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Five More Pixs[Read] ➺ Five More Pixs ➶ Muriel Tronc – You never really know someone you've never met IRLMeet Jane Caitlin Sofia and their online friends Jane is devastated when her best friend Kate is admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt But You never really know someone you've never met IRLMeet Jane Caitlin Sofia and their online friends Jane is devastated when her best friend Kate is admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt But while she struggles with her friend's coma she also meets Kate's cousin online and falls head over heels for the mysterious young manCaitlin desperately embraces anorexia after her father's deadly car accident Online she meets Sara an admin of an app Five More Epub / centered around eating disorders and the first person to finally understand what she's going throughSofia has decided to learn French to impress her big sister who's moved to France She joins an app to find pen pals and meets the ideal gay best friend any girl would dream to haveWith social media accounts at the heart of the lives of the three Californian teenagers they seek human connections at a time when the rest of the world doesn't seem to understand them They'll find support friendship and love in messages received on their phones They'll share their most hidden secrets with their new best friend They'll send their intimate pictures to their first love They'll find out you really never know someone you've never met IRLFive More Pixs is a fictional novel that touches on suicide eating disorders sextortion and If you are struggling with these issues yourself this book may not be right for you.

Muriel Tronc grew up in the South of France and has been living in English speaking countries for over ten years She works as a Program Manager ex Safety Investigator for a Social Media Company in Silicon Valley Five More Pixs is her first novelFind her on social media at murielwrites.

Five More Pixs MOBI Ý Five More  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Five More Pixs
  • Muriel Tronc
  • English
  • 15 June 2014

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    I read a lot of horror books but the horror genre doesn't really scare me Five More Pixs is not a horror novel but it had me downright terrified throughout It kept me awake on than one night nervous for the characters to the point where I couldn't drift off into sleep As someone who has worked in child safety and investigative roles throughout my career every situation and every interaction between the girls and their antagonists was spot on Sextortion and online bullying have claimed the well being and even the lives of so many young girls and boys around the world The anonymous creep behind the screen is almost never caught even when dozens of his victims have reported their harassment to law enforcement I hope that Five More Pixs will open the eyes of many people and prepare them to make the right choices should they ever fall prey to attempts like those described in this novel Through multiple scenarios of predatory behavior Five More Pixs demonstrates how victims so easily fall into these traps even despite their initial hesitations I highly recommend Five More Pixs to any preteen or teenage girl or boy as well as their parents Please do yourself a favor and check this book out

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    This is an impressive book in that it's the first book I have read to do such a thorough job talking about a growing online crime sextortion and exploring how teens use apps to express themselves and seek support and understanding This is an important book and I believe the book to read for those who are seeking to better understand how crimes targeting teens manifest online The book centers around the story of 3 girls who end up being a victim of sextortion a crime where someone obtains a nude image of someone and then subseuently blackmails that person for nude photos under the threat of sharing those photos with friends and family The book makes a very compelling point that most victims don't seek help due to fear shame and concern of what others will think and the underlying message is that if we all knew what sextortion was and told teens that we are there for them no matter what happens the sextortionists would have less leverage and power over their victims This was a page turner and the book kept me engaged throughout As mentioned in the description of the book there are serious issues eating disorders suicide in the book that could be triggering

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    This book it's a reality hit to many of the threats that are online and particularly how vulnerable teens can be Stories from the book can make you shiver and frighten a person that has been obnoxious to what people can be exposed online and a lot of the horrors that people can go throughI really like the temporal jumps and how the stories all tied up to what could be a real case similar to many of the stories we see there It is also a great recognition to all the silent heroes that fight against this threats online I do recommend this book no matter what you do you use the Internet and are online and if you or your loved ones are online you better get a reality check of can actually happen

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    Amazing book about real issues plaguing our vulnerable youth Technology and social media has created a new set of problems that we never imagined This book talks about these hard issues through fictional stories to highlight the importance of the issue Definitely recommend it for people with kidsteens

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