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Galaxy at War[Epub] ❧ Galaxy at War By Rodney Thompson – New rules and character options for war campaignsWarfare is a common theme throughout the Star Wars saga From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War to the Sith Imperial War soldiers have their work New rules and character options for war campaignsWarfare is a common theme throughout the Star Wars saga From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War to the Sith Imperial War soldiers have their work cut out for them This supplement gives players and Gamemasters everything they need to run games or play characters in a war torn galaxy This book provides rules for military Galaxy at PDF/EPUB ² units as well as new character options new gear and starships and a host of adventure hooks and campaign seeds that can be used to inject military flavor into campaigns of all eras.


Galaxy at War eBook é Galaxy at  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Hardcover
  • 223 pages
  • Galaxy at War
  • Rodney Thompson
  • English
  • 10 May 2015
  • 9780786952212

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    The book is divided into seven sections Chapter one deals with new character races new talents for both heroic classes and prestige classes and contains one new prestige class the martial arts master Chapter two deals with new euipment to include melee and ranged weapons explosives armor other euipment advanced cybernetics droids war beasts and vehicles and starships Also included in the chapter is a new gear reuisition system that allows military characters to have better euipment but they can only use it during missions related to their military group and a new rank and privilege system that allows a character to do reuest actions from their military group based on their rank the higher the rank the better the help you can get Chapter three covers a description of what army life is like for enlisted and officers including basic training hooks for military adventures how to run an Imperial campaign including the types of campaigns you could run as well as the types of heroes that are appropriate Also included in the chapter is the battlefield encounter tool kit which allows gamemasters to add things like mines as hazards for the PC's to encounter In addition there is a random mission generator that allows the GM to come up with on the fly encounters for military PC'sChapter four describes a series of different military units including the Hapan Royal Guard Katarn Commandos Mandalorian Protectors and Wraith Suadron there are several others In each entry has a section on history methods missions and rank structureChapter five is about base and battlestation construction You can customize military facilities for your PC's to attack This chapter is not at all useful for PC'sChapter six is a series of seven mini adventures that are set during the Clone Wars or Rebellion eras but can be easily customized for other eras Again only useful for GM'sChapter seven is a full length adventure set during the Clone Wars but it could be adapted for another era fairly easilyOverall I found the first four chapters to be fairly useful New alien races included the Barabel and Yevetha who both play important roles in the Expanded Universe Also new talents and feats are always useful Specific to the book are new martial arts feats and team feats which allow a team to be a bit powerful together feats that improve skills when a team works together The second chapter had uite a number of military droids not to mention rules for advanced cybernetics and some ground vehicles The two new systems for gear reuisitioning and rank and privilege should also really help in military campaigns The third chapter was somewhat wasted with descriptions of what roles enlisted and officers play as well as what basic training is like I think most players already have a good idea if they're going to play military charactes The information on Imperial campaigns was useful but I wish they'd expanded on other major military groups such as the Republic military New Republic military and Galactic Alliance military The battlefield encounter tool kit while not very useful for PC's should be very useful for GM's and the same goes with the random mission generatorThe fourth chapter was the most interesting with four page descriptions of fifteen different military or mercenary groups but I really feel that they left off descriptions of some of the important groups such as Rogue Suadron in particular I'd have liked it if the book had expanded on the existing groups by another two pages and perhaps added some entries and deleted the last chapter for sureThe fifth chapter on base and battlestation construction is mildly useful for GM's who have a dearth of creativity or are in a rush for putting together an encounter but to be honest if you are creative you can make all that up or just use a hex map and draw the stuff yourself randomly assigning modifiers for hazards and such Still I'd say the chapter is useful than notThe sixth chapter really belongs in an adventure supplement I honestly do not like the trend of putting mini adventures in gaming supplements I read them and while they were well designed and reasonably interesting I'd have preferred the space to be used to fill out chapters three and four a bit The seventh chapter again is a full fledged adventure while well done and such I'd have preferred the space be used for chapters three and four Overall almost 100 pages of the book is devoted to battlestationbase construction mini adventures and a full length adventure while 135 pages are devoted to actual information about playing or running military campaigns Even allowing that the basebattlestation construction chapter is useful the book includes over 50 pages of adventures I didn't like that tendency in Scum and Villainy and I still don't like it in this supplementStick to adventure hooks and give military rather than straight up adventures and I'd be happy For the useful material at least in my mind I'll give four stars to that but the inclusion of well written but not very useful material lowers the rating to three Now if you like having adventures to read and put your PC's into then you'll like the adventures in the last two chapters Also as per usual there are not enough pictures of droids starships and the like I really like to visualize what these various items look like so I'd prefer pictures Of late there have been a dearth of pictures in supplements which makes for slow reading in my opinion as rules information is often fairly dry At least in the case of the military organizations WotC did include pictures so that is a plusOverall it is a good supplement probably useful if you are wanting to playrun a military campaign but there just isn't as much diversity as I'd like and two chapters as well as the pages therein or wasted on adventures I don't regret buying it but if you aren't runningplaying in a military campaign it is probably a waste unless you are interested in the alien racesnew talentsnew featsnew prestige class in the first chapter

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    Decent supplement to the D20 40 Ed of the Star Wars rpg It has every errata you'd need to go full war campaigning Don't bother reading unless you want the full press military gaming experience tho Well unless you want a few extra feats and talents that is

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