Or to Begin Again

Or to Begin Again[Download] ➹ Or to Begin Again Author Ann Lauterbach – Tbjewellers.co.uk Ann Lauterbach's ninth work of poetry Or to Begin Again takes its name from a sixteen poem elegy that resists its own end as it meditates on the nearness of specific attachment and loss against the mu Ann Lauterbach's ninth work of poetry Or to Begin Again takes its name from a sixteen poem elegy that resists its own end as it meditates on Or to PDF/EPUB or the nearness of specific attachment and loss against the mute background of historical forces in times of war In the center of the book is a twelve part narrative Alice in the Wastelandinspired by Lewis Carroll's great character and TS Eliot's modernist poem Alice is accosted by an invisible Voice as she wanders and wonders about the nature of language in relation to perception In this volume Lauterbach again shows the range of her formal inventiveness demonstrating the visual dynamics of the page in tandem with the powerful musical cadences and imagery of a contemporary master.

Born and raised in New York City Ann Lauterbach studied at the University of Wisconsin Madison and Columbia University Before completing her MA in English she moved Or to PDF/EPUB or to London to work in publishing and art galleries Upon her return to New York she continued working in art galleries for a number of years Lauterbach then began teaching writing and literature She is the recipient of fellowsh.

Or to Begin Again Epub Ä Or to  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 115 pages
  • Or to Begin Again
  • Ann Lauterbach
  • English
  • 15 June 2016
  • 9780143115205

10 thoughts on “Or to Begin Again

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    is my first time reading the poet and it won’t be my last I need to read her other poetry collections If they’re only half as good as Or to Begin Again then I’m in for a treat This collection contains some of the best poems I’ve ever read The uality of the poems between the pages is brilliant and something many other poems can only aspire to and have little hope of achieving I was left speechless and in awe of Lauterbach’s talent This collection is worth reading alone for the long epic poem Alice in the Wasteland a take on Alice in Wonderland that may be the best poem I’ve ever read Every line stunned me Other delights were Nothing To Say Realms Of Ends Constellation In Chalk and the title poem

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    A reviewer far smarter than I said Or to Begin Again is a culmination of Lauterbach's worldward journey Worldwardhow a person grounds herself or himself in the world over time like gravity in Simone Weil's sense Charles BernsteinI could not resist the review and I think one of the most beautiful things about reading poetry is how it triggers something in your imagination and even if it is incongruent with the poet's imagination it still is worthwhile These poems are too academically abstract for me to really see how they are roots planted and grown over a lifetime but I can appreciate their artistry and admire the artist One poem ECHO REVISION was an elegant play on words that led from comparing 'our attention like soldiers or our attention like soldiers or not like soldiers not like soldiers Not like soldiers' and ends with a old man who was a soldier a soldier smiling to the camera and travels an abstract macabre chain of metaphor crows war crimes reversals a still life painting that was worth several reads to absorb The instant uarantine on its shelfDeletion ranged upward proto wingerdenough to go on as if singularTo then if it were then it looks as if you are writing a letterinterrupts Knowledge whose source cannotbe owned Try not to fall apartTry to stay on the case in case you need to fallinto speech example It looks like you are writinga letter To whom it may concernto be then concerned DEAR BLANK as error migratesterror into the terrainblown open We are in Rock Springs We are riding in tandem with a highway now The sun lowering The train uiet We're in a sort of gorge curving through curves Did Americans begin to develop this sense of moving through moving across moving on because of the harshness and endlessness of this terrain? They come uickly daysand the ropes tied abovesubject to doubt NOTHING TO SAYThe reverie stalks the real; it stretches abstractionto its limit deposited at the feet of Francis But given the impermanence of birds the cardinal's nest on the deck given the domestic and the spiritual the utilitarian andthe forgotten given these cold mercurial shapes arbitraryhinges islands perpetual desiresand their advocacy among the least entitledgiven that one falls in lovewith the condition of hopeand falls out of love with itscruel replacement hopeso that what is valued is not the same REALM OF ENDS

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    The voice is removed and extremely academic as though the poems were constantly outlining or referring to come abstraction I couldn't identify

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    And a better brilliant mash up Lauterbach's piercing intelligence—full of dry wit deft insight and patience in calamity—is exactly why we read books

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