesn’t finish saying it and gets in big troubleScatological Terms 3 Incidents Bldy as in lots of bloodReligious Profanity 15 Incidents Lord have mercy God bless us all What on God’s earth is wrong now? Sweet baby Jesus My word My goodness Lord Lord knows Praise Jesus Praise God God know where Lord almightyReligious Supernatural NoneViolence 2 Incidents Stories circulated that perhaps a man slit two guys throats cut them into hunks and threw them in a lake A thief is tortured stripped of his clothes and killed “They bust his teeth out and split his tongue in twoRomance Related 5 Incidents Two boys mistakenly think they are going to learn about the birds and bees at school They are actually going to learn about “familiarity breeds contempt” They see the word “breed” misinterpret it and then the other words as well A boy pulls all of his clothes off to go swimming A dwarf takes his pants off in front of a crowd and has no underdrawers on Several slaves are completely naked “I also saw she didn’t have no clothes on ’cepting a rag hanging ‘cross one of her shoulders A thief is tortured stripped of his clothes and killed “They bust his teeth out and split his tongue in twoAttitudesDisobedience 7 Incidents A boy back talks to his mom A boy walks in an area his father warned him not to go A boy swears knowing it’s a swear word but doesn’t think it’s much of a sin no compared to learning about the birds and the bees A boy lies saying a sermon was good A boy complains when he’s not allowed to go to a town meeting He then disobeys and sneaks off to the meeting anyway A boy tells a few lies he is kind of being kidnapped though he wants to go along with the man to help right a wrong He lies to his mom and neighbor about where he’s going A boy lies about his mother wanting a little girl so that the slave mother will give her baby to him so the baby will grow up freeConversation Topics 18 Incidents A man calls himself the Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly the Third Everyone just calls him “Preacher” though he doesn’t have a church The man lies considerably manipulates a young boy several times almost kidnaps a boy and then shoots a man to get his gold “I learnt from Ma that people who use to be slaves love prettying up any kind of story” meaning exaggeration and lying This is throughout the entire book though not with the main characters A boy has good fishing skills and a man says it has a look of “conjuring” about it Conjuring is used in this way often throughout the book The man says he’ll have to ponder this to see if it’s the work of the Devil or of Jesus “You do know that being left handed is one of the sure signs of being in Satan’s clutches don’t you?” Possible blasphemy a man says metaphorically “you’ve turned stones into fish Maybe turning water to wine is impressive and practical but what you’ve done is no mean feat either” Mentions ghosts evil spirits and haints throughout the book It’s the thought the boy jumps to when there is a scary noise or when he sees a shadowy figure it’s people “Watching your Sabbath school teacher get took over by Satan and commence twisting the juices outta children’s ears Which is probably the first step the Devil takes when he’s ‘bout to wrestle your soul away from you” A man convinces a boy to sneak out of the house one night to go to a carnivalfreak show with him He tells the boy he’s found a way for his God given skills to be used to help people Mentioned at the carnival are hypnotists a mesmerist which the boy sees how the tricks are done gamblers and “all sorts of horrible things going on there” The man talks to the owner of the freak show trying to strike a deal with him regarding the boy’s uncanny skill for aiming and shooting targets The owner offers to buy the boy and there is shown a slight internal struggle but the man decides he can’t sell the boy Smoking a cigar is mentioned a few times The word “Negro” is used a few times throughout the book Mentions tabacky tobacco A slave woman says she’ll wring her daughter’s neck if she doesn’t take the next opportunity to run away to freedom She is serious and this is the conclusion of a long rant It mentions drinking and carousing and gambling a few times A man says he’ll shoot the thief who stole his money and “I’m a look him in the eye and make sure he die a terrible death” Mentions men playing dice for money A boy promises a dying man that he’ll get the money back from the thief and if the thief doesn’t have the money any longer that he will shoot him A slave woman asks about a gun and how many bullets it has so she can shoot her baby the other slaves and herself to end their torment It is not addressed whether they commit suicide or use the gun to kill their captors though the second is likelyParent TakeawayThere are a few times where the main character does something wrong; he almost always feels remorse and gets in trouble This book probably has a few Conversation Topics than others but is a good enjoyable book overall You may want to read and discuss about what happens at the carnivalfreak show and about the character called Preacher both listed in this reportLike my reviews? Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With each review I provide a Cleanliness Report mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents andor conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoying especially when you’re 100 pages in so here’s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You’ll see my updates as I’m reading and know which books I’m liking and what I’m not finishing and why You’ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you’re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words to romance to bad attitudes in children’s books I cover it all

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