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Runaways Vol 9[BOOKS] ✯ Runaways Vol 9 Author Terry Moore – And you thought your life was toughGrowing up is always difficult but when you and your friends' parents are the Pride a group consisting of some of the most nefarious villains in the world the proble And you thought your life was toughGrowing up is always difficult but when you and your friends' parents are the Pride a group consisting of some of the most nefarious villains in the world the problems that crop up are uniue For Molly Hayes and her group of super powered buddies that meant turning on their evil parents and becoming Runaways Vol Kindle - Runaways in the process Since then they have suffered through unimaginable hardships but in spite of their great differences the underage super heroes have always managed to stay one thing together Now after escaping catastrophe in New York City the seven friends have returned to their home Los AngelesBut all is not well in the City of Angels as a group of soldiers from Runaway Karolina Dean's home planet arrives with guns blazing demanding that their fellow Majesdanian be handed over to them for some unknown offense Though the otherworldly warriors are repelled the clock is ticking down to the moment when they will rally and return As the Majesdanians struggle to regroup the Runaways begin to fall apart suabbling over the best course to take Some advocate direct action others diplomacy and distressingly Karolina considers just giving herself up How can the Runaways face their biggest threat to date when they're having trouble facing one anotherCollecting Runaways written by Eisner Award winner Terry Moore and illustrated by Humberto Ramos.

Following the examples of independent comic creators such as Dave Sim and Jeff Smith he decided to publish Strangers in Paradise himself through his own Houston based Abstract Studios imprint and has freuently mentioned a desire to do a syndicated cartoon strip in the authors notes at the back of the Strangers in Paradise collection books He has also mentioned Runaways Vol Kindle - his greatest career influence i.

Runaways Vol 9 Kindle Ô Runaways Vol  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • Runaways Vol 9
  • Terry Moore
  • English
  • 02 July 2016
  • 9780785129394

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    It's the 3rd season of Runaways and the creative team is now Terry Moore and one of the artists whose style I can stand Humberto Ramos The homeless Runaways find a new home only to be attacked by a group of aliens who want to arrest one of them The Brian K Vaughan created series is rapidly becoming something else it's losing it's heart A lot of this volume felt like filler 5 out of 12Ramos' art

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    This felt like a huge step backwards for Runaways as a book Chase's character growth? Thrown out the window I can't be the only one who thinks that his character regressed to something like the second or third issue of the original series That alone is very disappointing But the central story about a group of Majesdane soldiers come to collect Karolina just wasn't very good That Karolina is going to be put on trial for her parents' actions which lead to the destruction of their homeworld makes absolutely no sense to anyone by the end of the book including the group fetching her back The end result that Xavin will take on Karolina's form and go back in her place is painfully obvious from very early on in the story I'm left feeling fairly certain that the story was crafted just to remove Xavin from the group Not happy with breaking up one of the very few happy same sex couples in mainstream comics

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    Except for an issue or two that I’ve read of Joss Whedon’s arc on the characters this is the first time that I’ve read Runaways not written by Brian K Vaughan Terry Moore is an eminently capable writer whose work on his own characters in Strangers In Paradise is critically acclaimed The artist on the art Humberto Ramos whose expressive art and affinity for depicting teenagers Crimson Impulse makes him a perfect fit for these characters so much that I wished he could have with Vaughan on the latter’s original run While reading this collection of their six issues often times it reads and feels like the Runaways it is not as Vaughn’s and it is not the direction which the book would developed intoTo be fair six issues are too short to judge Moore and Ramos’ run Moore definitely knows the characters’ voices; they still bicker like the teenagers that were on the run from the Pride Particularly sweet and adorable Molly she is still often the only one who makes sense even if she does view everything with naiveté that comes with being the youngest member of this group I mean the second youngest since Whedon introduced a character who has since become Molly’s best playmateThese aren’t Vaughan’s children any and understandably Moore is trying to break new ground for the group by grounding them to reality and avoiding superhero adventuring or interacting with the Marvel Universe in general However this new Runaways is not what made me follow this title in the first place I would have given it two stars but Ramos’ art is deserving of three all on its own

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    It ticks me off when a good series suddenly changes things up Sadly this volume not only changes up the art style but it takes all the character development and stomps on it and basically flips readers the bird Chase is basically back to being an idiot jock Even brainless then when he first came into the series and really mouthy Talk about slapping Gert fans in the face Overall the plot bored me The resolution was sad and broke up the best thing about Runaways Who knows if it will be revisited Now about the art style Don't get me wrong it's nice and I've enjoyed other comics and things that use it However with the change many characters no longer look like themselves and the style is juvenile Yes I get this is a comic about juveniles But that doesn't mean everything suddenly has to be child out Runaways best feature was that despite it being about kids it brings in adult themes about right and wrong death and The old art style reflected that It was beautiful and brought a gritty realism to the comics The art style isn't my only gripe The story was jumpy and didn't flow well in many spots The art style is so jumbled up that some of the fighting scenes heck even none fighting seemed garbled and hard to follow This is series 3vol 3 and at this point I'll only be following just to see how things wrap up To be honest if I would have known the series spiraled out this bad I probably would have never continued I fear for further entries to this once brilliant series

