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World of Women❰Reading❯ ➶ World of Women Author Carol Caine – Her name was Kat and she prowled a forbidden jungle where only women were allowed These words on the cover of World of Women draw you in But uickly you learn Kat's world is not a world of women but a Her name was Kat and she prowled a forbidden jungle where only women were allowed These words on the cover of World of Women draw you in But uickly you learn Kat's world is not a World of Women but a twisted existence where she uses both men and women for her own sick pleasure and purposes First there is Susan the poor gal she grows tired of and leaves high and World of Epub / dry Next it's her old pal Sammy bestowing on him a mercy fk to help him deal with his wife's adulterous ways Kat weaves her way through Manhattan picking up unsuspecting women and men when she needs a place to crash a lead on a job or simply to fulfill her seemingly endless libido.


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  • World of Women
  • Carol Caine
  • English
  • 23 March 2016

10 thoughts on “World of Women

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    This is the first of the lesbian pulps I've read that I've not liked When I was reading books about ueer pulp they talked about the ones that were read by lesbians and the ones that were read by men This definitely fell into the ones aimed at men category It was late 1968 so it was much sexually explicit than the other books I read but it was also the straightest Despite the title and the description of Kat as a lesbian she in fact only slept with three women and six men in the story She spent the entire time in lustlove with a man and her exploits were all geared towards seducing a guy at the magazine that she wanted to work for While I obviously have nothing against bisexual characters this really just had the feel of A lesbian just needs a good hard man to convince her of her errors The book was a continuous stream of sexual encounters most of which Kat didn't enjoy at all only the men could make her orgasm and she saw herself in a downward spiral of degredation and realised at the end that she was a slut There was none of the introspection or insight I've read in other pulp books There were occasional moments but they were all about depressing things It was a nice change to read a book where the woman was at home with her sexuality but when she was interacting with women she was written exactly as a male character with other men referring to her with male pet names But then she slept with them anyway I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend this one and am kinda confussed why it was reprinted Surely there are much better pulps out there I know all the others I've read have been brilliant

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    Kat the main character is thoroughly unlikable She is a user and an abuser with her only thought being as to how she can get ahead in this world She takes what she can from people and then leaves them to move on to bigger and better things at least in her mind and then the cycle repeats itselfKat's not a lesbian in spite of the title World of Women I suppose one could characterize her as bisexual as she sleeps with both men and women in fact she sleeps with men in this lesbian pulp than women However this would only further the stereotype that bisexual individuals will sleep with anyone at any time I'm uite hesitant to place this on my lesbian pulp shelf even though the book is billed that way and was published in that time frame I don't understand why this is labeled a classic from the pulp area or why it was deemed that this book be reprinted There are a lot of other better pulps out thereNot recommended

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    Cleis Press touts this as a lesbian pulp classic but it falls short of its promise because the protagonist Kat is bisexual so while there are episodes of girl on girl intimacy she confesses her sexual escapades spent with men are satisfying not really what lesbians want to read World of Women may or may not have enough sapphic love scenes in the book to satisfy you Still the book has that seedy urban New York City in the Fifties charm so I liked it but I wouldn't marry it

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    I read this on the bus and dared people to judge me

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