Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang, #2)

Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang, #2)❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang, #2) ⚣ Author Aline Templeton – Gabrielle daughter of a brilliant and charismatic local businessman thinks she’s losing her mind Recovering from a nervous breakdown triggered by her father’s death and the loss of her unborn chil Gabrielle daughter of a brilliant and charismatic local businessman thinks she’s losing her mind Recovering from a nervous breakdown triggered by her father’s death and the loss of her unborn child her sanity is pushed to the brink when she starts suffering memory lapses Knowing that the other major shareholder of her father’s business is looking for any excuse to sueeze her out Gabrielle can’t trust anyoneWhen a man’s body is found in dilapidated cottage DCI Kelso Strang is drafted in from Edinburgh to take charge of the investigation Still grieving the loss of his wife battlescarred Strang finds himself burdened with an over eager detective constable and a lazy obtuse detective sergeant With inadeuate resources at his fingertips and his boss breathing down his neck to wrap up the case uickly and without embarrassment to the force Strang must pick his way through the minefield of the local relationships and resentments of the sleepy village community But will he be able to put this case to rest before lives are destroyed.

Aline Templeton grew up in the East Neuk of Fife and was educated at St Leonards School St Andrews and Cambridge University She has worked in education and broadcasting and has written numerous stories and articles for national newspapers and magazines Templeton was a bench Justice of the Peace for ten years and is a former Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland now living in Edinburgh S.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 329 pages
  • Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang, #2)
  • Aline Templeton
  • English
  • 15 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Carrion Comfort (DI Kelso Strang, #2)

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    35 stars Wanted to give this 4 stars as I really like the series set in the remoter parts of Scotland which I visited last summer However the book changed in style from a detective mystery into a crime thriller about 60 pages from the end with the killers fully revealed in advance Not that it was a surprise as I already had my suspicions about one of the villains but I didn't like having those suspicions confirmed so far from the end of the book Love the growing professional relationship between DCI Strang and Constable Murray though much improved over the Human Face where Murray apparently couldn't do anything right to a point where she is hoping at the end of the book to work with him again Also a nice surprise on the last page of the book which may bode well for Templeton's next book in this series which I will be looking for

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    Such an enjoyable series I love the Marjory Flemimg series Now this new one is just as satisfying Set this time in Caithness alternatively interesting and rather ghastly with a village set against the main characters Kelso Strang as fly in fly out DCI to solve crimes in the remote parts of Scotland solves a very strange and horrifying crime with the help of the young female offsider from the first book A very compelling read

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    Seriously good Author is Aline Templeton I’ve been reading her books for many years This one is hell creepy such a sense of Deja Vu Has Aline re published this under a different title I could swear I have read this book I knew this book even the end was clear to me Maybe I wrote it in my sleep Cannot wait for the next DCI Kelso Strang of the SRCS Suad Book

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    When Aline Templeton began her Kelso Strang police procedural series with Human Face I thought the concept was brilliant Strang is the head of the Serious Rural Crimes Suad which means this series will take readers into small towns and villages all over Scotland Most of my favorite locations in Scotland are remote so having a series like this created by one of my favorite writers makes my heart singThe area not far from Thurso which is way up on the north coast and the locals come to life and I was thrilled to hear that the creation of the North Coast 500 scenic route touted as Scotland's Route 66 is bringing in needed tourism dollars The setting and the mystery are tightly woven atmospheric and lend themselves to keeping the characters and readers off balance Templeton's always good with setting and mystery but it's her characters that are the shining stars in any of her books Carrion Comfort is no exception The uiet almost secretive Strang has his own domestic drama concerning his sister and I'm looking forward to how that pans out in the next book Readers also get to experience the on going training of bright and pushy Livvy Murray a young woman who must learn not to start forming theories before she's gathered the facts One fact that's brought home throughout the book is how thoroughly one man can affect the lives of so many others even after his death I was reminded time and again of an old Ingrid Bergman film as I read but that's all I'm going to say about that in case there are other old movie buffs reading this It may not be everyone else's cup of tea but I absolutely love Templeton's characterizations because readers are allowed inside each person's mind We see what they see we hear their voices we learn how they think The way I see it this is a gift for all armchair sleuths when it's in the hands of someone as talented as TempletonCarrion Comfort is another extremely enjoyable mystery from Templeton I highly recommend both this Kelso Strang series and her previous Marjory Fleming police procedural series set in the southwest of Scotland Both are wonderful

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    The second in the DI Kelso Strang series is a well executed and complex thriller set in the Flow Country of northern Scotland

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    Excellent I have missed DI Fleming so I'm very happy to meet Templeton's new sleuth and his impulsive apprentice Very nicely plotted with a twist at the end that I certainly didn't see coming

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    Interesting police characters fantastic location Plot a little contrived

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    Really good book kept you guessing till the end

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    The second of Aline Templeton's Kelso Strang novelsThe location is a tiny village in Caithness in the extremer northeastern corner of the Scottish mainlandThe body of a man badly picked over by ravens is found in a long abandoned croft house He was murdered and his body was moved to the cottage The victim had been an employee of Pat Curran who had been head of an ambitious scheme to drain and reclaim the bog lands surrounding the village; when his company went broke he left to start an new business in Aberdeen servicing off shore oil rigs Pat has died and his older daughter Gabrielle has taken over the company but she and her husband have moved back to the village after a series of misfortunes have caused Gabrielle to have a breakdown Her mother and and younger sister and her step father still live in the village There are a lot of people in the area who had invested in Curran's company and lost money and are still angry at the familyDC Livvy Murray is assigned to work with Strang a situation that neither is particularly happy about but Strang begins to appreciate Livvy's skills and Livvy is beginning to realize that she has to be a disciplined and resist the temptation to gallop off in all directionsThis was book #29 on our 2019 Read alouds List

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