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Anno Dracula - One Thousand Monsters❮BOOKS❯ ✸ Anno Dracula - One Thousand Monsters Author Kim Newman – “There are no vampires in Japan That is the position of the Emperor The Emperor is wrong”Japan 1899 A party of vampires – exiled from Britain by Prince Dracula – seeks refuge in Tokyo and are “There are no - One MOBI ò vampires in Japan That is the position of the Emperor The Emperor is wrong”Japan A party of vampires – exiled from Britain by Prince Dracula – seeks refuge in Tokyo and are confined to Yokai Town a ghetto where the Meiji Emperor keeps the country’s vampires – bizarre creatures as different from Anno Dracula eBook Ë European nosferatu as they are from living humans Dr Geneviève Dieudonné Kostaki a soldier Daniel Dravot a spy and Christina Light a revolutionary princess try to survive in Yokai Town as forces within and outside its walls threaten to destroy the newcomers and the long time residents What secret lies under the Temple of One Thousand Monsters.

Jack YeovilAn expert - One MOBI ò on horror and sci fi cinema his books of film criticism include Nightmare Movies and Millennium Movies Kim Newman's novels draw promiscuously on the tropes of horror sci fi and fantasy He is complexly and irreverently referential; the Dracula seuence Anno Dracula The Bloody Red Baron and DraculaCha Cha Cha not only portrays Anno Dracula eBook Ë an alternate world in which the Count conuers Victorian Britain for a while is the mastermind behind Germany's air aces in World War One and survives into a jetset s of paparazzi and La Dolce Vita but does so with endless throwaway references that range from Kipling to James Bond from Edgar Allen Poe to Patricia Highsmith Dracula - One Kindle × In horror novels such as Bad Dreams and Jago reality turns out to be endlessly subverted by the powerfully malign His pseudonymous novels as Jack Yeovil play elegant games with genre cliche perhaps the best of these is the sword and sorcery novel Drachenfels which takes the prescribed formulae of the games company to whose bible it was written and make them over entirely into a Kim Newman novel Life's Lottery his most mainstream novel consists of multiple choice fragments which enable readers to choose the hero's fate and take him into horror crime and sf storylines or into mundane reality.

Anno Dracula - One Thousand Monsters eBook ¸ Dracula
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Anno Dracula - One Thousand Monsters
  • Kim Newman
  • 21 June 2016
  • 9781781165652

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    Kim Newman writes these books weird this the 5th book in The Anno Dracula series but it's not a seual to volume 4This is in fact set just after Volume 1 even before The Red Baron set in WWI this set in Japan in 1899 not that long after Anno But it does not matter if have not read the the others but it will make fun if read Anno Dracula Japanese Vampires are not Nosferatu but Penanggalan Pontianak weird Yõkai monsters of very odd disgusting forms one has organs outside his body another looks like an inside out umbrella very horrible In Tokyo the Empire does not believe in vampires so his 'none existing vampires' are in a camp like Jews from Nazi GermanyWe flash backs to before Dracula took over Victorian London so parts of the book are set before Anno Dracula but Anno Dracula is his best book I say it is modern classic which of course could not exist with out Bram But this volume waffles it has not same dark creepy mess that Volume one has but does fill in Tit bits of info like Mycroft Holmes who isn't with his brother or Moriarty working with Dracula Inspector Lestrade in Whitechapel in 1880s or Renfield We learn where Sherlock Holmes Adam Adamant Frederick Engels are in the Concentration camp in Devil's DykeThese are things you need to be up on to get the in jokes Anno Dracula explains lot of double jokes that got to be uick to get This the same sort of thing if are not well versed in HolmesDracula Jolly Jack other classic literature they pass you buy this why they're books for the creme De La cream of the cats whiskers lapping into the bowl of Bibliophiles dream

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    Completely failed to find a way into this I've read a couple in the series but the worldbuilding is now hugely complex and gnarly and I don't have the moral strength to find out who the giant cast all are I also read a book #16 or something in a romance series recently that did this I get that existing fans will love all the passing mentions of the 40 people from previous books but it's a bit wearing for a newbie to the series not to mention impenetrably dull

