Billabong Riders

Billabong Riders➺ [Reading] ➼ Billabong Riders By Mary Grant Bruce ➯ – The Billabong folk ride again this time in wild country droving cattle overland from the North This is a story of good horses and dogs their owners; and of a boy who found among them a new chance in l The Billabong folk ride again this time in wild country droving cattle overland from the North This is a story of good horses and dogs their owners; and of a boy who found among them a new chance in life This is one of a series of books set in the Australian bush recounting the adventures of the Linton family living on a station called Billabong The saga stretches from to with the tumult of the period reflected in these incident packed books.


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  • Paperback
  • Billabong Riders
  • Mary Grant Bruce
  • English
  • 10 January 2015
  • 9780207175237

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    This was another great addition to the Billabong series but unfortunately I think it fell flat as the series finale Mary Grant Bruce shows readers another part of Australian Outback life not previously discovered droving It fascinates me how she puts a new spin on similar topics They've camped before and they're moved cattle before but the characters haven't actually droved so it was interesting learning what happens though thankfully it's fiction therefore she doesn't write pages and pages of slowly moving cattle It's spiced up with crazy ueensland lightning storms and cattle rustlers Something that annoyed me with this was how much Jim and Wally were determined to keep Norah and Tommy a girl for those who haven't read it out of the action Of course the girls got their way and they ended up coming but they weren't allowed to join for most of the interesting stuff That confused me Norah at least is superb at handy cattle and Tommy isn't far behind but they weren't allowed to help with anything but slowly droving the cattle They could have been very useful in one of the plots but weren't allowed to because they're girls However Norah had always been involved in everything Jim and Wally did as they were children Maybe since Tommy arrived they felt as though they could leave her and it wouldn't seem like she's being left out Or maybe since they're older they are involved in dangerous things than before so it's fitting for them to stay out The reason I wasn't satisfied with the ending as although we know the lives of Jim Wally Norah Tommy are sorted out I'm left thinking about what the heck happened to Bob? Bob was Tommy's brother and I really liked him He was as kind as Jim and Wally but he was proud not pigheaded proud than them therefore was a character in his own right But he's just disappeared by this book In the previous book Son of Billabong he's not in it but neither are most of the Billabong crowd until the end as it's only Norah Wally and Davie going on a holiday PS on a smaller not I don't hear Norah or Wally miss their son once even though they were on the trail for weeks ? In the book before that Billabong Gold Bob is mentioned Of course he has to be he's right in with the gold business and I thought that book was the set up for his happily ever after Now that his sister is married off and living out of home he was on his lonesome but a young boy and his sister come visiting and the sister happens to love flying which is Bob's favourite thing to do I thought that was it they'd get married in the next two books and her brother would live at Billabong with the other young boy Bill who lives there on school holidays too But there's no mention of him in this book at all They are away from Billabong for the majority of it but at the beginning when they are planning the droving expedition at Billabong he's no where at all And there's no mention of him being too busy with his farm It's as if he dropped off the face of the Earth Did I miss something?I like closure at the end of the series but I didn't have it here It just felt like another story There was no finality to the end They even introduced a new character which I always enjoy when Mary does but it makes me wonder about him I suspected that he was going to end up at Billabong but it's such a rushed sort of arrangement in the last few pages it feels like she was just cutting it off I wonder if Mary ended it like that to give the sense that the Billabong crowd will always go on adventures with danger and new friends but I also wonder about the date of publication and the date of her death Billabong Riders was first published in 1942 and Mary died in 1958 Maybe she intended to publish something else but didn't I'm going to email the address on the Mary Grant Bruce official webpage and ask them what happened to Bob and if she planned any before she died I'd like to know if she just ended it that way or whether she had something else planned If they knew what happened to Bob

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    The story was sweet and predictable but by the 15th book of the series I was there for the characters story and that's what is was A beautiful snippet of their lives and almost seeing everything start over again with new children It was such a lovely book of course it had a few bad guys but you always knew how everything would turn out They are all such dear characters

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