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Heat Seeker[PDF / Epub] ★ Heat Seeker By Lora Leigh – Tbjewellers.co.uk It all began with one night of explosive passionA former Elite Ops captain with a dark past meets his match in a female ex CIA agent who’s dead set on revenge And this time the action—and the attr It all began with one night of explosive passionA former Elite Ops captain with a dark past meets his match in a female ex CIA agent who’s dead set on revenge And this time the action—and the attraction—is adrenaline pumping than everDare to desireJohn Vincent has always led a life of danger and now he has every reason to want to remain as dead as the obituary in the Australian papers had proclaimed him to be He’d left nothing behind in the life he had once led—except for one woman and one night of unforgettable passion Now both will return to haunt him Seduce to destroyBailey Serborne is still tormented by a past she can’t change and a man she hasn’t been able to forget A man who was supposed to dead But now a stroke of fate has revealed that sometimes a woman is given a second chance to heal her heart—and exact the sweetest revenge.

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

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    3 Who the Fuck is Jules Mate? StarsSpoilers “Damn you I can’t think of anything but this some days You’re my weakness Bailey And my strength” Well hmmm OKay I would tell you what this story is about but I'm not sure I truly know To say this book was a little confusing is a understatement lets put it this way I felt like I should have been taking notes or had a guide to keep up I had to go back a few times and try to figure shit out and then I just got kinda pissed about it I will try anyway to tell you what the story is about bare with me Ok so Heat Seeker is the 3rd book in the Elite Ops Series In this story we meet John Vincent who use to be Trent a Australian Secret Intelligence Agent He had been working under cover with CIA Agent Bailey Serborne for a few months they fall in love have one night of passion and sex and then when he is leaving to go get breakfast someone tries to blow him up He gets fixed up by Elite Ops signing on with them and letting everyone believe he died including Bailey Fast forward 6 years PS the book says 5 years and then a 1 year later but still says 5 years so some editor somewhere doesn't work well with numbers Just sayin Okay so here is where shit goes to hell for me So Bailey is fired from the CIA or uits not sure which and she goes home where she is super rich and she is playing a rich woman who got fired so that she can trick the bad guy Mr Warbucks in to trusting her believing her to be angry over losing her job and willing to turn on her government and join the dark side How she does this is by living a normal rich girl life parties shopping but for some confusing reason that works for her because Mr Warbucks is watching her and is going to let her choose the Arms Dealer he is going to hire to sell some super kick ass missiles but he doesn't tell her she is to pick I guess he posted a bad guy bulletin and told all brokers hey it's Baileys choice John comes to her asking her to work with him acting like he is her lover and her choice of Dealers so they can save the world together from Evil Mr Warbucks lame ass name And the Confusion gets worse from there because then we meet a slew of new characters Dealers John's team Warbucks's men other rich people suspects that could be Mr Warbucks and a few assassins The editing is so bad and towards the end someone name Jules just comes outta no where and I'm like Who the fuck is Jules?? I think she might be Mary but who the hell knows for sure “What is it then? You aren’t jealous that another man holds my heart? Don’t you care that I want to call out his name when I’m coming around your cock?” John was ok for me He didn't really stand out just kinda there Not much depth I mean he was kick ass and all but other than that you don't learn much about him He is suppose to be funny and playful but you don't really get to see that in this book “I remember love” he whispered as a soft sob tore from her lips “I remember every touch every kiss I remember you like a dream that saves my soul”“We’ll never speak of this again” he insisted roughly his own heart breaking as her eyes filled with tears again “Tonight Bailey Just tonight we forget where we are who we have to be Just for tonight”“I will always love you” He couldn’t hold the words back “Until my last breath sweet Bailey I’ll love only you” Bailey was a little better than John because she was sassy and kicked ass but she also didn't have much depth “Do I still love him?” She wanted to laugh at the bitter irony of the uestion “I love a memory don’t I? Trent is gone forever Dead men don’t rise from the grave do they John? They don’t come back to the lovers who weep for them and they don’t hold the women who dream for them They’re just gone Aren’t they?”“I dreamed of this” she whispered on a sob as she buried her lips against his neck “I dreamed of you touching me holding me again Loving me Love me Trent One time”“I want to hold on to you forever” she sobbed against his shoulder “Don’t let go of me John Not yet” Now I did enjoy some of the story mainly their relationship John and bailey in the sack are hott I really enjoyed the touching love making in the shower when he lets her know who he is even though she already knew I really didn't care for the story plot it was just too damn all over the place for me to keep up and kinda bordered on boring I normally don't trip on editing problems but it was so bad in this book that it really took away from the story and made a confusing plot harder to follow Now I got my copy from the library Thank God I didn't buy it or I would have been ticked but I hope they have went back and fixed the errors since it's been a few years since the book first came out This book was ok I hope the next one is betterhttpjessicasoverthetopbookobsessio

