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The Dark Tower[PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Dark Tower ✈ Stephen King – The seventh and final installment of Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga is perhaps the most anticipated book in the author's long career King began this epic tale about the last gunslinger in the worl The seventh and final installment of Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga is perhaps the most anticipated book in the author's long career King began this epic tale about the last gunslinger in the world than years ago; now he draws its suspenseful story to a close snapping together the last pieces of his action puzzle and drawing Roland Deschain ever closer to his ultimate goalAlternate cover edition for ISBN The Dark PDF/EPUB or ; ISBN .

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologiesIn the fall of Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy the public high school in Hampden Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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    sniff Oh you surprised me Is it time for the review? Just a second What? Crying? Me? Don’t be ridiculous I was just uhchopping some onionsand I’ve got a coldthen somebody broke into my kitchen and pepper sprayed meI certainly wouldn’t be shedding a few manly tears over a Stephen King novel would I? Oh fine You spend almost twenty years reading this series and tell me you got through the conclusion without a lump in your throat Liar Roland and his posse of gunslingers have to wrap up their business on Earth so they can get back to Mid World In our world they’ll have to safeguard the rose in New York by founding a corporation dedicated to its protection some of them will have to battle a very nasty nest of vampires and low men and Susannah has to give birth to something that is supposed to be the end of all of them The ones who can make it back to Mid World will have to launch a desperate attack against overwhelming odds to stop the Crimson King’s breakers from destroying one of the last Beams holding the Tower and all of reality in place and if they survive that there’s a Very Important Person who still needs saving The Dark Tower series was written in fits and starts by King from the time he was in college to wrapping up the whole thing in a three book burst following his close encounter with a minivan He didn’t always know where it was going he littered many of his other books with DT tie in stories and he famously claimed for years not to know how it would end So the series as whole isn’t the most tightly plotted thing you’ll ever read and at the end King focused on delivering on the emotional journey rather than trying to wrap up every loose end he had hanging out thereHe chose wiselyI consider this King’s flawed masterpiece Some have focused on the ‘flawed’ part of that I decided to dwell on the ‘masterpiece’ side of the euation I’ll go a little in depth on that in this spoiler section but for any newbies not reading that I’ll just say that all the years waiting between books turned out to be worth itview spoilerThe FlawsThe biggest let down to me in this was that the whole Modred thing was so anti climatic His birth was a huge focus in the final three books yet in the end all he managed to do was send poor Oy to a grisly death In fact there’s precious little satisfaction to be found in any the endings of the major villains Modred was dying of food poisoning anyhow Oy spoils his attack and Roland dispatches him with ease The Crimson King is just crazy old man on a balcony throwing bombs around and he gets taken out by a pencil eraser wielded by a kid with no tongue Maybe worst of all was the ending of Randall Flagg aka Walter aka Martin This one was especially galling because not only had he been Roland’s nemesis he’d been a boogeyman in King’s books for years Yet he gets eaten by Modred the baby That suckedI’m still not sure about King writing himself into the story either I don’t think he did it out of ego because he made himself look pretty awful overall but at some point after his accident I think he couldn’t separate what he’d gone through from the story it inspired him to finally finish It didn’t ruin the series for me but I kind of wish he’d come up with something else Having gotten that out of my system let’s proceed toThe MasterpieceI loved the whole concept of the Tet Corporation and I continue to hope that someday King will give us a book detailing its war against N Central Positronics and Sombra I could have read several chapters regarding that piece The character deaths were incredibly well done and still painful the third time through this We’ve known since Roland let Jake fall into the abyss in The Gunslinger that this uest to find the Dark Tower would cost Roland dearly but I was not prepared for how high the price turned out to be Which brings us to my favorite part the ending The idea that Roland has been stuck in an endless cycle of climbing the Tower only to find himself back at the beginning of the series seems kind of obvious in retrospect but caught me completely by surprise As King noted in the afterword it’s not a happy ending but it’s the right ending I agree with that Roland’s ultimate damanation wasn’t that he sacrificed his friends to get to the Tower it’s that he risked the Tower again by pressing on to satisfy his own obsession to see it after it had already been saved that puts him in his own personal hellI also like how that sneaky bastard King made us all complicit with Roland’s fate By offering us the chance to opt out and leave the book knowing that Roland reached the Tower and that Susannah was reunited with Eddie and Jake in another version of New York King made us all Roland by proxy We couldn’t resist We had to know what was in the Tower And when we find out we all share Roland’s fate of going back to the beginning hide spoiler

