The Wronged Sons

The Wronged Sons➬ [Ebook] ➧ The Wronged Sons By John Marrs ➸ – Tras la desaparición de su marido ella uería saber Pronto deseará no haber sabidoCuando Catherine despierta sola una mañana piensa ue su marido ha salido a correr antes de ir al trabajo pero Simon Tras la desaparición de su marido ella uería saber Pronto deseará no haber sabidoCuando Catherine despierta sola una mañana piensa ue su marido ha salido a correr antes de ir al trabajo pero Simon nunca llega a la oficina Sus zapatillas siguen junto a la entrada No falta nada solo él Catherine sabe ue a The Wronged PDF/EPUB or Simon le ha pasado algo Él no la dejaría así sin más No abandonaría a los niños Pero Simon sabe la verdad sabe por ué se ha ido y lo ue ha hecho Sabe cosas de su matrimonio ue destrozarían a su esposa Sabe ue los recuerdos a los ue ella se aferra son mentiraMientras Catherine se enfrenta a una realidad nueva y oscura en casa Simon recorre medio mundo y hace todo lo posible por ir siempre un paso por delante de la verdad Pero no puede esconderse eternamente Así ue cuando reaparece veinticinco años después Catherine descubrirá por fin uién es Y deseará no haberlo sabido nunca.

John Marrs is the author of Best Sellers The One The Good Samaritan When You Disappeared Welcome to Wherever You Are Her Last Move The Passengers The Minders and What Lies Between Us The One has been translated into different languages and is to be turned into an eight part Netflix series starting The Wronged PDF/EPUB or in autumn After working as a journalist for years interviewing celebrities from.

The Wronged Sons eBook ½ The Wronged  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Wronged Sons
  • John Marrs
  • Spanish
  • 23 June 2016
  • 9782919805716

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    25 Stars Having read glowing reviews from some of my GR friends I wanted to love When You Disappeared But of course I have to be the person who didn’t love this book Married for 10 years with three children it might seem like Catherine and Simon have the perfect marriage But when Simon disappears without a trace Catherine comes to learn that she never really knew the man she married Flash forward 25 years Simon has returned determined to punish Catherine for her wrongs The two share with one another what happened over the course of their time apart and buried secrets begin to emerge At this point it seems as if the reader is being set up for an expert game of cat and mouse But as they share and and tell and tell and tell NOTHING really happens And things move SLOWLY All I wanted to know was why Simon left Little clues do emerge and I was hoping I was being teased for a big reveal But as I read and and NOTHING happened I grew rather frustrated And once Simon finally told Catherine his rationale for leaving I wanted to jump in the book and beat the crap out of him Not because of why he did what he did which is just stupidly awful but because I had to wait so freakin long to find out Sadly it all just felt so contrivedI received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    A trigger warning for you and here's one for you and oh here's an obscure one for you We are leaving nothing and no one out today FolksI mean seriously it's hard to even list them without spoiling all over the damn place It's almost like the goal was to be ridiculous and far fetched If so well played

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    A Traveling Sister read with Brenda and Lindsay 35 Catherine wakes up in the morning oblivious that her world is about to change forever Her husband is gone And she is frantic He never showed up to workmaybe lying injured or dead in a ditch somewhere The hours turn into days and eventually fall away into years Simon has never been heard from againuntil nowWe’re also given a view into Simon’s world during his disappearance What would have motivated him to leave his family What is the unforgivable act that triggered his vanishing act And why stay away so long There are whispers throughout this book of what drove a wedge between Catherine and Simon and eventually led to Simon leaving There in lies the mystery buried deep within the pages Unfortunately not deep enough for me as I guessed most of it early on I knowjunior detective in the makingsLolTold in past and present tense from the POV of both Catherine and Simon Including the journey Simon traveled to find himself in his new life Which at times became soooo far fetched He was not at all a likable character In fact I ended up having a love hate relationship with this book I absolutely loathed everything about Simon wishing him ill will at every turn Yet I couldn't pull myself away from tale he told Aren't the best books the ones that make you feel unsettled setting off a wave of emotion within you Especially if that emotion may be a troubling one Well this book did just thatThank you to NetGalley Thomas Mercer and John Marrs for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewFor this review and our Full traveling sister review please visit Norma and Brenda’s fantastic book blog

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    Traveling Sisters NetGalley Sister Review by Brenda with Lindsay and Kaceey’s thoughtsWhen You Disappeared started off with seven of us for a Traveling Sister Group read and then they started to disappear with three sisters dropping out and the thread started to read like a thriller itself Norma with a full weekend ahead had to drop out as well leaving Kaceey Lindsay and me as the last standing Sisters for this read When You Disappeared is a family drama thriller that is heavy on the drama and light on the thrills Some parts of the story dragged and were unrealistic for us We had the believability police on duty for this one and reporting back to the rest of us We found much to be unrealistic but came to the conclusion it was for the convenience of the story and thought it was written for drama than believability The story is told by Catherine and Simon in two different timelines which we all enjoyed At times when the story dragged we really wanted Catherine to put down the wine and do something We really had some strong feelings of dislike for Simon and there was nothing likable about his unlikeable character for us The story had no suspense for me and I was rushing to get to the end but for Kaceey and Lindsay the suspense kept them turning the pages to see how it ended In the end we all found the ending to be over the top and underwhelming We still recommend for thriller lovers who really like a lot of drama to their thrillers Thank you to NetGalley Thomas Mercer and John Marrs for a copy of this book to read and reviewAll of our Traveling Sisters Reviews can be found on Norma’s and my sister blog