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    I'm going to try to be fair about this but this had to be one of the most confusing disappointing boring and poorly edited Lora Leigh books of all time If it weren't for my obsession to find out just who the traitor Warbucks was and what kind of name is that for a bad guy? I kept imagining Daddy Warbucks and to read about the hot reunion romance between the Hh JonhTrent and Bailey I would've ditched this one after a couple of confusing chapters Whether it was the enormous cast of characters who I could never seem to keep straight and some of whom had multiple identities or the many many typos and editing errors still don't know who the heck Jules is my head was just spinning trying to concentrate and keep up I love this series and I've had no problems with the other books but this one had just the most blah plot it was all I could do to keep reading The fact that it took me nearly a week to finish this book tells me a lot I was never really fully engagedI do have a suggestion If you've been reading the series but it's been a while since you've read the previous book Maverick get your notebook handy because no way are you going to be able to remember and keep straight this humongous cast of characters and their alter egos And if you haven't started this series yet do yourself a favor and read the lot of them close together maybe one right after the other don't let a lot of time elapse between books like I didSo if you feel you're up to the challenge get your thinking cap on and prepare to concentrate You'll get a slight respite every other chapter because that's about the freuency that Bailey and John go at it in typical LL love scene fashion I will be sticking with this series hoping that Heat Seeker was just an aberration and that Black Jack will be much better 3 12 stars

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    4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseI’m a big fan of Leigh’s Elite Ops series and its predecessor Tempting SEALs series so I’ve been waiting excitedly for this one and had high expectations and for the most part it delivered although I didn’t enjoy it uite as much as Wild Card or MaverickHeat Seeker is the third book in the Elite Ops series and although this one could be read as a stand alone novel I would recommend reading the previous books and in order since there is an ongoing story arc and all the main characters carry over and play vital roles in the storyThe operatives of the Elite Ops unofficial deep undercover unit have signed their previous lives away in favor of a second chance anonymity and new identities John Vincent code name Heat Seeker is former Australian Secret Intelligence agent Trent Daylen who was betrayed and assumed dead by explosion Now he and the Elite Ops team are on a mission to identify and take out a notorious elusive top level terrorist known only as Warbucks who masuerades among the most elite and wealthy social and political circles before he acuires a dangerous weapon called CROSSFIRE For John the deep cover operation is a personal vendetta mission to enact retribution against Warbucks who cost him everything including his life and the woman he lovedEx CIA agent Bailey Serborne is haunted by a painful past and still mourns the loss of her parents and the only man she’s ever loved She and JohnTrent spent a wild night of passion six years ago after a joint ASI and CIA mission in Australia and she’s been grief stricken and tormented by his “death” ever since She spent the subseuent five years tracking down leads looking for the assassin who murdered her parents When the trail leads to the terrorist known as Warbucks with ties to her parent’s past she spends a year entrenching herself deep undercover within her family’s wealthy elite Aspen circle in order to seek out revenge Bailey never imagined that her path of vengeance would reunite her with the man she loved and lost When fate brings Bailey and John back together for the Elite Ops ‘Warbucks’ operation in Aspen their passion burns hotter than ever putting their covers and the entire mission at risk And once John’s assignment is over how can a man who’s supposed to be dead find happily ever after with the woman he loves? I liked both Bailey and John’s characters and their chemistry and attraction is off the charts explosive Although John is an alpha he’s not nearly as aggressive forceful and dominating as some of Leigh’s other heroes and he’s a total softy when it comes to his feelings for Bailey which was very refreshing I felt a genuine connection between the HH but I would have liked some flashback scenes of their falling in love stage when they worked together on the mission in Australia There are a lot of volatile intense lengthy and passionate love scenes in this; I mean it wouldn’t really be a Lora Leigh read if there wasn’t The HH get it on anywhere and everywhere in thisa bungalow during a storm the kitchen a couch a bed the shower twice outsideyou name it Of course there’s some action and suspense interspersed with the scorching hot sex too I enjoyed the story especially the high steam factor but I do have a few gripes There were several basic editing errors and proofreading mistakes that annoyed the crap out of me1 Five years later plus one year later euals six years later people not five2 Who the heck is Jules? Mistaking a character’s name at a critical point in the book is really confusing and annoying 3 Is the heroine’s last name Serborne or Serbourne? But I’ve noticed editing gaffes like these throughout the books in Leigh’s Tempting SEALs and Elite Ops series so I think she just needs a better proofreading teamStill it’s a very entertaining satisfying and smokin’ hot romantic suspense read and a great addition to the sexy Elite Ops series 4 ½ stars

