Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 6 Vindication

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 6 Vindication[Download] ➾ Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 6 Vindication Author John Jackson Miller – Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick's uest to clear his name is finally concluded in this novel length storyZayne and his con artist companion Gryph commit to a new course in exposing the dark actions of t Fugitive Padawan Knights of ePUB ´ Zayne Carrick's uest to clear his name is finally concluded in this novel length storyZayne and his con artist companion Gryph commit to a new course in exposing the Star Wars PDF \ dark actions of the secret Jedi Covenant Yet doing so takes them not only to the homeworld of one of Zayne's murdering Masters but also into the most highly guarded place on Wars Knights of Kindle Ò the planet—a storehouse of Sith artifacts But his days as a renegade won't end there Zayne's search for justice will continue to Coruscant where he'll confront his Master Lucien Draay and the Wars Knights of the Old PDF or members of the Jedi Covenant in a showdown that will end his days as a fugitive in one wayor another Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic continues the story set nearly four thousand years before the rise of the Empire and the fall of Anakin Skywalker and seven years prior to the events in the Knights of the Old Republic video game This volume collects issues .

Overdraft The Knights of ePUB ´ Orion Offensive Kindle serial will be collected in July and his.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 6 Vindication
  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Volume 6 Vindication
  • John Jackson Miller
  • English
  • 22 December 2016
  • 9781595822741

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    Bullet ReviewAbsolutely fantastic It took a while to get over the bump of not reading Vector but the move to tell Haazen Krynda and Barrison's story was AWESOMEOn to Volume 7Full ReviewVindication is the culmination of the story begun in Commencement Major plot elements are revealed the characters behind the curtain step out and a MAJOR confrontation happensI wasn't sure about this volume when I started because I didn't read volume 5Vector This was a crossover comic with Legacy not sure how that is supposed to work as Legacy and KOTOR are in COMPLETELY different eras but I heard it was meh so I skipped Instead I perused Wookieepedia to get the gist of the book and it does indeed seem a bit wonkyAfter a bit of a bumpy start which wasn't helped by Bong's artwork I am just not a fan of his rounded lines bright colors and in general goofy style I really started to get into the flow of the book But it wasn't until I hit Vindication proper that things snowballed into awesomeness No spoilers but some backstories that appear were FANTASTIC And it was Vindication that saved this comic from a 4 starsIf you've been reading from the beginning this is a great end to a major storyline started in Commencement The characters are fantastic; the story uniue; the art was hit or miss but that depends on if you like the styles Some people may like Bong's style; power to youIf anything I'm a bit sad to end this storyline and wary about where the next volumes go What can possibly top this one?

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    Oh Alek was Malak all along Holy shitThis was a pretty good story on the whole All this Old Republic stuff continues to be some of the best Star Wars outside of the original trilogy

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    John Jackson Miller on the script Bong Dazo is on the art work for the first story Exalted; Alan Robinson covers the art in the second story Turnabout; and Brian Ching Bong Dazo and Joe Pimentel take the final story Vindication What a volume Volume 6 Vindication is possibly the best entry into the KOTOR graphic novels series I admit that I still wasn’t uite on board with the non ChingWeaver art work here but I can’t bring myself to knock points off here when the story reaches such a brilliant climax Let’s talk about Exalted first Things really feel like they’re accelerating here – not that they weren’t hot enough in previous entries in this series But events feel like they’re gaining momentum as both Lucien Draay and Zayne Carrick strengthen their positions There’s the usual mix of rollicking adventure with unexpected twists in this one and by the end its obvious that Miller has done a great job on the script here; it’s clear that he thought out the whole storyline in advance and knew exactly what was going to happen creating a well thought out story that is coherent at the same time as being compelling and chock full of twists turns and complex relationships No LOST style making up bullshit as you go along here The second story Turnabout is a bit of a short one but it leads directly into Vindication As such it doesn’t really have a resolution or conclusion – it’s of a cliffhanger funnelling straight into the final story But it contains its fair share of danger risk and uick thinking that readers would’ve come to expect from Zayne’s storyVindication is by far the stand out story of this volume possibly the whole series The plot rises to epic levels all the while maintain the Zayne brand of clever trickery dangerous heists and sudden reversals The story doesn’t pan out in the standard way the characters don’t take the most obvious path laid out in front of them coughPREUELScough And the twists here are possibly what make Zayne’s story so refreshing and gripping The characters here are sophisticated beings who exercise agency and choose conseuences view spoilerLucien actually averts the path that has been strongly telegraphed for him from the start and chooses a different fate for himself His character arc by the end of this volume makes him one of the most interesting characters in this series hide spoiler