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    The latest in the Anno Dracula seriesThe year is 1899 and Genevieve and a few other vampires including Dravot and Kostaki have been exiled from the United Kingdom that Dracula is Prince Consort of They arrive in Japan a country that officially denies the existence of vampires They find themselves interned in a special town for vampires Dracula may be considered the Prince of Darkness but they find themselves in a Hell not of his makingWell written and well plotted The only reason this isn't a 5 star read from me is the way the story seemed to peter out rather than have a defined endingAs usual Kim Newman has loaded the book with pop culture references and real people There are several Buffy references and noted collector of Asian ghost folklore Lafcadio Hearne gets an outingHighly recommended

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    Reading this series since 2000 Likes Dracula Cha Cha Cha Dislikes Johnny Alucard This book was a risky proposition It’s a greatly expanded prologue to another novel we know is coming it’s the fifth book in an extremely elaborate series and it’s a preuel to nearly everything in that series If you were worried that this was just scene setting for the forthcoming sixth book have no fear this brief novel than justifies its own existence with great characters and tricky plotting Some things are unavoidably setting up future conflicts with literal prophecies on offer major players setting plots in motion and a portentous revelation about the origin of a character who’s been flitting around the stories since 2012’s novella Vampire Romance But does it work on its own as the story of a bunch of vampire refugees trying to make a community in the backwaters of Tokyo and stumbling into at least two enormous evil plans already in motion Absolutely it does with a few jagged edges here and there There’s so many plans in motion that it’s difficult to keep track of all of them and by the novel’s manic final fifth characters are having to explain a lot of things that happened earlier It’s not always to satisfying results either with at least one significant set piece apparently coming down to a cruel villain just wanting to see What Would Happen If To Kim Newman’s credit nothing that happens is predictable in the particulars While our heroes seem to be constantly playing catch up and triumphing mostly through hasty improvisation that seems to underline what the story constantly emphasizes that the protagonist characters are out of place in a country they deeply don’t understand While previous Anno Dracula books have had vampires with varying relationships to society at times resembling the parasitic powerful and at other times the vulnerable disenfranchised I think Yokai Town does something new with the community of vampires in Tokyo by portraying them as grotesue folkloric figures shifted out of the human realm but still existing within it as abject Others For the European vampires of the series and the two familiar faces we follow throughout political maneuverings religious debates and murder investigations it’s a humbling experience that develops the characters beyond what we’ve ever seen before The whole book is a good read on its own but it’s also a worthy addition to the series precisely because of what it does differently First of all revisiting the world of Anno Dracula’s nineteenth century rather than pushing on from the 1990s ending of Johnny Alucard underlines how far the series and Kim Newman’s sensibilities has changed since the first book was written Ten years ago when Anno Dracula was a trilogy it was possible to describe its fictional universe by saying that around the edges there were hints that other supernatural powers were at work werewolves and zombies who might just be variant strains of vampirism but maybe Cthulhu was real and maybe aliens were too who could really say By One Thousand Monsters' ludicrous in a good way ending the top has blown off that particular volcano and we are in a world of full big f Fantasy tropes This novel all ends up in a pastiche of a specifically Japanese movie genre that we don’t normally associate with the time of the novel’s setting the late 19th century and there’s implications that we’ll be facing when book 