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    Ka is a wheel my friendSo I loved the Dark Tower series It's one of the best works of fantasy I've read If you haven't started ita do sob don't read the spoilers hereThe Dark Tower series is an incredibly varied set of books written over the course of than 30 years written by a young man starting out on a wholly uncertain writing future written by an old man looking back on a glittering career and punctuated by all his experiences discoveries epiphanies King brings all his talents to these pages and some of his weaknesses You should read it it is forgive the pun a towering work of imagination and characterizationThis last volume is a curious mix for me containing some great writing an amazingly good idea for ending what must have been a very difficult tale to end well and in some places some bewilderingly disappointing execution This mix of brilliance and weakness has resulted in the 3 up top Below I venture into the deepest realms of spoiler land pontificating on the ending Don't go there if you've not read the book reallyview spoilerReally Don't spoil it for yourselfview spoilerSo Randalf Flag Susannah's baby and most of all the Crimson King were all huge anticlimaxes for me Given the nature of the ending and King's skill I wonder if these weren't perhaps intended to be anticlimaxes with everything turning out to be less impressive less important shabby and spoiled than it had been built up to be in Roland's mind In book 45 we see that anything can be magic with Dodge gearsticks performing as magic wands Perhaps here we see that anything can be your arch nemesis and the undoing of the world it's us or Roland who invests them with that power and at the end of it all he sees them for what they are? Who knows Either way as a reader finding the Crimson King who has sat at the heart of this epic for decades and finding him to be an unimpressive grenade lobbing old man with no special powers no wisdom or insights offering no closure well it didn't sit well Perhaps this was intentional to give me the same empty feeling Roland gets in the end but it didn't uite work for this reader I felt short changedThe idea for the close of the story the coup de grace is brilliant But it could have been spelled out clearly perhaps A tough call since you don't want to over do itThe end message that I took at least is that the journey was and is for all of us the important thing Not the ending And that if we set our sights on the end goal and sacrifice everything to get it we will lose out on every level Roland who we admired for his unflinching commitment to the cause for the doggedness with which he pursued the tower is doomed to start at the beginning and repeat the hunt yet again for Ka is a wheel and he is bound to it The strengths we saw in him the willingness to sacrifice everything even friends at the very end are now shown as his weaknesses His only chance to leave the wheel and find peace is to see this truth that the important things are those he sacrifices time and again His singularity of purpose is his curse not his strength the friendships and loves he encounters in the NOW are what matters not the paper thin Crimson King trapped in an empty tower The path he plots toward the tower is the crucial thing not if he gets thereThis is a beautiful powerful way to conclude such an epic and I applaud King for his vision I just wish he'd written it in a way that connected better with me when I read it hide spoiler

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    B 79% | Good Notes A memorable final hundred pages to a book and series that were highly imaginative but also drawn out and uneven

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    It´s not just that one understands the whole inner logic much better after finishing this it´s a feeling of having experienced something so uniue in its special uality that I would call it incomparable to any other series so far But make sure you reach the end in one piece view spoiler as Mordred will be in stalking and backstabbing and keep looking out for not stereotypical glittering vampires to enhance your chance of survival too hide spoiler

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    Finishing this book is like ending a relationship you don't want to be over but is was certainly a relationship that needed ending You will be frustrated angry and WANTING MORE LIKE A DAMN DRUG Stephen King is the master of mind fcking his readers Rarely has he done it so well as here Full Review Here