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    My uest to finally read John Jackson Miller's beloved Knights of the Old Republic Comics carries on with the sixth volume of the series Vindication and the culmination of all the major plot threads from the overarching narrative that has been told so far I kriffing LOVE this series It took forever for me to finally get my hands on these comics and the anticipation has paid off The wait was worth it Commencement stands side by side with Lando and Tales of the Jedi Redemption as some of the greatest story arcs in Star Wars comics ever While I initially wasn't sure what I thought about Vindication I have grown to appreciate it and particularly on a re readTHE STORY Following the events of the first chapter in the Vector crossover Zayne Carrick is on his way to clearing his name and exposing the wrongdoings of his former master Lucien Draay along with the Jedi Covenant that he is in charge of This volume is divided into three different smaller story arcs Exalted spans the first two issues Zayne takes the key given to him by Celeste Morne to break into a vault full of sith artifacts affiliated with the Jedi Covenant The vault is on the Feeorin Homeworld of Odryn but the team runs into Master Feln sent to intercept Zayne and bring him to justice Turnabout is a one shot that allows for the story to smoothly transition from Exalted and Vindication The Moomo Brothers having stolen some of the gel covered artifacts from the Odryn vault inadvertently help Zayne by providing him with the evidence he needs With that the team makes their way to Coruscant to make their case but they are stopped by a blockade set up by Saul Karath's defense fleet Zayne and Jarael hatch a clever plan to get passed it but their adversaries may be even tougher than they anticipatedFinally Vindication covers the last four issues in this volume and is a fitting name for it The story that began in Commencement has lead to this Zayne prepares to bring his case before the Jedi High Council and to finally bring Lucien and the other masters to justice However an even greater evil within the covenant reveals itself threatening to take over the galaxy right from the very heart of the Republic THE BAD I don't have to much to complain about here While I liked the stylistic choice to make the art style a bit different for the second issue in Vindication because it was mostly a flashback I didn't think it usually looked very good in execution Bodies contorted in weird shapes and not just the corpses and faces that often looked cartoonish although not as bad as they looked in Vector There is also a line from Marn Hierogryph that I think was intended to be a comedic plot twist but I really disliked it While it was just one line and I think it can be interpreted as a silly moment for Gryph to just make himself look better something that IS compelling for Gryph to do it almost ruins one of the best moments from Commencement as well as the entirety of the comic thus far The last nitpick I have is what feels like a lack of Jarael She's awesome but her role has been reduced since Daze of Hate Knights of SufferingTHE GOOD After a reread of the Vindication story arc specifically ie the last four issues in this volume and after some thought it has really grown on me This was a great finale to the narrative that was already brilliantly started in Crossroads and CommencementInitially I wasn't a fan of the character of Haazen He just came off as a generic sith baddie in everything but name But now after some thought I like his character better I still don't think he is nearly as good as some of the other amazing characters that this series has introduced but I love how his backstory is parallel to Zayne's making for a dark reflection of our protagonist and a representation of what Zayne Carrick could have so easily become if he wasn't so strong in his convictions and his moral code It makes Zayne an even likeable character who I want to root for even than I already did Regardless Haazen makes for a threatening presence and a culmination of the prophecies that Lucien and the other masters foresaw in the beginning of these comics The recurring characters are nothing short of phenomenal Zayne Carrick has not only been developed even better as a character than he has already been but it is uite satisfying seeing how much skillful he has become Throughout this entire volume it is so great seeing how clever Zayne is he knows that he can't best the Jedi masters hunting him down with the force or a lightsaber so he compensates by refining his strategic thinking But even then I love how Miller doesn't take this progression too far by not making Zayne overpowered throughout this volume he still feels outmatched by his adversaries and it takes every fiber and effort of his being to win It allows Zayne to continue being a compelling character and allows the story to continue to be filled with the edge of the seat tension it has always had Lucien Draay is also fantastic here I loved the twists and turns taken with his character and how his complexity was maintained in the face of Haazen's ascent His frenemy relationship with Zayne is highly entertaining here and I liked direction his arc was taken as this part of the series' narrative has resolved The other characters who played a smaller role were great too Jarael really needs to be utilized but when she WAS utilized she was great While her growing connection with Zayne felt strangely rushed in the Daze of Hate arc it feels gradual in Exalted and Turnabout Rohlan Dyre didn't have that much to do in this volume but he remained consistent with what we know from the character so far The Moomo Brothers Gryph and Slyssk once again were very entertaining and very funny Specifically with Gryph Miller found even better ways to make the inseparable bond between him and Zayne Carrick even stronger I liked how the other Masters were used too Feln and Xamar were both threatening opponents for Zayne and 'anila was compelling too I thought Miller handled Xamar especially well effectively foreshadowing his fate but having it play out in a shocking and unpredictable fashion The artwork for the most part looks excellent this volume is loaded with action seuences particularly vindication and they are riveting to see play out on the pages I loved how the story played out It was riveting to read about how Zayne overcame each of the challenges set in front of him but I particularly loved how this volume ended It was not only surprising but it was a highly compelling way to end this part of the narrative and set up a new beginning for Zayne and his companions It was also compelling from a worldbuilding standpoint and does a good job setting up some of the important lore that was hinted at during the Knights of the Old Republic games that were used for background to contextualize their stories THE CONCLUSION Exalted gets 45 stars Turnabout gets 5 stars and Vindication gets 45 stars Hence final rating is 45 stars rounded up to a 5 This was an epic conclusion for this phase of the Knights of the Old Republic Comics The story culminated in a thrilling finale the characters developed in amazing new ways the artwork was mostly fantastic and the writing once again had a perfect balance of heart emotion tension and humor Having already read Prophet Motive I look forward to further adventures with the characters I have grown to love But even then I could just read the comics up through Vindication again and be satisfied While not every moment was perfect by and large the tale of the Padawan Massacre and Zayne Carrick's efforts to clear his name was a brilliant one Even without reading the entirety of the series it has firmly established itself as one of my favorite stories with some of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars

