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Take It✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Take It By Joshua Beckman ❁ – Tbjewellers.co.uk “His voice finds shape within every fragment It is a voice that is at once forlorn and passionate and preoccupied with beauty Joshua Beckman’s poetry wears its heart on its sleeve”— Slope“Th “His voice finds shape within every fragment It is a voice that is at once forlorn and passionate and preoccupied with beauty Joshua Beckman’s poetry wears its heart on its sleeve”— Slope“Through repetition rhythm and a pervasively taut but accessible voice Beckman sweeps us through his poems”— Rain TaxiOne of poetry’s genuinely necessary voices Joshua Beckman offers a magnanimous vision of the poetic and social landscape masterfully combining traditional and contemporary concerns and speech patterns in attending to a degraded yet wondrous world Take It is a gift of profound generosity I feel now like I am saying sorry for something when what I am saying here is that the unknowing spirit is greater than the knowing spirit that no matter what emboldened structure descends to stand before you in its plan and fullness you do not know what it isJoshua Beckman was born in New Haven Connecticut He is the author of Shake Wave books multiple collections of collaborative work and numerous translations He lives in both Brooklyn and Seattle.

Joshua Beckman was born in New Haven Connecticut He is the author of six books including Take It Wave Books Shake and two collaborations with Matthew Rohrer Nice Hat Thanks and Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty He is an editor at Wave Books and has translated numerous works of poetry and prose including Poker by Tomaz Salamun which was a finalist for the PEN America.

Paperback  ✓ Take It Kindle ´
  • Paperback
  • 88 pages
  • Take It
  • Joshua Beckman
  • English
  • 07 August 2014
  • 9781933517377

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    What are you doing reading this review of this book? Go and read the book instead If you've already read it read it again

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    Wow apparently I started this book almost a year agoOkay First of all let me say that I don’t read much poetry Every once in awhile I’d pick this up and read one or two or maybe three poemsand while I very much like the way the author uses words and language I almost never or never? could tell what the hell he was talking about Which leaves me wondering about the poet is he one of those guys who believes himself to be stylistically superior but who’s actually a douche? rather than the poems

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    I should be giving this extra stars because in my head and out loud I keep referring to the poet at Beckham which is certainly unfair since neither Posh nor David be he AhemThat said I didn't like this as much as Shake which is one of my favorite books of poems of the last five years or so This didn't really work as well for me despite some really dynamite poems instead of a single seuence of poems which you might think it was since the poems here lack titles it read to me like a couple nestled narratives At least one of these adopted an Elizabethan diction or Beckman's approximation of one at least and I didn't think that worked as well for him the additional pressure of that syntax and diction seemed to prevent him from really breaking open the language in a way that revealed the feeling poet behind it I sort of felt that way about a lot of this that it didn't uite work but in ways that are sort of hard to figure This might turn out to be a transitional book to even better work able to bring in a yet wider frame of reference But the accomplishments of this book are not as striking as the not just yet moments

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    I've always liked Beckman his poetry has a real philosophical edge to it a compassion for himself and the Other His newest didn't let me down Of course I still get that inkling of frivolity a slight immaturity not of craft or voice but rather of persona Now that I'm married having a child and getting ready to delve into my life work sometimes his poems don't reach me or are instead left behind in my past but this is an exception by and large 'No one ever knows what to wish for' he says and he is right

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    I have often misunderstood eternity I will misunderstand it no Weigh judge and discard while still these things have meaning for soon they will not and then where will you be?before the dark meaninglessness of things continuesand from the air a chorus on the blind passage of souls bellowed out

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    This book is so good it makes me a little angry Oh no

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    this book is the real thing

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    Keeps drawing me back for some reason

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    I dogeared three poems in a row at one point Very good WAVE collection of untitled poems by Beckman Enjoyed it immensely

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    Full of smart yet not self conscious turns of phrase like let me fall down the unbuilt hill let me die in the inconsiderate sun I really enjoyed the elasticity of Beckman's voice

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