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    WARNING THIS REVIEW IS FULL OF SPOILERS ONCE YOU GET PAST THE PART THE ENDING DO NOT READ ON UNLESS YOU WANT IT SPOILED FOR YOU YOU WERE WARNEDI finished the Dark Tower last night I hadn't plannet to I really needed to get to bed but once I got so close I had to continue Wow hard to find the words really This email will likely be longishTHE SERIES I think the Dark Tower series is King's crowning achievement as a writer He has created a world as rich as any other fantasySci FiHorror epic replete with a fasincating history and characters that make you aching for In Roland Deschain he's created I think his greatest and most dynamic character He is dark brooding yet classicly heroic all at once full of like all real people many contradictions and inner turmoils His uest for the Dark Tower I feel is not only a holy one not just his destiny but something of his own personal validation an obsession the only way he could justify the deaths of so many loved ones and companions over the years The series clearly has taken on a different life from the one it started with as most series probably do I think King switched gears a number of times which makes for slightly shaking continuity but I think he did his best at finding ways to weave it together A lesser writer wouldn't have been able to do so He has said he plans or at least would like to rewrite them and I think that is interesting and would love to read them again I probably will whether he does so or not THE ENDING The part you're waiting for The part we all read seven big books for I realized at least two or three books ago that there would be no way he could end it that would please everybody And as I read on I had no idea how he'd end it and decided to have no preconceived notions or hopes But boy I sure didn't expect thatI have to say that upon reading the intro to the final chapter from the Storyteller himself the warning to not read on and leave the story as it is I was tempted to do so I know many wouldn't agree with me but I think Roland entering the Dark Tower and the doors shutting behind him wouldn't be a bad way to end the book It would leave it to your imagination what he would find there I really almost put it down to sleep on it But then I thought no I have to go on I've come this farYes in a way the ending is tragic sad and extremely unfair We have read now thousands of pages worth of Roland Deschain's torments and struggles he's gone through to get this far and then only to have been blasted back to the beginning? It's horrible It makes you angry Or at least shocked A knee jerk reaction might be to say that it was a cop out that King didn't know how to end the book at went this route at the last minute I don't really believe that In a way yes I find the ending bittering My heart really is broken for Roland I don't think I've ever read a book with an ending that has left me so effected I even reread the very end of it again this morning over breakfast Yes the ending is bittering and yet I love it in a lot of ways too Not love it as in this is the way I think it should have ended but love it because it knocked me on my backside love it in the way that you can love a bad thing at times In a way to me at least the ending just might make a little sense It you really think about it what did you expect to happen to Roland once he reached the top of the Tower? Would he pass into a sort of Heaven rejoined with his love Susan and his former Ka mates? That is probably the ending some people wanted And if that's what happened I would have been fine with that too Would he have confronted God himself? And if so what would Roland have done before such a God? Roland one of the things that makes him so wonderful is kind of a jerk After all that trouble all that sacrifice if said God said something Roland didn't like I think much like Conan he'd tell his Maker to take a flying leap maybe even draw his gun on him and get blasted into nothingness But why this? Why the torture? I think the answer is in Roland himself I think it's a sort of punishment for Roland's arrogance and pride I think Roland's destiny was to save the Beam save the Dark Tower He did that But he insisted on moving on He insisted on going to the top of the Dark Tower something that is perhaps forbidden by Gan or the Powers That Be He saved the Dark Tower saved the Beam and yet it was not enough As always and as echoed by the voices he hears at the end of the book he has to have it His way And for that I think like something out of Greek myth he has to pay a price And as King himself says in the Afterword there is a bit of hope In the next incarnation he has the Horn of Eld Something he didn't have in the previous Perhaps just perhaps with some trial and error once the Beam and the Tower saved perhaps stilling getting all the way so as to kill the Crimson King Roland may just turn around and go back to the Callas and live out the rest of his days uiet and peacefully maybe as a sort of Sheriff then going to the Clearing at the End of the Path and THEN be united withi Susan Cuthbert Alain and the rest Maybe I'm just grateful that King didn't end it the way I feared The I read on and the sai King appeared I was terrified and and certain that once Roland met face to face with the Crimson King that it would be Stephen King himself I even started to fear that the name the Crimson KING was a clue Thankfully I was wrong And then I feared even worse that once he got to the top of the tower that there he'd find Stephen King sitting in a pseudo office of sorts surrounded by old books and manuscripts as mad as the Hatter banging away at an old typewriter and tossing the crumpled up pages over his shoulder making a big pile That's what I feared and compared to that I like this ending just fine

