Aliens❮KINDLE❯ ❂ Aliens Author James Stokoe – Collects issues #1 #4 of the hit Aliens story Dead Orbit penned by Orc Stain creator James Stokoe and featuring new cover art bonus process material and high res scans of original art collected in a d Collects issues of the hit Aliens story Dead Orbit penned by Orc Stain creator James Stokoe and featuring new cover art bonus process material and high res scans of original art collected in a deluxe oversized hardcover formatAfter a horrific accident strikes a space station an engineering officer must use all available tools a timer utility kit and his wits to survive an attack from the deadliest creature known to man.

James Stokoe born September is a Canadian comic book artist who is known for his work on such titles as Wonton Soup Orc Stain and Godzilla The Half Century WarAlong with Corey Lewis Brandon Graham and Marley Zarcone hes a part of a studiocollective called Yosh Comics.

Hardcover  Ó Aliens Kindle ´
  • Hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • Aliens
  • James Stokoe
  • 02 March 2016
  • 9781506709925

10 thoughts on “Aliens

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    A crew stumble across a drifting space hulk find Xenomorphs inside and get picked off one by one So Dead Orbit is like every other Aliens story YUH HUH James Stokoe’s stunningly detailed art is matched only by his stunningly unoriginal Aliens story The visuals are terrific and his Xenomorphs look awesome but wow did no one point out when it was being commissioned how absolutely generic unimaginative and archetypal Dead Orbit was It plays out exactly like every other Aliens story complete with cardboard cut out “characters” for the Xenomorphs to snatch up Unless you’ve never read or seen an Aliens story before Dead Orbit is totally missable An utterly boring and instantly forgettable comic – for fans of Stokoe’s art only

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    Proof that a comic with an ‘eh’ story can be salvaged if the art that accompanies it is worthwhile “Aliens Dead Orbit” is the type of licensed comic that you don’t see a whole lot of any a totally original story set in the property’s universe that isn’t connected to a specific entry but stands on its own two legs Writer and artist James Stokoe whose “Godzilla The Half Century War” was highly acclaimed and a big reason why I was so psyched to check this out is a master at wringing tension out of even the smallest seemingly innocuous moments at least in a visual sense the threat of the titular Alien hangs over every frame The fact that the story itself is or less just a variation of your standard issue ‘Alien’ plotline a band of deep space trucker types pick up some Alien cargo; Alien cargo gets loose; everything goes to hell – is too bad but not egregious enough to ruin what’s otherwise still a pretty impressive package

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    So much for an original storyline but it has all the trademark elements that fans of the franchise know and love for good claustrophobic dark spaceship a doomed crew and first couple of twin xenomorphs ever instead of the usual lonely killer or horde against marinesA nice twist and Stokoe's dirty indie artworks were just perfect for this space horror tale

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    This could almost be a lost Japanese Manga version of the original Alien movie The story is so similar but the art is fantastic It's Geof Darrow if he drew Akira while channelling HR Giger It's a uick read and a natural for an oversized hardcover edition Received an advance copy from Dark Horse and Edelweiss All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned

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    Well this was one of the fastest reads I've ever read Basically it's a generic alien story A crew finds three people frozen in their tubes They try to release them They do but they're burned really bad Get them to a medical bay and yep you guessed it BOOM Out of the chest comes the little aliens we all love Then the crew goes around trying to survive while the aliens roam the ship killing and kidnapping them to harvest Good The art Well it's damn good It's grimy almost 80's or 90's like but better coloring I also thought there were some good kills and nasty bits of gorey fun The aliens killing are always entertaining and the plotting while light is super uick Bad The dialog is almost non existent and when it's there it's just mostly mocho military talk which would be fine if you cared about anyone And the story just kinds of ends in a generic alien fashion with a survivor and that's itOverall this was a fun and uick read I love Alien and Aliens Some of my favorite films of ALL time This isn't amazing like those but decent A 25 3 out of 5

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    This is a book small on plot but big on atmosphere and to be honest I'd rather read this than watch Prometheus or Prometheus 2 aka Alien Covenant There's not a lot to it not even a lot of dialogue or captions It's just images and though we essentially have seen this all before in various contexts spanning across the Alien franchise it's still very entertaining going on the ride even one we're uite familiar with

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    Perfectly fine for what it is but this book suffers from what I call wouldn't it be cool writing wherein visuals and little scenes are included not so much because they serve the overall story but because mostly because the creator thought to himself something like wouldn't it be cool if the people in the cryogenic tubes had no skinI did like the oversized presentation not too large but draws attention to the detail of the art

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    An okay read So the story is a pretty standard 'Alien' plot; crew investigates an abandoned ship that ship has Aliens on it etc You already know the plot by the first issue One thing the writer James Stokoe is good at though is creating a foreboding and claustrophobic atmosphere with his artwork Its dark creepy and really gives you the sense that this is a horror comic The artwork really gives this gritty vibe and with some gruesome death scenes its definitely a visual treat for any Alien fan Only thing I didn't like about the artwork were characters eyes they felt a bit out of place compared to everything else There also some pretty good scenes where there's no dialogue at all which make for these great action scenes which again add to the tension and atmosphere Its also a weakness though as I felt the writer used it a bit too often through out and like I said there's no dialogue which by the last issue added to the thin plot I still liked the no dialogue scenes but by the end they felt like visual filler and an excuse to not have any dialogue or real story Overall its a an okay series for any Alien fan maybe a bargain bin Graphic Novel However I feel if you want a good Alien comic series go read Aliens Defiance Vol 1 its a great read and it does a lot of what this series does but better in some respects I feel

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    Dark Orbit Dark Horse’s four issue miniseries from cartoonist James Stokoe contains none of that Prometheus baggage and is in line with the claustrophobic horror of the 1979 classic When a Weyland Yutani crew investigates an unmarked vessel in a team in cryogenic sleep this crew of six become prey to the Xenomorph as they try to escape an ordeal where no one can hear you screamPlease click here for my full review

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    This was another wonderful offering from the author and artist of Orc Stain This short graphic novel collects the four issues of the series A Weyland Yutani group on a bulk freighter encounters a derelict spacecraft exploring it to find a trio of cryogenically sustained humans They barely get the people back to their ship managing to kill two of them on short order by accident The third causes problems and then the true foe appears Xenomorphs attack the crew and kill most of them until the engineer of the ship makes his way to cause a final solution that will destroy the ship aliens and himself in the processThis was full of intrigue and shocks The art style here is classic Stokoe and is detailed and yet a bit off center and uirky which I love The uality on Godzilla Hundred Years War was tighter I think and yet this art compliments the storyOverall this is a wonderful story and I enjoyed it until the last page If you like the Aliens franchise read this oneDanny

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