Picatrix❴BOOKS❵ ✯ Picatrix Author Dan Attrell – Tbjewellers.co.uk A manual for constructing talismans mixing magical compounds summoning planetary spirits and determining astrological conditions Picatrix is a cornerstone of Western esotericism It offers important in A manual for constructing talismans mixing magical compounds summoning planetary spirits and determining astrological conditions Picatrix is a cornerstone of Western esotericism It offers important insights not only into occult practices and beliefs but also into the transmission of magical ideas from antiuity to the present Dan Attrell and David Porreca's English translation opens the world of this vital medieval treatise to modern day scholars and lay readersThe original text Ghāyat al Ḥakīm was compiled in Arabic from over two hundred sources in the latter half of the tenth century It was translated into Castilian Spanish in the mid thirteenth century and shortly thereafter into Latin Based on David Pingree's edition of the Latin text this translation captures the spirit of Picatrix's role in the European tradition In the world of Picatrix we see a seamless integration of practical magic earnest piety and traditional philosophy The detailed introduction considers the text's reception through multiple iterations and includes an enlightening statistical breakdown of the rituals described in the bookFramed by extensive research on the ancient and medieval context that gave rise to the Latin version of the text this translation of Picatrix will be an indispensable volume for students and scholars of the history of science magic and religion and will fascinate anyone interested in the occult.


Picatrix ePUB ´ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Picatrix
  • Dan Attrell
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9780271082127

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    Dan Attrell and David Porreca have produced a valuable contribution to the study of the Latin Picatrix in English While they depend upon the same primary sources and prior translations as the earlier version of this text by Greer and Warnock and indeed make freuent reference to that work in their annotations their interpretive and editorial choices often differ in subtle yet substantive ways Likewise as a reference tool this edition makes certain formatting choices paragraph numbering block indentation of the invocations in addition to its voluminous endnotes and indices which recommend it over that of Greer and Warnock though conversely the latter does indicate the present Book and Chapter in each page header Attrell and Porreca give only the Book for ease of reference as well as clarificatory and informative footnotes Overall this edition is an excellent presentation of a foundational text of medieval astral magic a welcome addition to any library concerned with the topic and no less so alongside Greer and Warnock's rendition

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    Actually reviewing this for a magazine in Dutch focusing on the introduction I really enjoy the concise but information heavy introduction Love it The translation itself I didn't go through entirely but I am looking forward to using it once I'm ready to read the entire textA minor minor point table 10 which corresponds to the 'outlier category' is not on the same page as the very short description of this category which is a pity the outlier category itself sort of threw me off there tooI might have liked information on why you picked Pingree as the basis for your translation and what you kept and didn't keep from his edition and if you looked at his edition critically it is 30 years old but both of these 'negative' points much impeded my readingThanks for putting so much time and energy in this books I really enjoyed this introduction to a completely new text

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    I derived the most value from the cultural analysis at the beginning of the book Being a spellbook the Picatrix itself is repetitive It's a lot like reading through recipes in a cookbook for things you never have any reason to cook Here and there though there are little anecdotes from Picatrix's perspective which are very interesting to read I skipped most if not all of the rote lists of magical rituals and instead scanning for Picatrix's stories and 'evidence' of these spells working They're very entertaining from a modern perspective definitely the stuff of fairy tales and legendsThe book's translated text exhorts the reader to learn everything they can and trust rationality over opinions Then it gleefully skips off into instructions on how to scare mice away with engravings on tin during favorable star signs so take it all with a grain of salt if you're not a historically focused reader Many of the spells are legitimately dangerous to try because they have been booby trapped with toxic ingredients so please be careful if you choose to pick up a ritual from the Picatrix for personalhome veneration or maybe don't do it at all Just mentioning because not everybody who'd be interested in this would be doing it for historical fiction's sake heh

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    A great English translation of a medieval treatise on astral magic It contains examples of medieval intellectual theories and ritual practices suffumigations prayers creating talismans etc This text is thoroughly researched with an exceptional introduction on this history content and translation of the Picatrix Information can be found on plants stones animal sacrifice images deities symbols philosophy and magic

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    For those of you who use library software based in SBNs; the SBN attached to this book on leads to a different book Being at Genetic Risk The LCCN is correct and you can find the LOC record at note that there are a couple dozen small errors; you can view the errata sheet for the book at

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    Well done edition with a wealth of details and historical background Be warned the book itself is spooky and weird enough that it doesn't ualify as a light read

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