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    The 2011 re readThe uest for the Dark Tower comes to a brutal conclusion Can Roland and his friends stop the Breakers of Algul Siento safeguard the Beam protect the Rose stop Stephen King from being run down and killed and reach the Dark Tower?This is the end of my favorite epic of all time I'm just going to mark the rest of the review as spoilers Read at your own riskview spoilerHere we are again Has it really been seven years since the last time I read this?When the last Dark Tower book was finally published in 2004 I took a Friday off work to make sure I'd have plenty of time to read that first weekend I don't remember how many days it took to read through the 800 pages but I know I tore through it The re read has almost been like a completely new book ExceptWell there's no real way to sugar coat this The first time through I shed silent man tears at the deaths of Eddie Jake and even Oy the billy bumbler Since I knew what was coming you'd think I'd be able to brace myself during the re read Nope There were silent man tears shed once again I think it was actually worse this time since I knew what was going to happen So much has changed since 2004 when I last finished this book People have passed through my life and some have passed on altogether To the clearing at the end of the path as Roland would say A lot happens in seven years When Roland calls out the names of his ka tet and the others outside the tower I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of doing something similarThere's a feeling of suspense throughout most of the 800 pages from the battle at Algul Siento to the saving of Stephen King to the final fight at the end Roland's feeling of loss was a very real thing I know because I felt it too I think it was actually Roland's feeling of loss that pushed my buttons rather than the actual deaths and the breaking of the ka tet When the toughest son of a bitch in all the worlds cries it's some serious shit By the time this book rolls around Roland is a vastly different person from the ruthless Man with No Name he was in The GunslingerEven before the Dark Tower was completed it was one of the books against which I measured all others Since re reading the entire saga a second time I'm happy to say that it still isThat's not to say I don't have any complaints about the saga For one thing I felt like Eddie and Walter both went out like chumps Walter's portrayed as a big bad throughout the series and didn't really do much It made Mordred seem like a capable threat but I would have preferred Walter dying by Roland's hand Speaking of Mordred his storyline almost felt tacked on and I felt the whole Susannah Mia thing was overly complex The Crimson King was a little bit of a letdown as well The final battle felt like something out of a video game and I couldn't help but picture The Crimson King looking like Dr Robotnik from Sonic the HedgehogThe ending seems to be a big problem for a lot of people I didn't have a problem with the ending during the first read nor do I have a problem with it now The underlying theme of the series is that Ka is a wheel Roland going back to the beginning reinforces that fact King also let himself an opportunity to redo the series if he is so inclined in Roland having the Horn of Eld in his possession at the resumption of his uest hide spoiler

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    “It'll be your damnation boy You'll wear out a hundred pairs of boots on your way to hell”How does one even begin to review the conclusion to what I believe is one of the greatest series of all time? I simply cannot put into words what this series means to me and how much of an emotional rollercoaster this final book is It’s also really freakin’ hard to review any book in a seriesIf you’re in any way invested in this series the last book is pretty much 800 pages of saying goodbye which is incredibly heartbreaking And King makes a decision in this book which I will honestly never forgive him for If you’ve read the series you’ll know I’m talking in code here of course but I just feel it was totally unnecessary I’m already crushed why you gotta pummel my heart even ?There are so many parts I love in here that I want to fangirl over but I’m trying to remain as spoiler free as possible However there are also some anti climactic moments too And I got a little impatient reading a particular character’s backstory early on in the novel I feel a little disappointed with those parts but I still thoroughly love this bookIn terms of the ending itself whether you love it or hate it I can’t think of a perfect ending for this series And for the record I am firmly in the love camp Even though it depresses the heck outta meI’m so glad I made another trip to the Dark Tower in 2019 I’ve loved every single page and am already looking forward to my next reread This little ka tet feels like family and Mid World feels like homeSay thank ya 5 starsAnd will I tell you that these three lived happily ever after? I will not for no one ever does But there was happiness And they did live

