Gerhard Richter Portraits Painting Appearances

Gerhard Richter Portraits Painting Appearances[Ebook] ➡ Gerhard Richter Portraits Painting Appearances ➧ Paul Moorhouse – “Appearance semblance is the theme of my life” This statement by Gerhard Richter b 1932 suggests the importance of portraiture to his career One of the greatest artists working today Richter has b “Appearance semblance is Portraits Painting MOBI ó the theme of my life” This statement by Gerhard Richter b suggests the importance of portraiture to his career One of the greatest artists working today Richter has been intensively Gerhard Richter ePUB ½ engaged with portraiture since His portraits invite critical consideration of both portraiture and painting; they include images of specific people—whether sensational subjects of people in the media icons of the popular imagination or close Richter Portraits Painting Epub á friends and relatives However all are transformed when Richter puts them onto canvas for they often become anonymous in the process or become significant simply for being included Richter’s investigation into how we understand what surrounds us is at the heart of all his work In this large scale book—ideal for Richter’s portraits—Paul Moorhouse offers a major advance in the understanding and appreciation of the renowned artist’s work With keen insight Moorhouse studies the portraits in close detail examining the sophisticated ways in which Richter has challenged and extended the genre of portraiture and revealing the startling range of the artist’s source material Featuring never before published images this book clearly eclipses any previous publication on Richter’s portraiture.


Gerhard Richter Portraits Painting Appearances MOBI ´
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Gerhard Richter Portraits Painting Appearances
  • Paul Moorhouse
  • English
  • 27 July 2014
  • 9780300151596

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    Appearance semblance is the theme of my life Gerhard Richter and Portraiture Gerhard Richter has had a long and successful career in the contemporary art world from the 1960s on he has been a formidable force in the art world working with fellow artists Sigmar Polke Georg Baselitz and Konrad Fischer Leug veering away form the pop art and performance movements to concentrate on painting Feeling that his paintings should focus on the image rather than the reference of art history His 'signature' in his art was blurred paintings using photography openly as his stimulus 'These blurred paintings of photographs are close to reality but also contain a nostalgic distance because the eye can never precisely capture the image being viewed rather like trying to remember the features of a person whom one hasn't seen for a while Only the outline is remembered and the rest blurred With his photo based paintings of regular images Richter has tried to subvert the hierarchy of art and the everyday' Richter has been uote as saying I believe in nothing and yet his continued painting of portraits appears to decry that statement This beautifully designed and book focuses solely on the portraits that cover the span of his creative life thus far His images both in black and white and in color range from near abstract to near photorealistic His subjects range from children to the elderly from manipulated images that remind us of concentration camp victims to faces that appear at home on police arrest documents The range of works given the fact that these are all portraits is startling so rich is his ability to make something of very little The use of photography is evident in many of the works but in no way disguises the mastery of paint Richter so deftly uses He appears to be less interested in narrative statements than he is in projecting ideas to the viewer ideas that may mutate from person to person depending on the life experiences of each new viewer There is written word as one would expect in what was indeed an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London But the emphasis of this book is rightfully on the paintings themselves These are reproduced with care on high uality paper The book itself is impressive and is a welcome addition to the books available on this important 20th to 21st century artist Grady Harp

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    I haven't read all of the catalog essay but I love the paintings collected in here It is a beautiful book Show me another painter who has a relationship to photography as interesting and beautiful as richter

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