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    Opening Line; It was a world Baily hadn't expected to ever enter againJeez what a struggle it was to finish this one I was determined though despite warnings from other reviewers but also because I was such a fan of Lora Leigh’s previous Elite OpsTempting Seals books I felt confident that I’d be able to see through the anticipated bad editing and ‘soul’ searing sex scenes I’d just suspend belief for a couple of days and enjoy another great addition to the series So two weeks one spread sheet and several graphs later which I used to keep track of all the alter egos assigned to our Ops up to 3 each the infinite number of secondary characters and oh lets not forget Jules? It was with a huge sigh of relief that I finally finished This is book #3 in the Elite Ops series or book #8 if you count the Tempting Seals In all my other reviews I started by raving about the sexy alpha heroes the erotic love scenes and the ensuing beautiful love story Unfortunately with Heat Seeker we get none of these things and a word that keeps coming to mind is vague Everything about this is vague; story characters dialogue completed ideas Essentially its just rehashed plotlines from every other book in the series in particular;Wild Card Maverick and Hidden Agendas theres nothing new here And when you combine that with the bad editing too many confusing characters and a bland couple that except for having great sex in the shower never really gave me the feeling that they were in love the whole thing is well boringI also have no real idea of what our couple looked like or where most of this took place because except for the brief mention of Aspen and all the sweaters and leather jackets being removed it’s never described Bailey and Trent spend 90% of the book attending parties in mansions with big maze like gardens and knife wielding guests Here’s the plot as near as I can figure; we begin in Australia with CIA agents Bailey Serborne and Trent Daylen getting it on Lora Leigh style during a thunderstorm The couple has just finished working a case together and they’re in love and celebrating However the party is short lived as by the end of the chapter Trent has been ‘killed’ in an explosion set by the worst named bad guy ever Warbucks 5 or 6 years later depending on your math skills Bailey has uit or been fired from the FBI She is now seeking revenge and trying to locate Warbucks the man responsible for killing her wealthy parents and a cousin I think as well the love of her life Trent Bailey is getting close to his inner circle when her plans are thwarted by a group of mercenaries They are of course the Elite Ops who also have Warbucks in their sightsThe agents team up with Bailey and for whatever reason it becomes imperative that she pose as John Vincent’s lover something to do with securing a missile launcher and weapons of mass destruction which Bailey has the codes for? Now John looks very familiar to Bailey even though he doesn’t have an Australian accent or say “Love” any but she’s pretty sure she knows who he is And isn’t that also her long lost cousin David Abijah aka Micah Sloane aka Maverick aka Jerric Abbas lurking about? Just who the hell are these guys?Trent Daylen aka Heat Seeker aka John Vincent might be a dead man but he’s never been able to get Bailey out of his soul and now after all the great sex they’ve been having in the shower he’s also never been cleaner or complete Theres just no way he’s going to let her go again once this mission is over even if his grumpy leader Jordan Malone owns his ass for the next 6 or 7 years depending on your math skills Yup its good times with Lora LeighSo Black Jack is up next and I’m hopeful that it will be better but I’ve also got my spread sheets and graphs ready just in case Cheers

