Origin❮Epub❯ ➥ Origin ➤ Author J.A. Konrath – Tbjewellers.co.uk In 1906 a crew of workers at the Panama Canal unearthed something that could not be identified or explained Something sinister And very much alive One hundred years later a team of scientists gather a In a crew of workers at the Panama Canal unearthed something that could not be identified or explained Something sinister And very much alive One hundred years later a team of scientists gather at an underground facility in New Mexico to determine what this being is the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind and how it has managed to survive A biologist will analyze its structure A veterinarian will study its behavior A linguist will translate its language But even the greatest minds in the world cannot answer one inescapable uestion Could this ancient creature this mockery of God and nature actually be the ancient demon known as the BeastOriginFrom bestselling author JA Konrath comes a tense and thrilling exploration into the mysteries of life and death good and evil and the Original source of our darkest fears.

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  • Origin
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  • 11 October 2014
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    Sothe Evil One Just looking at Cheney Satan you can tell that he’s a mean duplicitous evil soul sucking prick who greedily wallows in his own vileness like a pig on a crap carpet Stillthere’s no denying that the Horned One makes a great plot device and I am a big fan of “is it really the Devil or isn’t it” stories I especially enjoy the psychological “closed door mystery” variety where maybe satan is stuck in a specific location and the characters are trying to establish his bona fides as the Prince of Perdition Side Note Outside of the Exorcist the low budget film “Mr Frost” staring Jeff Goldblum is the best expression of this story type I’ve ever seenalas it hasn’t been released on DVD which really bites Well Origin starts off very well with a fresh clever take on this storyline by bringing in the government and making the focus of the mystery one of scientific exploration rather than spiritual crisis Though temptations and moral compass checks will still be very much involved PLOT SUMMARY1n 1906 engineers working on the Panama Canal discovered a dormant but living “creature” entombed in a large rune covered sarcophagus President Teddy Roosevelt says we must study this X file style but keep it very very hush Jump to 2006 where a mega uber double secret underground government facility known as Project Samhain has spent a century studying the creature known as Bub and learning next to nothingUntil nowbecause now BUB is awake Best way I can think to describe our star is to start with the Lord of Darkness from Legend make him over 20ft tall;add massive black wings with a span eual to an F 22;add a predatory muskiness that is just to the left of offensive; and finallyadd large amounts of sphincter tightening creep and bladder loosening scaryHere’s a little nugget of info that might shed some darkness on Bub’s personality He is fed live sheep Bub is a predator and like to kill his mealviolently He then likes to reanimate the corpse so he can continue to “play” with it like a sadistic kitty until he finally grows weary and gobbles it up Anyone who hasn’t seen Bub dine before is sure to toss their cookies the first time they witness it That’s Bub So Andy Dennison ancient language expert is brought in to Project Samhain to decipher Bub’s language Through Andy’s eyes we meet Bub along with the people that make up the rest of the research group An interesting bunch this gang as each of them has a somewhat or than somewhat shady past that led them to the project Peeking at skeletons in closets can be fun THOUGHTSJA Konrath is a fun author and I’ve enjoyed his Jack Daniels crime series as well as his collaboration on the mega stellar DRACULAS He’s a good story teller and I liked what he did with the plot set up by dropping Satan into the middle of a modern day techno thriller Bub is an attention grabbing character and his effect on the staff members was funthough I would have preferred if it was handled a bit subtly than it was In the future give your reader a litter credit Mr Konrath we can keep up Anyway the first two thirds of this book earned a fun 4 stars from me as I was really enjoying myself Howeverthe last third of the novel turned into too much of a monster flick for me Konrath does this kind of story very well and certainly knows his way around a good scare and a gore orgy There are memorable kills and much skin is flayed I just wanted from this story given how well Konrath had presented the central idea It just became a bit too campy I find this a lot with horror novels they will have a great tension filled set up and then the pay off turns into an out of control unfocused mess This one didn’t suffer from it as much as some but it was enough to leave me on the bus to 3 StarvilleStill a good fun thriller with a nice premise that could have been great with a better ending 30 stars