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    Learned a valuable lesson with this booknever recommend a series to friends until it is finished I am one of Stephen King's 'constant readers' Usually I am a big fan and I've bought enough of his expensive hardcovers over the years that I'm perfectly comfortable throwing in my two cents about the dreadful way he ended The Dark TowerI'm applying that two stars rating to the last three books of the series Wolves of the Calla Song Of Susannah UGH and this The Dark Tower They all seem to have been written in a rush after King's brush with mortality when he was hit by that van What a waste of all the great material he had to work with If I was rating the first four books my review would have been five stars UnfortunatelyHated the way the vast world of the gunslinger kept getting smaller with constant trips back to good old New York to dabble in real estate and investing in Microsoft Real friggin' epic Oh and ANOTHER personality for SusannahAll the metafiction King attempted by writing himself into the story falls flat and I think breaks the contract he made with readers in earlier books to play it straight with us and deliver something majestic All the lame Harry Potter references begs for comparisons between this series and Rowling's which just wrapped up I hope King read Deathly Hollows and saw the way a writer can end their story with a satisfying bang instead of this muddled poorly plotted disappointmentI could go on and on but it is getting lateGotta say though I'm surprised by all the five star ratings

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The uest for the Dark Tower is ending All the weary miles endless deaths heroic stands and lost loved ones is finally coming to an end for Roland Deschain of Gilead and his ka tet And the weary but dedicated fan can finally savor that ending An ending that will somehow someway tie up all the loose plots and cause all their frustration about the years between novels the endless lore changes the confusing multiverse and even Stephen King writing himself into the story to disappear from their minds For the end of the Dark Tower Saga will be a wonderful dramatic earth shattering ending The same kind of ending Tolkien provided fantasy fans with in The Return of the King where a reader watched breathlessly as Frodo and Sam slunk across the desolate plains of Mordor striving to reach Mount Doom and destroy the One Ring; only to discover to their sheer wonder and delight that the tale was still not done but that Tolkien would allow them to follow along behind the hobbits for just a little longer until the true ending at the Grey Havens That is the type of finale The Dark Tower must have because every reader of King’s saga knows that a tale as massive and epic as this deserves that Lord of the Rings type of closure The kind of ending where a reader closes the novel and sits there stunned into silent contemplation at the stupendous journey that they have finally COMPLETED And as a reader begins The Dark Tower Book VII heshe will begin to see hisher deeply held hope coming to fruition as dangling plots begin to be completed Immediately Roland and his friends set forth to stop the Breakers of Algul Siento and save the Beam protect the Rose whatever it really is in New York and stop Stephen King from being run down by a real life automobile and killed Everything begins to take shape for the final push to the Dark Tower So it seems obvious that finally Stephen King is going to reveal the “5 Ws and H” of the grand saga Who the hell is this Crimson King who has orchestrated the destruction of world after world in the multiverse and who the hell is Marten BroadcloakRandall Flagg really? What caused the Crimson King to go insane and begin to attack the Tower? Why was it so damn important for Roland to get to the tower in the first place? How did Roland’s uest kept the Dark Tower multiverse from continuing to move on? When did the old ones die out and leave their machines or when did the worlds first start moving on? And finally after all else has been completed where is the Dark Tower and what will happen when Roland finally enters it? But then something unprecedented happens in this grand finale of a sweeping epic Nothing That is right You won’t find any of those uestions answered In fact you won’t even find a dramatic ending like Lord of the Rings Nope It is not going to happen As Stephen King himself writes at the end of the uest for the Dark Tower I’ve told my tale all the way to the end and am satisfied It was I set my watch and warrant on it the kind only a good God would save for last full of monsters and marvels and voyaging here and there I can stop now put