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the pride❮Read❯ ➲ the pride Author Judith Saxton – Tina is a Norfolk Girl whose love for Edward Neyler sets a course of conflicting loyalties that will take her half way across the World Edward's brother's marriage to a Chinese girl will bring him bot Tina is a Norfolk Girl whose love for Edward Neyler sets a course of conflicting loyalties that will take her half way across the World Edward's brother's marriage to a Chinese girl will bring him both ectasy and despair the pride are a family who endearing and infuriating by turns always surround their members with warmth and protection The seuel to this book is calledThe Glory.

Katie FlynnKatie Flynn was born in Norwich and attended Norwich High School where she was extremely happy and extremely undistinguished Published at the tender age of eight in Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories she joined a Writers’ Circle as an adult publishing short stories articles etc; only turning to novels in because the postal strike cut off her main source of incomeAt first she wrote under several different names – Judith Saxton Judy Turner Lydia Balmain Judith Arden – but her Katie Flynn books were a delight to write and proved far popular than she had dreamed She has now published nearly ninety novels twenty seven of which are Flynns Her most recent titles are Lost Days of Summer and Christmas Wishes.

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  • the pride
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  • 04 September 2016

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    Despite its length I found it hard to progress because it didn't capture my interest very much It feels like a family story which it probably is but written like a novel The events follow each other uickly and years pass in one paragraph it cannot be said that its pace is slowIt is rather life like this happened somewhere probably but there was one thing that was very hard for me to grasp It was the fact that fathers left their wives and children behind to start a new life in the US and only communicating by letters and being away for years Maybe I see everything with a modern eye but this felt very wrong Of course they had to make a living and America was the home of opportunities for them but still it was strange And it was always the wives who went to get them and stayed there as well Men are strange in this novel

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    The Pride written by Judith Saxton is based on a young Jewish woman Tina Rose life and it tells her story from a child it progresses as she grows up and falls in love in between her mother takes her to America in late 1800's trying to find her father who has emigrated when Tina and her younger sister were babies But for Tina her life was so different to a normal child as from a young age instead of her mother taking care of her it was Tina who looked after her mother in the long voyage as well as her little sister Soon they are making a new life in America but for them adventures are waiting on them which will change their lives in so many ways The other main character is a young man who grows up in New Zealand named Edward Neyler his life is so far away from Tina's not only in distance but through wealth as well as having an abusive father But yet they will meet and fall in love but for this couple they will have to endure many difficulties before their faith in each other is rewardedThis is another excellent book written by one of my favourite authors Katie Flynn who also writes under the name of Judith Saxton From the first page I was soon involved in the life of Tina and I loved how the author followed her life in great detail through heartache and happiness to falling in love This is indeed a wonderful book based on historical facts which were told through fiction but for me it opened up a new life where men from the United Kingdom sailed to America where the wildness of this land was yet to be discovered yet it showed how some succeeded while others failedIf you enjoy a book which has strong female characters this is the book for you it is well written and one which I thoroughly enjoyed It is the first book in a series of four1 The Pride Neyler uartet Book 12 The Glory Neyler uartet3 The Splendour Neyler uartet4 Full Circle Neyler uartetThe Pride wrote by Judith Saxton is one book I would happily recommend and is the first in the Neyler uartet

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    An OK book A tale of a family which is not a page turner but some of the side characters were likeable like Mark and Wen

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    Too long too many details i didnt like tina or edward i was only intrested in mark and wen Not a fan

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    First of manyExcitinghumourousand touchingCouldn't wait to get back to the storyI will definitely be reading the rest of Judith Saxtons booksExcellent author

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    Heart warmingA story full of love and heartache another great read Can't wait to start On The next in the series

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    a great katie Flynn read

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    Utterly ridiculous and unrealistic from when Edward goes to America and thereafter I also uestion the author's stand re domestic violence Edward's parents It is never ever okay

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    I was in two minds about this book The characters and description were really good but the plot went up and down up and down up and down all the way through and this was very frustrating It was as though the author just couldn't cope with some massive drama happening at least every 4 pages I started out LOVING this book but ended up wondering if it's worth the read a second or third time around

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    Not a fan

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