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    i liked this one than maverick less than wild card The heroine was stronger than we have seen in this series not at all the damsel in distress though she did remind me a little too much of how they originally played out Kira in Killer Secrets i am a complete sucker for the scenes al a wild card where the woman realizes this new man is the man she loved years ago the romance in this one was great it was there from second one and since our heroine was not only a smart cookie but dealt with the elite ops boys before it moved us along in the romance dept faster i am also now determined that i need to build a maze of trees with hidden heated grottoes in my backyard oh you know you thought about it too i am glad to see the end of the warbucks plot line the orion storyline was a good one but this one didn't hold my interest as muchwas that a hint at the end that we may see Jordan's story next? as much as i would like to think so i would bet my last dollar we have 2 books before we get to his which is ok but i can't deny wanting to see his team snicker as that man goes down

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    I'm happy to report that I finally finished Heat Seeker Sorry Lora Leigh lovers but this was a chore What to say about it? For one thing it could easily have been at least 50 pages shorter if she hadn't persistently stated over and over how much Bailey hated the high society life her family and friends engaged in and how pointless it was and how she couldn't understand how her wonderful mother could enjoy that life and and and Even tho the super intelligent agents had super intelligence gathering at their fingertips I knew who the super secret mastermind was at least 100 pages before they learned it in the last 10 pages