my pen down and rest my weary hand Yet some of you who have provided the ears without which no tale can survive a single day are likely not so willing You are the grim goal oriented ones who will not believe that the joy is in the journey rather than the destination no matter how many times it has been proven o you You are the unfortunate ones who still get the lovemaking all confused with the paltry suirt that comes to end the lovemaking You are the cruel ones who deny the Grey Havens where tired characters go to rest You say you want to know how it all comes out You say you want to follow Roland into the Tower; you say that is what you paid your money for the show you came to see I hope most of you know better Want better I hope you came to hear the tale and not just munch your way through the pages to the ending For an ending you only have to turn to the last page and see what is there writ upon But endings are heartless An ending is a closed door no man or Manni can open I’ve written many but most only for the same reason that I pull on my pants in the morning before leaving the bedroom because it is the custom of the country And so my dear Constant Reader I tell you this You can stop here Should you go on you will surely be disappointed perhaps even heartbroken There is no such thing as a happy ending I never met a single one to eual “Once upon a time” Endings are heartless Ending is just another word for goodbye And so after reading 4500 pages about Roland the Gunslinger a reader is given a choice stop the book without knowing what happens to Roland once he actually gets to the Dark Tower or read the ending and be disappointed Who knew Stephen King was writing a Choose Your Own Adventure Book? Or that he was an attorney because he just put a disclaimer in his book; a disclaimer that basically admits the ending sucks But in any event it doesn’t matter which “ending” a reader picks because they both are horrid in different ways One is the hollywood “And they all live happily ever after ending” and the other is the “You wanted an ending I’ll show you how clever I can be while I’m not giving you what you asked for” ending And they both leave a reader wondering “Why did I read this series again?” The awful truth about The Dark Tower Book VII is that it is a dud A clever buildup to a nothing happens A Dallas “Get out of the shower it’s all been a dream” Another Matrix seuel were our number today boys and girls is 101 and you are the sixth Chosen One which means your dramatic victories are not anything new Not a “flawed masterpiece” at all but a cleverly disguised fake A huge belly flop into the abyss of bad endings A book that just stinks In fact this “supposed” finale of the Dark Tower series makes such a mess of the story that Roland’s whole uest is rendered meaningless A useless exercise in futility that is very similar to a hamster running as fast as he can on his exercise wheel What King does to Roland in this novel is like Tolkien writing that Frodo reached Mount Doom only to discover that Sauron is really Father Christmas on psychotropic medications; the One Ring Frodo has been carrying is really a fake that Sauron allowed Gandalf and the Elves to believe was the real thing; and now just to be a vindictive bastard because there doesn’t seem to be any other logical reason Frodo and the Fellowship gets to relive the whole bloody uest in an endless loop Maybe King never knew where Roland’s story was going Maybe it was just a great idea which he never really plotted out to guarantee that it ended correctly I get all that but if that is true he should have used this last book to fix all those problems not tell the reader “ I hope you came to hear the tale and not just munch your way through the pages to the ending” Who the hell has ever went to a movie and been pleased when it stopped playing before the ending? Or worked all week just to be told “No pay check for you Try to think back to all the fun you had here” No one And no one is going to like this ending You might love the series or the characters and not want to admit how horrid this last book was but deep down you realize it And you cope by telling yourself how great the overall story was or that King focused on Roland’s spiritual journey in this book or whatever but the fact of the matter is this novel continued the downward spiral of Roland’s story and left all of us scratching our heads thinking “Really this is the end” Mr King I’ve read epic fantasy series I’ve read grand finales with breathtaking endings JRR Tolkien took me to the Grey Havens once upon a time Mr King you’re no JRR Tolkien and The Dark Tower was not The Return of the King

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