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    3 stars This novel had such potential with a highly enticing premise however the extreme lack of believability meant the story fell flat for me I enjoyed the way the story unfolded The novel was told through Catherine and Simon’s perspectives ranging from 28 years ago to a present day meeting The author John Marrs does a great job revealing pieces of the story in a suspenseful and intriguing way all the while making me curious to see how the story would play out Unfortunately many of the situations particularly those involving Simon seemed highly unlikely and absurd Believability is a huge reuirement for my reading enjoyment I have a hard time truly immersing myself within a story that isn’t realistic the “believability police” within me kicks in uickly My reading mind can stretch to accept slightly exaggerated situations but the list is fairly long of the things that I found far fetched within this novel There were some very serious parts to this story that really pulled at my emotions and maternal instincts I had a hard time reading some pages as there is such a devastating family loss that deeply affected me Overall I found this to be an averagely enjoyable read with nothing that truly made it stand out other than its lack of believability A big thank you to NetGalley Thomas Mercer and John Marrs for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewTo find this review along with our Traveling Sister Read review please visit Brenda and Norma’s fabulous blog at

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    Have you ever attended a blind wine tasting event The bottles are covered with brown paper bags and you have to taste the wines without seeing the label and identity the varietal Or perhaps the region 🍷Well let’s just say that if you had handed me this book with the cover and title page covered and asked me to identify the authorI would have never guessed John Marrs His style has evolved so much since this was written His work is now darker Or futuristic And I LOVE it ❤️But I didn’t love thisThis book reads like a family saga Catherine’s life after her husband Simon disappearsSimon’s life after he disappearsAnd Simon’s confession when he reappearsnot a spoiler the narratives alternate from the startThe problem is the REASON he chose to leave isn’t revealed until the last 3 chaptersand the story till you get therejust wasn’t captivating enough for me to make the reveals worth itWith that said I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of his latest “The Minders” as soon as it becomes available in the US

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    DNF 50 percent in and just can't anyBoring boring boring and plot is just unbelievable and stupid No thanks 👋🏻I did win this in a goodreads giveaway which I was happy about but I Just couldn't finish this book Sorry

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    Audible version When Catherine wakes up alone one morning she thinks her husband has gone for a run before work But Simon doesn’t come home and never makes it to the office Over the years Catherine does everything to find her husband and is determined to stay positive for their children However Simon is living on the other side of the world he does not want to be found He has walked away from his family and his old life When Simon appears in Catherine’s life again 25 years later we slowly get to hear why he left and what he did over the missing years Simon was a particularly dislikable character self obsessed and egotistical As I listened I did not really care how it was going to end I would also say that I thought the plot unimaginative in places by that I mean that one thing after another seemed to go wrong in a persons life then repeat It felt like everything was thrown into the mix In the end it felt like ‘what now’ and a roll of my eyes Who knows maybe I would have enjoyed it if had read the book rather that listened but as it stands I can only give it 25⭐️Overall a disappointing read ops listen

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    I found this book very hard to read as the characters were very unlikeable I did feel sorry for Catherine who was abandoned by her husband She did not know what happened to him and she was left struggling to look after her three children Her husband Simon was a very selfish man not caring about his wife and children and taking advantage of everyone I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for my e book in exchange for a honest review

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    This is a really lovely book by John Marrs and I have to admit it was difficult to put down I saw many reviews and it does seem this is a polarizing book Some hated it some loved it and most hate loved it Having read it I can understand these opinions I will say that even those who seemed to dislike the book the most admitted that it really made them feel something and that is a marker of a great book in my opinion This is a book I won't soon forgetI would not characterize this book as a psychological thriller or even really a domestic thriller Though there are secrets not unveiled until the end you understand from early on much of what is going on You know where Simon went the day he disappeared and you know what Catherine went through as she struggled to find her footing As the blurb says Catherine of course is a mother of three who wakes up one day to find her husband missing In a very real way she does not initially really think of him as missing From early in the day there is a very reasonable explanation for why he is not thereBut as the first chapter unfolds we see Simon returning to visit Catherine 25 years after his disappearance She's in the same cottage where they made their home Simon is in a bespoke suit These are two people who have lived very different lives from the ones they pictured when they were first newlywedsThe story moves back and forth between Simon and Catherine and begins the day he disappeared and then flashes forward to present day when Simon and Catherine are telling their stories of where they have been and what happened to them This is a book that is completely about the journey At times it is difficult to read Simon seems so selfish and Catherine seems so wounded But ultimately it was hard to clearly decide who to blame until the very end of the bookI don't want to spoil anything because this is really a good read I will say that contrary to many readers I wasn't left completely hating either Simon or Catherine There were of course things that I hated about them one in particular but mostly I just felt sorry for them This is a novel about the lasting damage that can occur through our childhood Our parents our environment our friends and our experiences from a young age truly shape how we approach situations as adults We see this theme not just through Simon and Catherine but through other characters as well Sophia and Luca; James Robbie and Emily; Dougie; Doreen I recommend this book fully with the caveat that there are some sensitive topics that arise throughout

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