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The Lido[Read] ➵ The Lido ➱ Libby Page – We're never too old to make new friends—or to make a differenceRosemary Peterson has lived in Brixton London all her life but everything is changingThe library where she used to work has closed The We're never too old to make new friends—or to make a differenceRosemary Peterson has lived in Brixton London all her life but everything is changingThe library where she used to work has closed The family grocery store has become a trendy bar And now The Lido an outdoor pool where she's swam daily since its opening is threatened with closure by a local housing developer It was at The Lido that Rosemary escaped the devastation of World War II; here she fell in love with her husband George; here she found community during her marriage and since George’s deathTwenty something Kate Matthews has moved to Brixton and feels desperately alone A once promising writer she now covers forgettable stories for her local paper That is until she’s assigned to write about The Lido’s closing Soon Kate’s portrait of the pool focuses on a singular woman Rosemary And as Rosemary slowly opens up to Kate both women are nourished and transformed in ways they never thought possibleIn the tradition of Fredrik Backman The Lido is a charming feel good novel that captures the heart and spirit of a community across generations—an irresistible tale of love loss aging and friendship.

Libby Page previously worked in marketing moonlighting as a writer She graduated from The London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Journalism before going on to work as a journalist at the Guardian THE LIDO is her first novel It was pre empted within hours of submission for six figures in the UK pre empted for six figures in the US and will be published in by Orion UK and Simon.

The Lido MOBI ´ Paperback
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  • 368 pages
  • The Lido
  • Libby Page
  • English
  • 02 May 2016
  • 9781409175223

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    ‘’She folded herself into the shape of Hermione Granger or George from the Famous Five or Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey and tried to be them for a day When she started secondary school her friends were the characters she met in the pages of her books’’ I confess I am not a lover of the sea or the pool Although a Cancer born in the middle of July I’ve always been a mountain girl and swimming is just another summer activity for me However one of my earliest memories is of my dad teaching me how to swim and dive promising me he wouldn’t let go I’m always impressed by my mother’s transformation each time she swims No matter her mood swimming makes her laugh like a teenage girl The Lido is a book that pays homage to the ties that hold a community together a source of hope and change through companionship and understandingThe lido in Brixton is in danger Kate a young reporter who feels the need to shut herself from the world meets Rosemary an elderly woman who is the heart and soul of the lido Together they start a crusade against the greed and incessant urge for concrete and a course between a newfound desire to belongInstead of tiring you with my blabbering I will tell you that I adored The Lido Yes it can be considered ‘’light’’ but this adjective is too simplistic This isn’t a lighthearted joyful naive story but an excellent novel about two women separated by age but united by the same dreams and intentions Page writes uietly with a fresh contemporary view without cheapening her material paying careful attention to the prose and the dialogue The first chapters are excellent in drawing the attention of the reader The descriptions of Brixton are brilliant I could feel as if I were there walking in the streets looking at familiar facesLibby Page builds the story around the sad fact that the lido has survived war and riots but it cannot survive the signs of the times However there are many who refuse to give up Page excels in giving us beautiful snippets of the swimmers’ lives that depict the vibe of the community I loved the relationship between two sisters who support and love each other The bonding of Kate and Rosemary free from the focus on the generation gap There is no dysfunctional relationship in sight a feature that has become so fashionable of late Page also decides to include the issue of panic attacks and she writes with sensitivity and respect The dialogue flows and the two main characters are beautifully constructedI cannot see who wouldn’t love this beautiful story of second chances and the fight for ideals that are being wiped away by money If only ‘’light’’ Contemporary Literature were so poignant and respectful towards the readers It goes without uestion that Libby Page is definitely a writer to watch ‘’There are so many things that seem not to matter We live with them and we walk past them and we think it’ll be OK or it doesn’t matter or that’s just that then Cities change and property companies buy out communities to build million pound flats and it doesn’t matter But then one day you wake up and realise actually it does matter’’ Many thanks to Orion and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewMy reviews can also be found on