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    I can't ever remember giving out four stars to a book I was disappointed in but here is one Vindication has a lot of action and important things going on in it which is great to see I won't spoil what happens but there is at least one really heroic and nice surprise Also the greater secret behind the covenant is revealed and it was disappointing I felt like it was of a villain of the month though I did like the flashback of the character's background and not some kind of deeper revelation I was expecting with all the build up over five trade paperbacks Another complaint is that Dark Horse cannot find someone suitable to fill in for Brian Ching on this book Other than the second or third volume where there was some great artists they keep bringing in people that have a cartooning style which does not fit this book Zayne sometimes looks 40 and not 20 and the style makes the tone a little too silly When Ching is on the book the art is awesome but in this volume he only did about half of a pretty thick volume So while I really liked many parts of this volume I also was disappointed in others I hate say that I'm worried about these last three volumes and where the story can go from here I sincerely hope KOTOR finishes strongly

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    Star Wars Legends Project #17 Background Knights of the Old Republic Vindication was first released in seven issues from May to November 2008 The trade paperback was released in April 2009 It was written by John Jackson Miller and pencilled by Brian Ching Bong Dazo and Alan Robinson In addition to a single issue apiece of Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy Robinson has drawn for an incredibly eclectic range of stories most of which I haven't heard of but most of which also looked intriguing enough to check out Vindication picks up not long after Vector Vol 1 my review here 3963 years before the Battle of Yavin Most of the major characters are back at least briefly but again the focus is on Zayne and Gryph The Jedi Knight formerly nicknamed Suint has begun calling himself Malak There is a brief reference to Jedi Master Vodo Siosk Baas Most of the action takes place on and around CoruscantSummary Revelations by the Jedi Shadow Celeste Morne have given Zayne Carrick the key to exposing the rogue actions of the Jedi Covenant Now he just needs to collect the evidence and somehow deliver it to the Jedi Council but his old Master Lucien Draay has a seat on the Council now and his reach is long This will not be easy One thing's for sure though Zayne is done running He's going on the offensiveReview The best arc yet from a series that has already surpassed all of my expectations several times over Explosive action galaxy changing events shocking revelations It's all here This is the story that Knights of the Old Republic has been building towards for the past several hundred pages and it is epic and supremely satisfying I love that Miller has reached the point where it's time to resolve the central conflict of the series so far and he doesn't just stretch it out he goes for it even though this isn't the end of the series He doesn't tie everything up in a neat little ribbon but there is definitely a sense of completion and of brand new adventures ahead FantasticA few weeks ago after I finished reading Dark Lords of the Sith review here I speculated at some length about the issue of the Jedi basically not doing enough to prevent other Jedi from falling to the dark side and doing a bunch of crazy evil stuff This series which is very much impacted by the events of Tales of the Jedi a few decades earlier is like a direct answer to my uestions in the form of a brilliant story The Jedi have recognized that could and should have been done to prevent the tragedies perpetrated by Exar Kun and Ulic el Droma during the Sith War and they've swung to the opposite extreme with eually devastating conseuences There's a great moral here heck there are several about the pernicious nature of the dark side and of evil in general and why it will never just go away never just not be a threatStanding in the starkest possible contrast to this fairly dark theme Zayne Carrick is easily one of the greatest heroes of all of Star Wars history He is so absurdly righteous that if he didn't have other flaws like his lack of skill in combat he would be in danger of being somewhat flat But then the tortured emotional toll that results from the choices that are forced upon him or even from the evils that he is powerless to prevent no matter how hard he tries make him incredibly rich and incredibly relatable as a characterSo many times during the series Zayne is faced with a situation that 99% of protagonists would handle completely differently and we would never uestion their heroism But when Zayne goes the other way reaching out a hand of forgiveness reconciliation and salvation to his enemies time after time even as they scream for his blood it's instantly obvious that he is in the right His moral compass is unfailing and he follows it relentlessly regardless of the obstacles or conseuences to himself And that is ultimately his greatest strength and the source of his power and successA

