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Kitchen no Ohimesama❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Kitchen no Ohimesama ❤ Author Natsumi Andō – HAPPILY EVER AFTER Najika heads to Paris for a major cooking competition while things with Daichi fall apart and personal tragedy strikes again Will Seiya pick up the pieces And will Najika stay true HAPPILY EVER AFTER Najika heads to Paris for a major cooking competition while things with Daichi fall apart and personal tragedy strikes again Will Seiya pick up the pieces And will Najika stay true to Daichi This is Kitchen no Kindle - the final volume of Kitchen Princess Includes special extras plus recipes after the story.

安藤なつみ Andō Natsumi is a Japanese manga artist She is best known for Zodiac PI as well as Kitchen Princess for which she won the Kodansha Manga Award for childrens manga in Favorites Donald DuckFavourite manga Ossu Ichijin Kitchen no Kindle - and Kimagure Orange RoadFavourites meats and fruitsHobbies shopping reading and watching TV.

Kitchen no Ohimesama Epub ´ Kitchen no  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
  • Kitchen no Ohimesama
  • Natsumi Andō
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9780345510273

10 thoughts on “Kitchen no Ohimesama

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    A uickie ReviewThis manga series ends with a bang If you've invested your time in the series up to this point you must read this one

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    Aww Daichi's dad 😭😭 So many feels in these last volumes 💗💗

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    Najika finds her flan prince and is finally able to continue on cooking and after she finds out that her hagio sensei is feeling better Will she be able to find out if Daichi likes her back Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a great conclusion to the Kitchen Princess series I enjoyed every volume of this and would reccomend this series to everyone

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    it was a really fast read for me i went through 5 books in two hours imagine how fast someone with reading skills can get through this it was a much happier than i expected i was expecting grandma and daichi to die too and maybe she'll have a bittersweet relationship with seiya what was i to expect with how the first half went plus i totally thought it was funny how sora was recycled into seiya oh they look alike yeah i'm sure they do same person with different outfits lol i can't draw so i really can't complain about the characters looking alike still i enjoyed this i don't know how often i can re read this since it's really bittersweet in the beginning but i can be certain i'll pick it up again

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    This was a wonderful ending to the series As always the story was cute and the art was beautiful I really enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster this time around haha I think this is the most adorable manga I've ever read I liked all of Natsumi Andō's choices regarding each of the characters and the events The special with Akane at the end was excellent I enjoyed seeing her have a romantic moment view spoilerwith Seiya hide spoiler

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    I did it I read an entire manga series one of my goals this summer I like the idea of manga but somehow I don't find it very enjoyable to read This story was adorable and I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes at the end of the books but I'd rather watch the anime adaptation of this any day if it existed I'm pretty sure it doesn't But 4 stars because the story and art were lovely I just don't think manga is my cup of tea

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    Okay so parts of this series got a bit outlandish but over all it's super sweet

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    I love this manga and I was so sad to see it end I'd enjoyed the previous volumes so so so much This is like tied for favorite as my favorite manga series Like I've cried and laughed with these characters and come to love them bunches I was very sad for the ending of this seriesbut it was ended just right DThis manga is easy to understand isn't confusing has wonderful characters and is clean too There were like three kisses in the entire series and I'm not sure but I don't think there was any cussing So it's great for tweens and teens It's really sweet and fun sniffs I was sad for it to end But it was a really sweet ending I still can't believe it's over But it isand well it was a great last volume It had just what I wantedAfter discovering and remembering his repressed memory of his mother's death Daichi becomes depressed and won't eat Najika brings him some soup and decides to finally tell him how she feels about him she just doesn't know what his response will be Later on he's seeming better and better but then he tells Najika he only sees her as a friend Seiya is left to pick up the pieces and try to lift Najika's spirits for the big Paris cooking competition

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    Kitchen Princess is about a girl named Najika who has an extremely positive an upbeat personality She has been admitted at Seika Academy’s Special Class because she has a talent in cooking Through various adventures and mishaps she struggles to find her way along with the help of Daichi and Sora KitazawaI read this series on a whim; I was really into cooking at one point It is cute and fun just pure enjoyable reading I was delighted to find out that there are even recipes for what she makes in the back I am totally going to try them Najika reminded me a lot of the Fruits Basket character Tohru Honda having a love of life and everyoneeverything around her even though tragedy has clouded her past Najika is selfless and always that first one to offer a helping hand I also like how this manga has a direction of where it is going and a direction for the characters to take They know what path they want to go and what goals they are searching for It is one of those manga stories that seems to be really inspirational to me and inspires me to go and try to find out what I want to do with my life

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    This was such a great series It was worth staying up at night for Yes I would stay up all night for a manga with romance in it The ending couldn't have been better Sora dying is still so sad still crying inside T^T I'm can finally ship Daichi and Najika together I mean not like I haven't been doing that since the begginging😅😍😆 This book has surprise me a lot the love triangles were just like WOW to me and it also portray how special a family bond is even if it means you have to give up something like when Najika gave the competition up for someone who was dear to her when she was young Hagio san When Seiya came I was just thinking how he was going to ruin my ship Daichi and Najika but in the end he was thoughtful enough to combine both of their ideas and name it after herand then DAICHI FINALLY CONFESS I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I WAS JUST SITTING ON MY BED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT JUST SEAULING SO YEAH😁😇😂

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