6 returns in 2018 to tell us all about what happened in 1999 confusing One of the conseuences is that Anno Dracula doesn’t really take place in a pastiche of the real world any and as it assembles a consensus reality where all stories are real leans heavily on the less plausible realms of fiction I started to feel this pretty distinctly in Johnny Alucard but it’s in full force here This has some problematic conseuences because the novel is about an exoticized country I’m not ualified to judge how plausible a version of Japan this is—it seems to rely heavily on the things that Westerners already “know” about Japan but for all I know book 3’s Italy was just as bizarre—but I’m not sure that you can really say Anno Dracula is much of an alternate history any That’s not inherently a bad thing and this book isn’t making a lot of grand statements about the Matter of Japan one of the things that I don’t like about Johnny Alucard but it’s definitely different than the original novel I suspect if you read these in chronological order you’d get the most genre whiplash between the first book and this one It might sound like I don’t like this book much at all but here’s five things I loved 5 Popejoy and Higo Yanagi who both start as window dressing and silly joke references but who get something like an arc and ultimately a very very strange sweet relationship 4 The neighbourhood of Yokai Town I’m a sucker for ramshackle dwellings in fiction and this one is portrayed vividly from the amphibious jail guarded by four curiously familiar would be ninja yokai to the House of Broken Dolls which reminded me of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s film House We spend some time in Paris in this book as well but the extraordinary settings of Yokai Town stand out as particularly well conceived 3 The band of misfits structure There’s a point late in the book where the gang of oddballs we’ve met so far has to go to war and we get a very cinematic scene of them walking down the street joining up with each other It feels so close to novelizing a scene from a movie we’ll never see that it hits me in the same place a movie would genuinely different and sometimes extraordinarily bizarre characters teaming up to fight for their way of life It’s corny and I love it 2 Genevieve’s narration and flashbacks Taking one of the most beloved characters in Anno Dracula and finally showing us significant parts of her past works extremely well In 2012’s Auarius we got to hear evil sociologist Caleb Croft explain what he was up to when Dracula went public and Vampirism got its’ Year Zero but now we get the Where Were You When story from a considerably interesting character Not all your uestions are answered but actually better than that we get to see why Genevieve became what she was when we first met her twenty five years ago Her creator Kim Newman still writes her as a great character with an intriguing voice to the point where her digressions are just as delightful to read as the main part of the story 1 Christina Light I’ll be honest after the comic series Seven Days in Mayhem earlier this year I didn’t have high hopes for the Princess at all In that series she came across as a nonentity to me and I shuddered to think that I’d be in for two books of another cheap Dracula imitator I DID NOT LIKE JOHNNY ALUCARD OKAY This book switches that around and uses an actual cheap Dracula imitator that makes me think it was a self conscious choice As it transpires Christina Light is a much nuanced character than she has to be she’s not exactly a villain but she’s also not exactly a hero She makes a lot of deeply unethical choices but she also has much better motives than you’d expect Whatever Newman does with the character in the future I’m intrigued in a way I wasn’t before There’s also a great scene where Christina and Genevieve just chat about things and the difference between them becomes abundantly clear without making either one clearly wrong In brief Kim Newman gives us another solid Anno Dracula one that’s unexpected and clever but also finds time to be heartwarming and horrifying at various points While I don’t think it’s great it than justifies the series continuing into book 6 and whatever comes beyond that If you’re a fan of the series I suspect you might just love it