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    4 delightful stars to The Lido ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I’m on a streak with charming reads these days and I am feeling uplifted Kate is a cub reporter working for the local paper in Brixton London As a cub she is responsible for the smallest assignments She also has severe anxiety that affects her work and daily life Kate’s next assignment is writing about the closing of a lido ie outdoor pool and recreation center where she meets Rosemary a widow in her eighties Rosemary has been a fixture at the lido since she was a child swimming in its pool daily Not only that but she met her husband there and she has healed swimming in that pool since her husband’s death So the pool is a fixture a grounding for Rosemary as well The lido is closing due to development leaving Rosemary feeling lostKate is instantly charmed by Rosemary and the lido and she makes this story much bigger than a small forgettable one She works with a photographer to piece it together through her interviews with Rosemary and the community chips in too all in hopes of stopping the closure of the pool What I loved most about The Lido is the relationship that developed between Kate and Rosemary Each needs to heal in her own way and this was possible through their bond I also adored the Brixton setting with its uaint shops and strong sense of community The Lido is an uplifting story of friendship hope healing and a life well lived at any ageThank you to Simon Schuster for the ARC The Lido will be published on July 10 2018 My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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    Thank you to publisher Simon Schuster who provided this advance reader copy via NetGalleyThis is a very touching story about an 87 year old woman named Rosemary who lives in the Village of Brixton in England Her apartment's balcony overlooks The Lido otherwise known as the local community pool More than anything else in her long life she associates this pool with much of her happiness and fondest memories She swam there as a child during the war and even had her first date there with George her beloved late husband Now at the age of 87 she still starts her mornings at the lido with a refreshing swim then hangs her wet swimsuit to dry like a triumphant banner on her balcony In fact most of the time the doors to her balcony are open so as to let the welcoming sights and sounds of the lido drift in Now the lido is in danger of closing targeted by a firm named Paradise Living to be cemented over and become a private members' gym Rosemary spearheads a protest effort by distributing homemade Save the Lido fliers throughout the neighborhood This comes to the attention of the local newspaper who assigns newbie reporter Kate to flesh out an article To that end Kate contacts Rosemary for an interview which triggers major changes in Kate's life for the better Rosemary insists that Kate go for a swim before she will grant Kate an interview Kate complies finding the peace and serenity it provides a soothing revelation A sufferer of panic attacks battling depression and anti social tendencies Kate finds the lido's waters replenishing to her well being Kate authors a running series of articles on the mounting anti closure lido protest of which she becomes an enthusiastic participant At the same time she becomes a loving and close friend to Rosemary In doing so she opens the door to other friendships and even romanceThis was a gentle pleasant and poignant story that will touch your heart with its sense of community and simple pleasures in lifeThank you to my Goodreads friend Jennifer TarHeelReader Traveling Sister for recommending this fine book via her stellar review

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    45 Stars When you're weary feeling smallWhen tears are in your eyes I'll dry them all allI'm on your side oh when times get roughAnd friends just can't be foundLike a bridge over troubled waterI will lay me downLike a bridge over troubled waterI will lay me down Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon Garfunkel Songwriters Paul SimonAt eighty six years old Rosemary has lived in the Brixton neighborhood of London her whole life a bustling neighborhood that brings to mind a scene of Notting Hill with a small uaint bookstore amid a colourful array of street vendors selling everything from flowers to coffee The shop owners and vendors know Rosemary by her name but she is best known at the Lido where she not only learned to swim as a very young child during the war but where she has gone her whole life since When she met the man who was to be her husband it was there that they met and it was where she and George went every day of their lives together But George is gone now and her morning swims at the Lido are even precious to Rosemary it’s where she can still picture him remember their time together Relive the memories It’s where they had their first kiss It’s where they fell in love But there are other memories of this place as well It is the place where the neighbors gathered after a bomb fell on the park just clear of the Lido and nearby Dulwich Road that ran along one side of the park Eighty six years of memories and all the best ones were from here Outside the park places are beginning to change Once upon a time she knew the names of everyone every shop and every shop owner Where the grocery once stood there is now a bar Even the library where she used to work is now closed Kate Matthews is relatively new to Brixton a young woman in her mid twenties who has no friends who is acutely depressed prone to panic attacks and has sister she rarely speaks to She dreams dreamed of becoming a writer and is working as a journalist but so far she has only covered relatively insignificant stories She’s lonely desperate for a story she can believe in some way she can make a difference She can’t even remember what happiness feels like any or what it would feel like to meet someone else who might understand how hard it is to get up and face each dayEverything begins to change the day that Kate is given a job covering a story about the lido tossing a leaflet with “Save our lido” written on the outside She reads their plea; the council has declared that due to financial worries they are considering a private bid to buy the building from a corporation who wants to turn it into a gym for private members Finally a real story; she hopes she can help make a differenceThis is how Kate first meets Rosemary when she goes to the lido to interview her for the story and Rosemary agrees providing Kate who claims she can’t swim swims in the lido She will never understand the importance of this place unless she can see it for herselfThis is how they join together these two women sixty some years apart in age to save the lido Rosemary’s memories and maybe even Kate as wellThis is being promoted as similar to Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove and while I loved Ove and love Backman I would say this is comparable to Rachel Joyce’s The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry as Ove was a rather cantankerous old man and there is nothing even remotely grouchy about Rosemary whereas Harold Fry was about a journey that begins as a personal journey with others joining in an awakening of the inner spirit to follow our hearts and to lend support to others Still this is really its own story and it is a wonderful debut story about the gentrification love relationships change aging mental health the power of community and the almost miraculous power of friendship Pub Date 10 JUL 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Simon Schuster