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    I had to break this one down because it might have been a 5 star if it weren't for some parts I just really wish they kept the art writers throughout I don't like them switching it to someone else Overall the story was great and I enjoyed it I am not sure where they are going to go with Volume 7 and beyond It almost seems like the story has concluded One disappointing point is they never really said what Jarael was going to doThis part Exalted parts 1 and 2 and art by Bong Dazo The art workwell was good and times and sucked at times He really changed the look of Felm adn the Feeorins on Odryn which was cool The dude looked bad ass although with his appearance he should have crushed Carrick But he made Marn look like a clown Carrick a kid at times and different looking during the story Some with a pointing chin and others rounded This just bothered me And then Jarael looked liked a little too young and baby faced At least she looked like a normal girlTurnabout with art work Robinson was just plan awful I didn't recognize Shel Jelavan Admial Karath body didn't make sense Carrick looked terrible Vindication parts 1 4 with art work Brian Ching great art work except When they went back to Arkania and had the history of who Haazen the Sith Dossa who destroyed the Jedi and disfigured Haazen looked like a cheesy bad girl like the Jokers sidekick Harley from the Batman cartoons It just didn't make sense Otherwise good

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    3963 BBYThe 6th graphic novel installment of Knights of the Old Republic contains Exalted parts 1 and 2 Turnabout and Vindication parts 1 4 In Exalted Zayne and his companions make their way to the planet of Odryn the home of the Feeorins the race of Feln one of the Jedi masters responsible for the murder of the Padawan learners On this planet is a sacred building with old Sith artifacts items that Zayne can potentially use to prove he is not the rising Sith in uestion but that someone else is When Zayne and Feln fight the old Jedi master finds that his ways have gone against his own people In Turnabout some of the Jedi Masters on the high council learn Zayne's true story but Zayne and Gryph are captured just as they are about to head back to Coruscant to save the prophetess Vindication exhibits the main conclusion to the first part of KotOR where the truth is revealed on all sides and the Sith makes himself known but some still cannot seem to accept this as truth Will Zayne return to the Jedi?KotOR is a bit slow and lacks excitement in many ways but this volume really picked up the pace and finally brought justice to where it needed to be served It is an interesting conclusive piece yet there is to the KotOR story which I am looking forward to seeing where the main character end up and what they will be doing next

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    This was a really great ending to this chapter in the story of Zayne Carrick Master Xamar brings Zayne and Grif to Lucien while pretending that Zayne has fallen to the Sith It gets a touch predictable with Haazen's demeanor and his Sith cloak being dropped before the reader's eyes but not those of the Jedi around him As he senses no evil in Zayne he see's through their plan and exposes his own and identifies that the Sith who would return was him Haazen has spent the years converting Jedi to his cause and he calls down the fleet's weapons on Coruscant through a back channel Naturally a light saber battle ensuesWe get Haazen's back story and how he came to be the Steward for the Dray family The ending was a surprise and I uite enjoyed it

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    Sothat was that then That was uite a long story arc and uite the explosive finale Zayne Gryph and Jarael all have excellent scenes with another reveal regarding JaraelCan't say than that without giving away I did read the small arc of Vector that slotted in between volumes 4 and 6 but only the chronologically relevant bitThe artwork again was a bit all over the place as different artists gave their own flairs On the whole though it was better overall than most of the previous volumes

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