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    A weak entry in this series This one is simply too long with a plot that feels contrived than integral to history Newman is as ever amazingly clever and resourceful in his use of both historic and pop culture characters and he gamely attempts to marshall a cast of thousands of Japanese yokai oni and yuurei but he never uite makes any of them feel authentic and the effect is sometimes uncomfortably appropriative than fully engaging Not too surprisingly the best parts of this book are the reminiscences of two major European characters featured earlier in the series the vampire doctor Geneviève Dieudonné and Carpathian guard Captain Kostaki When the novel is deep in their heads it's fairly interesting but once it's back in Japan it's all tiresome overly detailed action scenes or Japanese horror kitsch Recommended only for completists

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    DisappointingI really loved the original Anno Dracula; in fact I'd go so far as to say it was one of my favourite vampire books but I just couldn't get into this one Genevieve Dieudonne and a band of other vampires and malcontents are exiled from Dracula's Britain and end up in Yokai Town in Japan a ghetto area set aside for vampires There they are forced to deal with a vampire who would be the Dracula of Asia and Yuki Onna the legendary ueen of SnowHonestly I found this book a slog; if it had been by another author I almost certainly would've DNFed it and I think Kim Newman has used up his good novel credit with me The story was incredibly dull going all sorts of nowhere; there was a half hearted attempt a payoff at the end but it took forever to get there and wasn't enough to save it for me There were sections where Genevieve reminisced about her past before Dracula and they were interesting; if Kim Newman had written a novel about that I would've been engrossed and entertained Alas they just made the other chapters seem even boringI recommend the original Anno Dracula but I would honestly advise readers to give this one a swerve

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    Kim Newman returns to the world of Anno Dracula but throws something of a curveball by setting it shortly after the original Anno Dracula It's 1899 and Genevieve Dieudonne is on a ship with a bunch of vampires who are exiled from Dracula's England Gene and her fellow vampires including Princess Christina Light and former Carpathian Guard Kostaki find themselves in Tokyo's vampire enclave Yokai Town It won't take long before trouble finds them OK I have to say from the off that was this was my least favourite Anno Dracula book For a start not much really happens here For three uarters of the book at least it's Gene noting how weird the Japanese yokai vampires are I love the way Anno Dracula books take in a range of historical and fictional characters from there settings This might well do this but if it does it uses Japanese folklore which I and I suspect the majority of readers have limited knowledge of it I also found the plot hard to follow Characters seemed to come and go and no one seemed to know what was going on indeed there were some sections which seemed utterly irrelevant The book sets up the next Anno Dracula book set in 1999 and I can't help but think that this is the only reason for it's existence There were some chapters that I really loved which told us of what Gene was doing before Dracula came to power It's interesting to see what being a vampire was like when they were hiding from society and how that changed when Dracula came to power This felt like the Anno Dracula I know and love The other highlight was the characterisation of Gene She has long been one of the best characters in the series a vampire elder with the face of a sixteen year old who mostly works as a doctor She's a great narrator too and it's good to spend time with her again Some brilliant moments but an uninspiring read for the most part I am however intrigued where the next book will go and looking forward to seeing the vampire world of 1999

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    As a fan of Kim Newman and the Anno Dracula series for almost 10 years I have made my peace that while AD is an amazing feat of storytelling and writing in many ways climaxes and endings are its weakest points I read with great happiness two near masterpieces by Newman Johnny Alucard and the non AD The Hound of D'Ubervilles only to be let down by the fact that they justended leaving a sour taste in my mouth that wasn't blood The first three novels of Anno Dracula had left me with a similar feeling Before reading this novel I had also noticed the reviews in and GoodReads singling it out as the weakest entry of the series along with Judgement of TearsDracula Cha Cha Cha So my standards were lowBoy I was so happy when the reviews proved to be wrong One Thousand Monsters is the most solid novel in the series from beginning to end I was so pleasantly surprised to read an Anno Dracula book with an exciting all guns blazing climax and an ending that left me smilingThe story focuses on vampires exiled by Dracula's court years after the conclusion of the first Anno Dracula sent to Yokai Town in Japan The wonderful Geneviève Dieudonné narrates the novel and writes an account to her warm lover Charles Beauregard about her life as a medical student in Paris hiding in the shadows like all vampires until Dracula's ascension to the British throne Sympatethic Carpathian Guard captain Kostaki narrates additional chaptersFans of Japanese folklore myth cinema literature manga and television will have a smashing good time with all the famous fictional characters yokai and famous ghosts that appear in the novelI'll write a longer better review down the road In the meantime I'm happy to report that GoodReads was wrong this time around and I'm happy about it I just want to say that Newman has outdone himself this time Also there are some genuinely creepy and gory scenes in the novel some very funny moments and some deeper character development for this endearing cast of vampire adventurers

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    Clearly not my favourite in the series I struggled to get to the end I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped I felt like not much happened and I got really bored

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    I couldn't wait to read this as I liked the other books in the Anno Dracula series I don't know if it was just me but it took me ages to get into the story but once it got going I really enjoyed it

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