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    It's funnythe last book in this series Maverick I found to be kinda blah while others loved it And this one I've seen a lot of so so reviews but I rather enjoyed it It wasn't perfect by any means; there was one thing I really hated and another that bugged me but overall I thought it was a good book Go figureSeries note This is the 4th story in the Elite Ops series seuel to Leigh's Tempting SEALs series This series has an overall theme continuing characters and continuing storylines so I'd highly recommend starting with the first book in the Elite Ops series at the least Heat Seeker picks up with a storyline that began in the previous book Maverick where agent Bailey Serborne is uestioned by Elite Ops agent John Vincent about what she knows about the killer for hire Orion Bailey knows there is something off about the group of men who held her for uestioning and is nearly positive that one of the men Micah is her supposedly dead cousin But for now she is determined to track down the mysterious Warbucks who hired Orion to kill several people she knew including her parentsA year has passed since that initial interrogation and Bailey's plan for vengeance is moving along Until John Vincent reappears in her life with the same mission she has finding out who Warbucks is There is something about John that tugs at her and not just in a lusty way Something about him reminds her of her dead lover Trent Daylen a man she lost years ago in an explosion just when they were finding each other Her heart tells her anything is possible but her head tells her John couldn't possibly be TrentJohn feels the connection as well He's never forgotten Bailey never stopped wanting her But he'd given up his life for the Elite Ops after they saved him As much as he wants to tell Bailey the truth he can't More important they have a mission to solve They have to uncover Warbucks's identity before it's too late And once the mission is over he'll walk away from Bailey againor so he tries to tell himselfThis book starts off with a real bangand I do mean a bang If you've never read Lora Leigh before the prologue to this book will give you a real good idea of what her writing is all about It's a hot steamy scene all rightI thought Leigh did a great job with the beginning of this book The prologue is basically two parts One that introduces Bailey and John aka Trent and show the relationship building between them and then the tragedy Then there's s second part that overlaps with events in Maverick where Bailey is uestioned by the Elite Ops team What I liked about that is that it refreshed my memory to the past events and made it so much easier to jump into the story and not feel lost on anything So kudos to Leigh for doing thatnot all authors do things like thatBailey and John? Phewhot hot hot Those two had some really hot chemistry As a reader I could really feel the pull between them And there are some scenes with some powerful emotions especially from Bailey as she tries to reconcile her broken heart over losing Trent and this odd connection she has with John I got a little misty eyed a time or two because I could really feel Bailey's pain Anytime and author makes me feel along with the characters they get bonus points for itAnd like any Leigh book the sex scenes are super super hot Definitely not for the prudish sort though Leigh's scenes are of the explicit type I will say that for those of you who have read Leigh's earlier works this one is tamer The sex is hot and explicit but it's pretty vanilla on the kink factor scale It doesn't really go beyond the basics not sure if that is a good or bad thingI do agree with some other reviewers that the name Warbucks for the antagonist was kind of lame I kept thinking of the guy from Annie But aside from that I enjoyed the plot It's directly connected to the previous books in this series in that Warbucks is responsible for a lot of events that occurred in them He's the mastermind So it was great to get to the bottom of that whole thing Warbucks's identity for me wasn't super predictable but it wasn't really a surprise either I thought it fit the story thoughMy two complaints about this bookwe'll start with the minor one I understand what Leigh was trying to convey by not having John or any of the other characters Micah not break their silence on their real identities It was critical to their mission and the group to not break their covers but I couldn't help being disappointed by it I really wanted a scene between Bailey and John about what happened to him and how he came to be John the feelings they experienced etc There were hints of that subtle non conversations but nothingreal And so I really really wanted a scene between Bailey and her supposedly dead cousin DavidMicahJerric She knows MicahJerric is David He knows she knows and there's a small acknowledgment or two about it but no real reunion I just found that disappointing He was her last blood family left and they never get to act other than acuaintances I would have loved a reunion scene between them I mean I understand the nature of the group Leigh created and their need for secrecyI just wanted those scenes anywayThat was a relatively minor thing though The big fault with this book was the atrocious editing I have a hard time believing any professional edited this and missed what they did It was bad There are a lot of little errors through the bookthe number of years ago Trent died 516not 5 dialogue completely missing uotation marks wrong words used etc The worst though was the mysterious character Jules That had me so freakin' confusedI read the name the first time and was like 'who the hell is Jules???' Then I finally realized that Jules and Mary were the same character I guess the author changed the name at some point in the writing processonly near the end of the book not all the name usage got changed to the new name which I'm guessing was Mary??? It was so damn confusing though There's one page near the end where the name goes back and forth from Jules and Mary like eight times It was ridiculous and made me wonder who the hell edited this book They did a horrendous job Stupid errors like this just make a book less readable They take the readers attention away from the story and that's never a good thingAside from those two things I had really enjoyed this book The romance is super hot; the sex is even hotter The storyline is well paced and engaging It's not a perfect book by any means but I think this one is probably my favorite of the Elite Ops books so farWARNING this book contains explicit sex and language

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    I'm not sure if I would give this a 3 12 stars or a 4 star rating It was not one of LL best books however I did enjoy it The dead man walking theme is getting a bit old to me The book had HOT sex scenes however it seemed everytime they had sex it was the best that they ever had To me there was one LOVE scene in the book and it was very touching it brought tears to my eye's The bad guy in this book was a secret to the end however I had a feeling who it was from the moment he entered the story I wish that there would have been action in this book it would have made the book better IMHO I still love this series and plan on getting the next book when it comes out

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    Really enjoy this series

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    Bailey wanted to moan at the sight She'd never at any time had her foot kissed by anyone It was almost like being a virgin all over again because the sensations this man inspired inside her assured her that she had much to learn Hot damn and this is just the prologueThe sex scenes were very descriptive steamy and intense Sometimes I wished that the action part of this book was as well written Most of the fighting scenes were rushed

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