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    This was a 35 for me rounded up to a 4I was looking for a bit of a lighter read and one that would make me feel good This book fit the ticket At times however I have to admit that it sounded a bit like something I’d read before The premise isn’t new older person meets younger person and they each learn from the otherI thought the characters were very well developed particularly Rosemary as we learn her life story from the time that she met George until his passing Of course the lido played a huge part in their life almost to the point of being a bit unbelievable All of the photos that she goes through at one point have either one of them in swimwear at in or around the lidoRosemary was a librarian who met George at the lido and fell in love He was a green grocer and they pretty much lived their life very sheltered never straying far from their neighborhood except for their visit to the ocean on their honeymoon Rosemary touched the lives of many during her eighty seven years always a kind word to everyone an encouraging word to a child just learning to swim George apparently also taught at the pool including children’s lessons they were not fortunate to have children of their ownThe story begins when a development company that is building flats in the neighboring lots puts in a bid to buy the lido and turn it into a private facility just for it’s residents The community council states that the lido has been losing money consistently and they intend to accept the bid This doesn’t make too much of a ripple until our cub reporter Kate decides to write an article on it It begins to get a lot of press there are meetings protests even a sit in as it seems that everyone isn’t too happy with how their community is changing The library was closed not that long ago and people are still upset about thatWithout going into of the plot I will say that the book was enjoyable to read I wouldn’t say that I needed tissues but there were tugs at my heart The fact that this is a debut novel is fantastic and I wish that they wouldn’t try to compare it to Backman’s books or any other author as Ms Page will be gathering her own audience and I can’t wait to see what she will come up with nextI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss

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    Have you ever moved to a new city or state not knowing anyone and been nearly swamped by loneliness I have And that's Kate Matthew's situation now that she's moved to South London and gotten a job reporting for a local newspaper It's gotten so bad that she's suffering from overwhelming panic attacks I had always been anxious but it got so much worse once I was in LondonMost of her assignments have been of the 'lost pet' variety but now her boss wants her to cover the proposed sale of the Brockwell Lido the local outdoor pool and gym by the Lambeth Council to make room for profitable property development Kate is told she should interview eighty six year old Rosemary Peterson who has been coming to the pool almost daily for eighty years Rosemary agrees to the interview IF Kate will go swimming in the pool And that one acts changes Kate's life Soon she and Rosemary have become fast friends and Kate is helping to organize a protest to stop the sale This is a lovely heart warming story about love and friendship standing up for what's right in the face of greed and Progress with a capital 'P' Wonderful characters make this story come to life Highly recommendMany thanks to the publisher for providing me with an arc of this new book through NetGalley for my honest review

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    I confess it was a cover buy I just couldn’t stand seeing it in book shops with that amazing blue colour of the Lido in the shiny summer days It was as if I was going to jump in a refreshing pool if I buy the book LOL Well it didn’t happen but I really enjoyed my time It’s a debut My expectation was a cute and light summer read It’s totally met There’s no drama no traumatized person no family issues It was a heart warming story of friendship taking place in a community and I liked it

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    45 starsThis debut novel is a beautiful book celebrating the importance of community and relationships As I read The Lido I marveled that it is Libby Page’s debut – the story is very well written The book tells the tale of Kate a lonely 26 year old suffering from anxiety and Rosemary an 86 year old widow who swims daily at her local lido an outdoor pool and recreation center The lido is targeted by a development company who wants to buy the land to build an expensive apartment complex Kate works at a local paper and is assigned to write a story about the closing of the lido; as she begins working on the story Kate meets Rosemary and the two form a life changing friendship that benefits and transforms both women Working together they rally the community to build support to save the lido while simultaneously learning the value of friendship and community The Lido is simply fabulous from beginning to end; Libby Page has crafted a heart warming tale that will stay with me for a long time She interweaves love loss aging and the value of relationships into a tale that will appeal to everyone I highly recommend The Lido; make sure you have tissues handy when you read it Listen to my podcast at for fun author interviews For book reviews check out my Instagram account

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars “I have been swimming here for than eighty years” I have zero clue how The Lido ended up on my to read list None of my Goodreads friends have read it and I know it wasn’t from the library software because currently that believes I’m studying hard on becoming either a methamphetamine manufacturer or a serial killer Maybe it was one of those advertisements that appear in the middle of the feed here that make you think your friends have read it Maybe Whatever the case I think it was the cover that got me because I am nothing if I’m not the cheapest date imaginable I do know that I have checked this book out only to return it almost instantly two times before now Why you may ask Because the blurb compared it to A Man Called Ove and that was pretty blasphemous to me Now that I’ve read it Yeah it’s kind of like Ove Only this time our senior citizen is a female and rather than wanting to kill herself she wants to keep everything she loves alive On the surface Rosemary’s goal is to stop a condominium development from going up and removing the community pool But get a few pages in and you get the history of Rosemary and George’s 64 year marriage It was so very Up You know what I’m talking about And yes this crusty old barnacle even had a couple of moments like these While not sheer perfection like Ove I still called my mother in law at the 51% point to tell her she HAS to read this “Never be sorry” she says a storm in her eyes “Never be sorry for feeling Never be sorry for falling in love I was never sorry Not for a single day”

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    35 stars for meThis book was a light read that took me forever to get through it just wasn’t all that interesting to meRosemary is 86 yrs old and five years ago lost her husband George They have always lived in a flat within sight of the The Lido city pool The Lido had actually been part of their lives since their youthA corporation comes in and wants to buy the land and close up the pool to build tennis courts for their new housing development plansThis book is about the path to save the Lido and friendships Rosemary has made along the way especially with a young news reporter named Kate who does a story on The Lido’s planned closingJust a cute little storyThank you to Netgalley and Simon Schuster for the digital book

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