The Kremlin Strike

The Kremlin Strike✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Kremlin Strike By Dale Brown ⚣ – In this exciting visionary and all too plausible next chapter in the legendary Dale Brown’s New York Times bestselling techno warfare series Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf Suadron must fight the R In this exciting visionary and all too plausible next chapter in the legendary Dale Brown’s New York Times bestselling techno warfare series Brad McLanahan and the Iron Wolf The Kremlin Kindle - Suadron must fight the Russians on a dangerous untested battlefield outer spaceThe previous administration’s ineffective response to the growing Russian threat has left America vulnerable Setting a bold course for America’s defense the decisive and strong new president John Dalton Farrell intends to challenge Russian aggression head on Brad and Patrick McLanahan and the formidable Iron Wolf Suadron—including the recently injured Nadia Roz rested and back to fighting form thanks to a pair of state of the art prosthetic legs—are ready and eager to join the battleBut even with their combined forces the Russian menace may prove too great for the Americans to overcome Done with provocative skirmishes and playing for small stakes the Russian president has set his sights on the ultimate prize controlling the entire world Expanding beyond earth’s bounds the Russians have built a new high tech space station and armed it with weaponry capable of destroying US satellites as well as powerful missiles pointed at strategic targets across earthDevising a cunning plan of attack Brad Nadia and the Iron Wolf warriors will take to the skies in their advanced space planes to destroy the space station check the Russians’ plan for dominance and save the world But is it already too late.

Former US Air Force captain Dale Brown is the superstar author of consecutive New York Times best selling military action aviation adventure novels FLIGHT OF THE OLD The Kremlin Kindle - DOG SILVER TOWER DAY OF THE CHEETAH HAMMERHEADS SKY MASTERS NIGHT OF THE HAWK CHAINS OF COMMAND STORMING HEAVEN SHADOWS OF STEEL and FATAL TERRAIN TH.

The Kremlin Strike eBook ´ The Kremlin  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 437 pages
  • The Kremlin Strike
  • Dale Brown
  • English
  • 06 February 2016
  • 9780062843012

10 thoughts on “The Kremlin Strike

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    This is how you write a tech thriller 10 of 10 stars

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    Give it 35 starsPlot 5 it movesCharacters 1 everyone is 2 dimensionalHigh concept 3 War is space is not a new idea but the space weaponry in the novel is goodLanguage 3 The writing is not beautiful but kudos for the tech talk that provides verisimilitudeRussia gets the jump on the US by launching laser and plasma guns into space The plasma gun shoots toroidal plasma at 4000 kms In minutes American satellites are disabled and the Russian premiere is on the phone with the US president dictating terms of subservience It's up to the clever guys at Battle Mountain who somehow have weaponized space planes that the US Air Force does not There's lot of bravery action risk and heroism exhibited by the guys and gals of Battle Mountain Without them the US armed forces would have been reduced to ashYou can't get your arms around any of the characters Their cardboard cutouts would cut your arms But the central story point keeps you reading how will the US destroy this space gun Star wars are coming and the warning is that we better be up there first

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    I really enjoyed this book It was fast placed but also fairly good character developed

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    Really enjoyed this Took me back to the days when I read Tom Clancy novels but using near future technology militarized space stations ard suits spaceplanes lasers What could be better right Sort of the perfect genre for me which just means I need to go back and dig into some of his past novels which are many

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    Best of BradThis was an absolute page turnerplenty of actionflying of multiple types of aircraftthis was Dale Brown's awesome techno thriller at its best And a jaw dropping last pagewhat's next

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    Now I can't wait for next book This was a very good book while I was on mini vacation to New York City I would recommend this to all of my military friends

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    A night and day experienceThis book is split right down the middle There’s a lot of time spent in the beginning setting the stage this is primarily moving characters around into their new rolls amongst the aftermath of the previous book The Moscow Offensive and for the most part introducing a plethora of new everything I don’t know how many new technologies devices weapons and crafts are introduced in the first half but it’s a LOT And for a while I thought The Kremlin Strike was going to be another Starfire where the entire thing is mostly just setup for the next book in the series Then about halfway through everything got dialed up to 11You could say that the second half consist entirely of only two scenes a massive search and rescue mission followed by a climactic space battle with an ending that will surprise many longtime fansNow there’s only one real negative here but it’s kind of a big one and it’s that Dale Brown goes a little overboard with the military terminology in this one Now I’ve been reading Dale Brown for a while now so I do understand that the specific plane models and weapon calibers he puts into his writing is part of his appeal While I am a fan of this it really seemed to get in the way during the second half when the pace skyrockets uite literally All of a sudden all the new things that were introduced in the beginning are being thrown at you all at once It’s cool but between the military jargon of different plane models and the many acronyms of various radar systems it gets confusing When there are several different planes and ships and weapons and locations taking part in a single event keeping things simple can make it easier to keep track of everything It got to the point where I was no longer trying to keep track of exactly what was what and instead I just started asking myself “Is it American or Russian That’s all I need to know”Side noteWhile the McLanahan series has often dabbled in near future tech with a hint of science fiction I would love to see Dale Brown write an actual hard science fiction novel With his military expertise and prowess for fast paced action I have no doubt it would make for some interstellar warfare that’s actually interesting because it often isn’t

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    I continue to enjoy this series featuring future political intrigue and conflict The year is 2021 Brown imagines technological advances like space planes capable of innovative warfare specialized bots advanced laser pulse rockets hybrid engines and He gives readers a good idea of what might happen when a rogue enemy leader implements a secret and deadly plan to dominate space Thank goodness the Iron Wolf Suadron and SkyMasters are one step ahead of him with their advanced technology They battle against seemingly impossible odds Only uick thinking and dare devil action will enable them to surviveBrown includes a good balance of character development and space war suspense Most of the plot revolves around saving the world and the space above it from evil domination however I think some of the vehicles and warfare implements could have had a little description to help visualize them Perhaps readers who enjoy military novels will do better than I did picturing the battlesA good novel for readers who enjoy action packed futuristic warfareI received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher My comments are an independent and honest review

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    Another one of Dale Brown's great novels in the series I only wish they came faster but that is the wish of any avid reader My only disappointment was that the title didn't really represent the story as much as I thought it might but the story was great as was the ending I am eagerly awaiting the next story in the McLanahan saga I did think the ending came uickly and left us with uite a few uestions but I'm hopeful these get answered in subseuent novels

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    This is the first Dale Brown book I've read His attention to technical details in alignment with keeping a plausible story line together is most admirable I didn't realize there was a list of acronyms at the end of the story but didn't find it necessary due to the captivating thrill of the plot My takeaway was the importance of speed and flexibility as a space war's comparison to hand to hand combat

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