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Israel Is Real[Download] ➹ Israel Is Real By Rich Cohen – “It’s a great irony that Israel was secure as an idea than it’s ever been as a nation with an army” In AD 70 when the Second Temple was destroyed a handful of visionaries saved Judaism by rei “It’s a great irony that Israel was secure as an idea than it’s ever been as a nation with an army” In AD when the Second Temple was destroyed a handful of visionaries saved Judaism by reinventing it—by taking what had been a national religion identified with a particular place and turning it into an idea Jews no longer needed Jerusalem to be Jews Whenever a Jew studied—wherever he was—he would be in the holy city In Israel Is Kindle - this way a few rabbis turned a real city into a city of the mind; in this way they turned the Temple into a book and preserved their faith Though you can burn a city you cannot sack an idea or kill a book But in our own time Zionists have turned the book back into atemple And unlike an idea a temple can be destroyed The creation of Israel has made Jews vulnerable in a way they have not been for two thousand years In Israel Is Real Rich Cohen’s superb new history of the Zionist idea and the Jewish state—the history of a nation chronicled as if it were the biography of a person—he brings to life dozens of fascinating figures each driven by the same impulse to reach Jerusalem From false messiahs such as David Alroy Cohen calls him the first superhero with his tallis as a cape and Sabbatai Zevi who led thousands on a mad spiritual journey to the early Zionists many of them failed journalists to the iconic figures of modern Jewish Sparta David Ben Gurion Golda Meir Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon Cohen shows how all these lives together form a single story a single life In this uniue book Cohen examines the myth of the wandering Jew the paradox of Jewish power how can you be both holy and nuclear and the triumph and tragedy of the Jewish state—how the creation of modern Israel has changed what it means to be a Jew anywhere.

RICH COHEN is the author of Sweet and Low FSG Tough Jews The Avengers The Record Men and the memoir Lake Effect His work has appeared in many major publications and he is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone He lives with his family in ConnecticutFor information please see.

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  • 10 January 2014
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    I've spent a lot of time reading about the Middle East It has haunted me for years This is by far the best book I've read explaining the history and background of the case made by the nation of Israel It is simple and succinct It never reads like a textbook As an ancient history major and as a student of the Old Testament as far as it is translated correctly of course I found Cohen offering new light on oft discussed ancient incidences I learned a lot from his descriptions of history of the Jewish people If you're going to read one book about modern Israel this is your book

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    Its witty satirical humorous scandalous tragic and euphoric account of an idea called Israel The author captures the Jewish history from the ancient times of Romans and Pharaohs to the present day world The story doesn't culminate into any ending because Israel is still evolving and it is still unstable but the concept of promised land leads to some degree of fruition wherein a Jew in any part of the world has a country he can call home This country is his and like all other countries it is capable of bringing the best and the worst deeds The most moving text that captures this sentiment goes like When a Jew cop is chasing a Jew criminal it means the Jews have a home of their ownEach episode in the history of Israel is written from an ancient unfinished story Rightly the creation of the Jewish nation happened because of many such stories met at a conducive alignment Ottoman empire collapsed Arabs were in decay allies had won the war Britain went broke cold war was on six million jews were dead and the remaining wanted an end to oppression We in India admire Israel for the sense of nationalism this country teaches The episodes of 6 day war and Yom Kipur war capture the sentiments very well The book is highly recommended for history enthusiasts and all Indians who must know that nationalism is just not a sentiment but an action

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    I don’t necessarily agree with all of Cohen’s ideas and theses but the book is fantastic Its a great read and Cohen does an incredible job tying a plethora of history into a relevant and fascinating work It could have been very boring but Cohen's adlibs dry humor and thought provoking comments throughout the book kept me highly engaged in my reading I had a tough time putting the book down An 85 on a scale of 10

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    As a person who did not have much retained knowledge in biblical history Israel or Jewish history I found this book to be a great comprehensive overview I really appreciated the author's perspective and he made it clear when he was expressing his viewpoint which may not necessarily be reflective of other populations I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning about Jewish Israeli history and attempting to understand present day Israel

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    While there are many complete and precise books on the history of Israel I doubt any of them is so much fun to read I would imagine the breezy and sometimes glib prose and the metaphors relating people and places to movie characters and sets grates on the purists but for those who want to know how things got the way they are it gives a good outline The general reader should come away understanding of main events in the history of IsraelThe book is written from a Jewish perspective but probably not a mainstream one Cohen uses the first person plural in referring to the Jewish people ie Now that we have a country we can cheer for a soccer team Cohen relates historical personages accents appearances and attitudes to people in his family More definitively his love for Israel comes through when he writes about the impact of the past and the magnetic pull of the countryCohen coins phrases such as Jerusalem syndrome and the new Jew to describe what he feels are common emotional responses to Israel and its history Metaphors surrounding David the book and the SecondThird Temple aboundThere is a lot of great human interest material on the famous such as Theodore Herzl and Moshe Dayan and the not so famous such as Samuel Zemurray and Moshe Levinger The notorious such as Yitzhak Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir are described in an engaging way tooIf you are knowledgeable about Israel this will probably not suit you If you are a Zionist it may make you angry If you have a bit of knowledge about Israel you will find many books to help you that are complete The benefit of this one is that it will hold your attention