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    This was a wonderful horror story I was greatly surprised by this book since I read it without knowing anything about it This author did his homework researching this book and I loved the combination of science and religion being the backbone of the story No misunderstanding This was true horror at it's best At one point it made me very nervous and maybe even a little frightened and that hardly ever happens any and I love the feeling of fear when reading a horror book I highly highly recommend this book if you want a great treat The book is so well written and flows nicely throughout it's entirety and is edited very well This book is not for any sensitive readers since there is a nice amount of violence some bad language not too much sexual situations not much but if you are sensitive about religion then this book may not be for you As you can probably tell by now I loved this book I rate this great horror story 5 Shining stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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    45 STARSWell that was unexpectedThis is a book that has been on my Kindle for months but from the blurb I was getting this Jurassic Park meets The Thing vibe and I was a bit reluctant to tackle this one Now that I've read it I can say thisWhat do you get when you mix Jurassic Park and The Thing A big ass budget for a big ass movie with a different story line than this bookI am a big KonrathKilborn fan but it is inevitable that I will eventually come across something that I don't like So on Friday the 13th I started this 13th Konrath novel I've read and expected to abandon it after about 100 pages But damn it man it got real interesting before I got to that pointHere's what to expectIn 1906 something was discovered buried deep President Roosevelt decided the world was not ready for this secret I know I know it sounds like a stupid conspiracy theory but if you look at the state of politics and the politicians who get voted into government all over the world these days there might just be some logic to this argumentOperation Samhain gets born and buried in other words a secret location under the desertOne hundred and three years later this thing wakes upA linguist gets sent to help get communications going Along with a general and his wife a biologist a veterinarian a priest and a rabbi don't you DARE think of walks into a bar right now and a doctor they will discover much than they could have hoped forAll of them has a past all of them has secrets and none of them are prepared for what's about to happenOkay the writing was good and the story much better than I could have hoped forThere was one small thing that irked me a little bit but it's a personal preference and it shouldn't bother everybody I just can't get myself to give it five stars thoughRecommended for horror historian and to some small extent sci fi fans

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    This is what I'm talking about Just finished two mediocre books and was wanting so badly to pick up a can't put down story along the lines of Natural Selection and The Relic and I chose this one on my Kindle Great pick if I do say so myself Love books about ancient history and religion; throw a demon into the mix and I'm a happy camper This book is all kinds of fun and it's taking my mind off my current troubles Andy a young linguist who speaks 30 languages is whisked away to an underground facility to act as an interpreter to a demon who has awakened 100 years after being dug up He was found in a metal tube covered in ancient hieroglyphs The facility has a crew of misfits working on the project doctors scientists and a rabbi and priest all people who were in trouble with the law and whose records were cleared in return for giving up their lives above to study Bub below Bub short for Beelzebub the demon Andy is assigned to teach him English and little by little he tells them where he came from how old he is and whether there's a heaven and hell and if Jesus existed But is he telling the truth and is he really a demon He tells some of the troubled and conflicted what they want to hear and works a few miracles like healing a sick wife for a general and making a baby out of a dead sheep for a childless woman All he wants in return are the two codes that will release him from his habitat The descriptions of the demonmonsters in this book are fantastic and the characters are fully fleshed and interesting This is a wonderful page turner of a book

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    Origin A Technothriller By J A Konrath Narrated by Luke Daniels This is an awesome thriller A creature is found in 1906 asleep in a coma state Its monstrous like our idea of a demon It is kept secret underground examined and monitored for all this time but now it woke up Its making speech so they get a specialist to go with the other specialists already there What happens and what they find out about this creature is wild The whole story is excellent Narration terrific with Luke Daniels

