Love Ya Babe

Love Ya Babe[Epub] ❦ Love Ya Babe By Chris Higgins – Caught between family life and school Gabby's trials never seem to end If she's not dealing with her outrageously embarrassing mother Posy or helping out with her troubled brothers at home she's pursu Caught between family life and school Gabby's trials never seem to end If she's not dealing with her outrageously embarrassing mother Posy or helping out with her troubled brothers at home she's pursuing school hearthrob Si and Love Ya PDF or making enemies of friends Life seems tough enough but then her older than average mother announces that she's pregnant and Gabby's world turns upside down At first Gabby is determined to have nothing to do with the unexpected arrival But when the baby arrives it brings with it chaos and Gabby's family start unravelling around her Can Gabby's strength and will pull her through her hardest challenge yet.


Love Ya Babe Epub ☆ Love Ya  PDF or Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 291 pages
  • Love Ya Babe
  • Chris Higgins
  • English
  • 24 September 2016
  • 9780340970751

10 thoughts on “Love Ya Babe

  1. says:

    It was a really good book mostly about being who you want to be and not what other people want you to be I think it's a really good book

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    This book is not what you would expect it to be but way better I really enjoyed it especially when the tense moments came up it just took me a while to get into it

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    I really loved the way this book explores marriage family and romance It also offers teenagers like me a laugh and enjoy the relatable anecdotes in the book Recommend 100%

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    A teen read dealing with a new addition to the family and other family problems

  5. says:

    A light and funny read that didn’t take a lot of concentration to read as it was easy to follow However I don’t think that the blurb synopsis really explained the story too well and didn’t find that it really related to the story but still a really good book overall 😊

  6. says:

    Although I read this a few years back the plot stuck in my mind because it was like back to back episodes of EastEnders It had every stereotype for a dysfunctional British family possible A 40 something year old mother who gets pregnant secretly behind her husband's back a moany teenager who has a love interest but he turns into a jerk has the 'coolest' best friend An annoying twit of a younger brother who acts like a baby himself And the husband who retreats into his career locking himself in his office with lots of alcoholAnd then the build upThe 40 year old something mother goes crazy with buying new euipment and new things for the unborn baby too bad that when it comes along she becomes depressed and ignores it leaving her moany teenage daughter to deal with itThis book was only good for one reason it was overly dramatic and I wanted to smack the mother in the face Other than that stay away from it I would recommend to read it if you're between 13 15

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    This book all about the flaws of a teenager like peer pressure boys friends and school Gabby's life is a rollar coaster With her best friend Angie they rule the world however when Si the boy who Angie likes kisses Gabby her life turns into trouble She loses a best friend get bullied by the Gems loses the boy her brothers just get weirder her Mum and Dad fight her mum having a baby the pimples and all the stuff a teenager goes through I throughly enjoyed this book and I recommend it to 12 16 year old girls who are going through this phase in their life

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    these books by Chris Higgins I would class as fun for young teen girls its got everything well not everything but its interesting its got a point an actual plot unlike some books that I have read Hope you get this book and enjoy it as much as I did O and BTW would you rather by Chris Higgins you must read 32c by Chris Higgins its sad but you still have to read it hope you enjoy it

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    This was an interesting book centred around an important subject It's not at all moralistic although it has a lot to teach young readers about the sometimes harsh realities of adult life and the fallibility of parents

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    Thsi was a weird book Ok in tiny places bu tits been too long for me to really comment on anythign i read

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