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    This is my second read by author Rich Cohen after the mezmerizing The Fish that Ate the Whale and it did not disappoint Cohen manages to regail us with the history story? of the jewish people and Zionism with clinical insight and brilliant wit  He has a gift for finding the rhyming poetry and the timeless archetypes in political and territorial turmoil that spans many centuries and a wide array of players  Israel Is Real is a great primer for those who have a cursory and muddled understanding of the Palestine Israel conflict as I did when I first picked it up Highly recommended My only critiue is that I wish it had maps to illustrate the region's ever shifting borders and insurmountable toponyms that mix ancient nomenclature and modern settlements

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    This book reads like a chat with the author albeit a really long involved chat It begins with the destruction of the second temple and takes us through the history of Israel up to the present Cohen has a way of putting archaic concepts into terms that I can understand I particularly appreciated when he compared medieval stories of the Khazars a colony of warrior Jews to his boyhood book of Great Jewish Sports HerosIsrael has a long and often bitter past but Cohen is a gentle guide on an important journey towards understanding

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    In preparation for a trip to Israel I realized I needed to learn about the country and its history Based on Goodreads reviews I read Israel A Concise History of a Nation Reborn by Daniel Gordis and based on a personal reference I also read Israel is Real by Rich Cohen I'm rating these two books the same 4 stars but they have pretty different stylesIsrael A Concise History of a Nation Reborn is an awesome chronicle of the history of Israel factual than Israel is Real but does a great job highlighting artists of the region and their takes on certain historical events to soften the fact based approach My only wish for this book is that it would have spent time in the deep biblical era history of the regionIsrael is Real is a lighter read based on Cohen's writing style but still has a lot of the facts you will need to pass basic to moderate Israel history He interjects his personal experiences and opinions into the book so than Gordis does but it never comes across as trying to persuade you to take any sides In general I'd say Cohen provided a pleasurable leisure read and actually touches on the ancient history of the region than Gordis but Gordis provides details overall Which one you choose to read will be depend on your preferred writing style andor what you hope to get out of the book Or you can do what I did read Israel A Concise History of a Nation Reborn and then Israel is Real this is the order I'd recommendOf note both books are written from the JewishIsraeli perspective If you'd like to hear from the MuslimArab side of things you will need a different book I think hearing accounts from the other side would be a great compliment these books and that might be my next step in learning about the regiontime for some book research

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    This is a very weird book It's not uite history as it is a highlighting of certain interpretations of Jewish history Zionism according to Cohen is rooted in ancient Israel and is best portrayed by the Zealots a group of religiously fanatic warrior Jews who went the way of the dodo along with the Second Temple The other type of Jew the Yavne Jew is one that survives the Romans through submission and abstracting his religion Cohen seems to paint Jewish history as a struggle between these types of archetypes with the Yavne Jew being Jewish history's dominant mode and the creation of Israel being a re kindling of the Zealot way It's a weird paradox but makes for an interesting read Overall the book is entertaining but not very academic There are typos and some technical mistakes like how Yavne is north of Tel Aviv when it's actually south It does elucidate some troubling points worth considering about Israeli and Jewish history but overall is uite positive about the journey To be honest I'm not uite sure who this book is for There are precise and well written histories on both the Jews and Israel out there for those interested in learning the facts I found Israel is Real most useful in its emphasis on pre political Zionism Cohen's scope of history emphasizes the Jewish yearning for nationhood and a return to the land of Israel throughout all of Jewish history This is an often overlooked narrative In this Cohen's writing makes for a great book that focuses on the historical sources of Zionism from the beginning of Jewish history to Herzl

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    Lent to me by a friend I found this an invaluable read A secular Jew outlines the mystery the history and the eternality of the nation He describes the miracle of the 6 day war where even atheists felt the press of God He marches through the centuries outlining the mission of the Jews the failed messiahs the issue of Jewish self esteem the political rise of Zionism and provides the best description of anti semitism I've ever understood admitting that Jews themselves are guilty some wanted a state so that they could be Jews some wanted a state so that they could stop being Jews p159 He develops the struggle so well speaking of how the old 20th c warriors were gloomy the fact that you could win and win and still not win Then on p271 The creation of Israel in 1948 and its conuest of Jerusalem in 1967 are not ordinary history For those inclined to hear them they are divine proclamation that the hour is near

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