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    35 maybe? Since Brian K Vaughan is not part of the comics any they have been not as good as before I still liked them of course but they were better before Also I didn't like the art of this volume I miss the old one

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    RereadThe story was okay but I wasn't a fan of the artwork on this one

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    It’s been a while since I spent some time with the Runaways so I felt a little lost at first Once I got a ways in I could follow OK but I’m still going to have to go look up why a few characters are missing in this volume And I could swear Chase already worked for that horrible radio guy in a different arc That aside it was a fun to be back with the gang I especially loved Molly and Clara’s scenes together and Clara’s rejection of “Tower of Flower” as her superhero name I wasn’t too thrilled with the artwork in the action scenes It was really hard to sort out what was happening The characters looked OK to me I guess but the boys’ pants looked really huge like bizarrely huge I don’t know what was up with that but I’m old so maybe it is not for me to know I’m looking forward to checking out the Rainbow Rowell books in the seriesUPDATE I think I solved the mystery of my confusion about Chase—I’ve read this before and probably vols 10 and 11 too and just never logged them them on Goodreads Never mind world

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    This was uite a change and really noticeable in the art and I honestly didn't like it as much it wasn't bad it just didn't fit my personal style as much But it did fit with what this comic set out to be since the sypnosis centered around Molly and the art felt childishI really like the new character she's sweet fun and excitable Everyone else is still good but yeah things have changed and the characters have changed which makes sense they've grown up and been so much but I think I liked them before I think especially Chase they went in an interesting direction after the thing happened but I feel like he has lost a bit of the growth he had been through hopefully it's on purpose and it will be adressed because I do feel like it could make senseI feel like this is probably my least favorite Runaways comic but still a 4 stars

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    This one was a bit of a chore for me Though I recognize its uality I am personally not a fan of the artwork in this part of the series The exaggerated facial expressions don't work for me mostly because I'm impressed by realistic art like that of Alex Ross than cartoon y drawings Couple that with some slapstick y action near the end of the volume and comedy that was misplaced and simply unfunny and I found myself just wanting to get through the book and move on Even the characterization of the Runaways felt like it ran counter to things I had come to expect Chase for example was nothing but a blundering fool throughout the volume reminding me of Dr Marcus Brody in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in which he was transformed into a nitwit for no obvious reason The final battle in this volume was just so ridiculous and juvenile that I really didn't connect with it at all I practically rolled my eyes throughout in fact And the big character shifts such as they were for this series felt either cliched or even snipped out whole from some other story altogether I'm going to finish off the Runaways series but if somebody told me they wanted to know which volume to skip this one would be my don't even have to think about it answer

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    I didn't really enjoy this volume for several reasons First and foremost the story doesn't feel that strong It's not really tried to any of the firsthand events that have occurred nor is it the result of the Pride's or their children's actions The story along with it's antagonists appear completely out of left field and by volume's climax disappear just as uickly Military personnel from Kar0lina's home world arrive on Earth with the intent to bring her back to her Majesdrane and put her on trial for her parents actions it was her parents' betrayal of their home's coordinates that led to the subseuent war with the Skrulls The logic behind this decision makes no sense as many of the characters points out but that doesn't deter the retrieval party Inevitably and against her friends' wishes Karolina decides to return with them and attempt to explain the situation to the remaining survivors only to have Xavin knockout her and use hisher shapeshifting abilities to take her place I also felt that this story was merely a ploy to get rid of Xavin which is a shame since his character is one of the likable ones in the group Heshe is also one of the few characters in a positive romantic relationship truly cares for hisher partner and doesn't emotionally or physically cheat on them Along with Xavin's departure Chase's lack of character growth has been a big disappointment After becoming a member of the group and getting romantically involved with Gertrude Chase's selfish jerk exterior reveals a young man who while not the sharpest tool in the shed possesses a strong sense of loyalty and and love Yet after Gertrude's death these redeeming ualities have begun to fade from Chase as he drifts farther from the group While this may simply be part of his grieving process for Gertrude for the loss of a normal life with normal wantsneeds his behavior is frustrating Nico too is part of this especially since as the leader she constantly reminds people of and puts them to work Overall this issue lost a lot of its momentum and heart and is the worst of the run since the original creators left I wonder if the loss of the original creators combined with the lack of a planned and well thought out story arc and possibly series with a set beginning and ending are the reason behind this lackluster volume

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