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Three Decades of Stories➺ [Reading] ➼ Three Decades of Stories By Patrick Gale ➯ – THREE DECADES OF STORIES is a uniue collection of Patrick Gale's two volumes of dark moving often witty and eccentric stories GENTLEMAN'S RELISH and DANGEROUS PLEASURES It also includes the acclaimed THREE DECADES OF STORIES is a uniue collection of Patrick Gale's two volumes of dark moving often witty and eccentric stories GENTLEMAN'S RELISH and DANGEROUS PLEASURES It also includes the acclaimed long story CAESAR'S WIFE Ranging from a lonely prisoner governor's wife to a housewife desperate for a makeover; a father's trip to his former school to a long term mistress offered an unexpected marriage this is a volume that highlights Patrick Gale's Three Decades PDF/EPUB ² skill of digging beneath the surface of relationships and exposing the often brutal mechanisms that drive them.

Patrick was born on January on the Isle of Wight where his father was prison governor at Camp Hill as his grandfather had been at nearby Parkhurst He was the youngest of four; one sister two brothers spread over ten years The family moved to London where his father ran Wandsworth Prison then to Winchester At eight Patrick began boarding as a Winchester College uirister at the cat.

Three Decades of Stories PDF ê Three Decades
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  • Three Decades of Stories
  • Patrick Gale
  • 09 November 2016

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    Average rating 368Overall thoughts I find it difficult to rate anthologies because the stories are so different so I’ve rated each story separately with a sentence or two about my opinions on it No spoilers but if you want to go in completely blind then maybe don’t read this reviewWig 3A story about a downtrodden wife making the decision to try changing her look by buying a wig Took a very weird turn at the end and I was very confusedDressing up in voices 35A novelist uses a date gone bad as inspiration for her latest story The beginning was a little boring but picked up when the date ended It ends with the possibility of a new start which was nice Possibly included LGBT themes but wasn’t made too obvious the main character could be bisexualA slight chill 4A story of a school teacher looking forward to the Christmas holidays alone with her fiancé but is saddled with looking after two girls takes a dark turn Left me with a very unsettled feeling Didn’t really like the protagonist but that didn’t take away from the storyBorneo 35A little boring if I’m being honest A lady has a fundraising coffee morning in her home with side plot lines about a secret romance her gay brother and a guest who came by mistakePaint 35A man has his father over for a visit who introduces him to some old friends who paint I got lost in a few places it looked like it was trying to be LGBT inclusive without actually having any LGBT themesOther men’s sweetness 4A couple with a young child decide to buy a holiday cottage in the countryside I found the kid irritating at first but she grew on me Interesting how much can go over a child’s head but also how much they pick up and how they are not clouded by the judgments of the adults around them The mother’s comments about her daughter’s weight made me dislike her immensely I don’t really get the relevance of the nameWheee 3Weird name for a story about a woman attending her mother’s funeral I found it interesting until it hit a certain point then things took a confusing turnOld boys 45A father gets re auatinted with an old friend as he shows his son round his old school I found the wife rather annoying and I enjoyed the story a lot when she went off to watch cricket I also enjoyed the LGBT themesThe list 4A lesbian couple are going home to tell one of their mothers that they are getting married and moving in together I found the main character’s jealousy and childishness really sweet Although it was weird reading about a character with my nameChoking 35A woman goes to visit her ex husband to tell him that she is getting re married I appreciated the handling of the marriage breaking up because one of the partners realised they were gay because that’s not often seen in fiction It ended a bit weirdlyDangerous pleasures 45A mother finding out about her daughter after she dies of what I assume was AIDS Somehow managed to be both sad and serious while ending on a uplifting and almost fun noteCaesar’s wife 25I spent most of this story almost DNF’ing this The whole premise not a spoiler don’t worry relies on the fact that you have to get behind a relationship founded on cheating which I couldn’t get past Nice how the son was gay without it being made a big deal The way the story changed at the end bumped my rating up from what would have been a 2The lesson 4A sweet story of a prison guard’s wife finding solace in learning how to fish I believe the title has a double meaning with the lady learning a new skill and the reader learning not to judge a book by its coverCookery 4As both a science nerd and an avid baker I identified strongly with the main character in his interests I also appreciated the gay themes The ending of his relationship with his father was interesting and fitting for a character with such a cunning mind and so obsessed with chemistryFourth of July 1862 4Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland this was a sweet glimpse into the relationship between two sisters with a nice mix of tenderness jealousy love and inadeuacySaving Space 35Certainly a story with the least amount explained and it felt like it was cut a little short That was probably the point though It was a sweet story about an old man who had lost his wife learned to open himself up to new people again Possibly paranormalPetals on a pool 35Another possibly paranormal story with a uite ambiguous ending this was about two writers striking up a friendship at a book eventObedience 35An interesting story about a man taking his dog to puppy classes his wife who seems uite the gossip and a murder which shakes up their small town Main characters not particularly likeable but that was probably intentional And I appreciated the lesbian side character albeit a brief mentionIn the camp 2I am very confused Seemed to be about children at a camp and pedophilia But what was with all the nakednessThe dark cutter 4Given my agricultural roots from my family in Somerset I really enjoyed reading this story about herding cows There was also some commentary on feeling bad for animals in the meat industry and men hiding softer feelingsMaking hay 35Two children forced to visit their grandparents get sucked in to her story Once the story part started I enjoyed it a lot Brahms and moonshine 4An unhappy couple get their truck stuck in the mud We really see a mental turning point for the main characterThe excursion 4A little bit darker than some of the other stories this is about a woman who decides to try out a new church About how people can commit atrocities in the name of religion and how religion is what you make of it It also makes a point on the prejudices still experienced by LGBT peopleHushed casket 45A couple on their honeymoon steal a relic from an abandoned church and get than what they bargain for This kind of reminds me of a gay version of the “return the slab” episode of “courage the cowardly dog” just with a lot sexDream lover 35A kind of “be careful what you wish for” type of story about a wife’s insistence that her husband must dream The wife was a bit irritating but I think that was intentionalSleep tight 4A man has his godson to stay overnight who is plagued by bad dreams of a moth lady Was the main character supposed to be portrayed as gay or just unmarried A bit of an abrupt unexplained ending but I think it worked with the storyFreedom 4We briefly meet people in three generations of the same family with the common thread being a caravan I appreciated the grandson being gay without it being made a thing of Gentleman’s relish 35This story than some of the others felt like it ended rather abruptly without really going anywhere A father struggling to come to terms with the fact his son is gay

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    I’ve read and really enjoyed a few recent Patrick Gale novels from the library and thought I may enjoy Three Decades of Stories This collection contains 28 short stories from the last three decades but unfortunately I only enjoyed a handful of stories out of the whole collection and the rest I found somewhat dullThere are many vignettes on a relationship or a character or an incident but I struggled to find the subtle nuances interesting or entertaining and found the slightly longer surreal stories of interestThe standout stories for me whereWig – a change of look drastically transforms a bored housewifeA Slight Chill – A horror story full of obvious twistsThe List – a young women discovers she has in common with her mother than she ever knewOther Men’s Sweetness – A twisted family affair out in the countryCaesar’s Wife – A portrait into the benefits of being a mistressIn the camp – International relations at a nudist campHushed casket – A lustful spirt is unwittingly unleashed on a honeymooning couple

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