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    This was my second reading of ORIGIN in order to prepare for its seuel HOLES IN THE GROUND I absolutely loved the character interaction and the scenes that Konrath had in this book Having read most of his other novellasnovellas it was nice to see Frank again who was recently in the novel HAUNTED HOUSE and get re auainted with what brought him to where he was in THIS novelA very fast paced read with plenty of horrific miracles to keep things interestingHighly recommended

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    He didn’t like this at allHis curiosity was being overtaken by a creepy feelingPick up the Abominog album by Uriah Heep and stare at the front cover for at least five minutes No make that ten Congratulations you have now assimilated OriginIf that thing on the Abominog cover looks like it can take a nasty bite out of you it’s because it probably can as this book also sets out to prove Its lips creased back revealing a huge valley of yellow jagged teethThis book is uite a conundrum for me insofar as reviewing it is concerned It is fairly sparsely written that’s to say the author keeps things lean and that makes it easy to read Even so it takes a while to really get movingJudging by the small print on the cover this is a technothriller I understand why the author would want to sell it as such but given the collection of broken people the religious undertones and the gorefest that eventually ensues it’s hard for me to classify it as anything other than Horror why Because these are all horror staples as far as I’m concerned But his voice – soft low almost seductive – was the voice of a thousand nightmaresSpeaking of broken people some of the characters here have serious issues and would be better off in psychiatric care The problem is that I didn’t really care much for any of them This is never a good thing when reading dark fiction Oh look so and so is being killed in terrible fashion Oh well them’s the breaks One of the better bits in the book concerned the differences between the Judeo Christian religions Judaism and Christianity I got some interesting stuff from there although I’m not sure I’ll remember all or any of it The same thing goes for the science y stuff There’s a lot of discussion about DNA genetic manipulation genome seuencing et al Interesting but in the end a lot of it probably just went over my head It’s maw stretched open bloody drool leaking down its chinOrigin and specifically the main antagonist will no doubt evoke a mixed response Things aren’t what they seem and frankly the book leaves the reader with uestions than answers There are some cool twists however and an interesting ending I mentioned earlier that this is a reviewing conundrum for me and that’s because I enjoyed the book but I really wanted to enjoy it Some aspects of the plot just didn’t seem to gel all that well In the end it was good but not great Read it for the creature feature ”Dead dead dead”

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    I'd give this one 35 stars especially since it's only99 cents on Kindle The author describes this in his afterward as Jurassic Park meets The Exorcist which I'd say is fairly accurate It starts off with the workers building the Panama canal finding a capsule with a creature that may or may not be the devil hibernating within Roosevelt has it shipped to the US and builds an underground facility to study and contain it The real action starts in modern times when the thing wakes up Overall a pretty good page turner

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    Loved it A strange gory story with lots of action and a really nasty demonThe ending was a cliff hanger Can't wait to read the seuel

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    They don't know that we know they know we knowMy title from an episode of Friends relates to a short passage in Origin on Page 78 Maybe it was intentional maybe not but this Besides better to know what your enemy knows than to not know if he knows anything or not made me laugh and reminded me of Friends Damn you Konrathit also made me think too hard and hurt my headI think I had an inexplicable attack of shallowness or maybe I was just too bogged down trying to fathom Moby Dick see what I did there but I felt the need to weigh anchor from Melville for a while and flounder in some easy to read horror Enter Origin Just what the reading doctor ordered A short read plusses already and a bit gory plusses and an awesome demon maximum plussness who may be The Prince of Darkness or possibly some baritone alien who just happens to have wings and horns I didn't check the back cover of the book to see if he had a tail with an arrowhead on the end Anyway first half of the book gets a bit slow in places with philosophical religious and scientific debate but it doesn't strain the old grey matter too much THENthe last half of the story is keep you awake until you finish non stop action The ending is errrmyou'll have to read it to seebut I wasn't too disappointedThe last book that kept me awake like this was Stephen King's Bag of Bones and that was a long time ago If like me you need a break from your current long read then this is for you Sigh I'll never eat devilled eggs again Back to Moby Dick for me

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