Comes A Little Light

Comes A Little Light[PDF / Epub] ★ Comes A Little Light By Darice Bailer – In 1938 a 17 year old German girl named Rosemarie Marienthal received a letter from a young Jewish doctor living in the Belgian Congo in the primitive heart of Africa The young man was a new doctor an In a year old German girl named Rosemarie Marienthal received a letter from a young Jewish doctor living in the Belgian Congo in the primitive heart of Africa The young man was a new doctor and a refugee from his German homeland Get out of Europe the doctor pleaded with Rosemarie before it's too late In the aftermath of Kristallnacht the Nazis' crushing invasion of Poland and a world declaration of Comes A ePUB ½ war Rosemarie was faced with a decision What should she do Follow her heart to this stranger or wait with her parents for a visa to America Comes A Little Light is a love story that you will not soon forget a rare gem of hope amidst this war's tragic ashes.


Comes A Little Light PDF ✓ Comes A  ePUB ½
  • Paperback
  • 207 pages
  • Comes A Little Light
  • Darice Bailer
  • English
  • 01 December 2016
  • 9781605304427

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    I won this book through a Goodreads GiveawayI don't often give out 5 star reviews Even if I really enjoyed a book it's difficult to say that I loved it What made me decide to give this book the extra star is that it left me blubbering like a baby on multiple occasionsThe characters were very well written and I adored Rosemarie's father I think he's truly my favorite character in the book Something about his birthday cart tradition really tugged at my heartstrings He seemed like such a wonderful loving father it was impossible not to like himThis book hit close to home for me because I had a long distance correspondence with someone as well even though I was advised against it Maybe that's why I fell in love with this book because I could relate to Rosemarie in many waysAlthough this book is a WWIIholocaust memoir it really doesn't focus JUST on that Yes there is mention of the concentration camps the Nazis Hitler and those things But it's focused on the HUMAN aspect and the struggle for a family to stay together It's also about Rosemarie finding herself and her place in the worldUnfortunately Rosemarie has since passed away Otherwise I would love for a second book to come out and chronicle her journey to America

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    After spending a semester studying the rise and fall of Hitler and visiting countless locations of his horrendous anti Semetic legistlation I seem to be drawn to stories of survirors After seeing this kicking around the Darien Library I decided it was time to dive into another story of personal strenght during the Holocaust The story was not what I expected instead dealing with a true story of love despite the hardships of the era The story follows a young girl as she escapes Germany following the implementation of Nazi regulations As her family finds ways to leave their life behind the main character finds a penpal in Africa with whom she falls in love The story dealt with personal choices as one grows old than the horrors of Nazi controlled and plagued Europe It was decent I was intrigued throughout the story although the level of writing left something wanting

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    Per regulation I must state that I won this book through the Goodreads First ReadsGiveaway programA story of hope comes out of a hopeless timeI feel like I keep finding Holocaust literature to read and this book delivers a different view on the Holocaust People are lost but most importantly Rosemarie grows up and learns that even in the darkest of times a little light can change one's life

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    Reading this for my AAUW book club Completely mesmerized

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