Undaunted (Updated Expanded Edition)

Undaunted (Updated Expanded Edition)➿ Undaunted (Updated Expanded Edition) Free ➶ Author Christine Caine – Tbjewellers.co.uk You have a calling to fulfill Are you ready to take the risk of moving past your past to fulfill it Christine Caine faced hurdles that seemed insurmountable abuse abandonment and the loss of a child Y You have a calling to fulfill Are you ready to take the risk of moving past your past to fulfill it Christine Caine faced hurdles that seemed insurmountable abuse abandonment and the loss of a child Yet she decided to answer God's call on her life no matter where it would lead her Many times the only thing that kept her going was knowing that she was God's beloved She was God's chosen Secure in those truths she moved beyond her pain so she could live the adventure of bringing God's light and love to others around the worldIn Undaunted Christine challenges you to embrace the reality of God's love so you can speak it to others as you live out your own uniue calling As Christine writes Love like Christ's can lift you out of betrayal and hurt It can deliver you from any mess Love like that can release you from every prison of fear and confusion And love like God's can fill you up till it spills out of you and you have to speak about it share it spread it aroundYou already have all you need to bring hope to others With additional biblical teaching new stories and a new epilogue this revised edition of Undaunted will awaken you to how God wants to work through you and in you as you dare to become who God created you to be.

Christine Caine is an Australian born Greek blooded lover of Jesus activist author and international speaker She and her husband Nick founded the global anti human trafficking organization The A Campaign They also founded Propel Women an organization designed to activate women to fulfill their God given passion purpose and potential Christine is the author of six books including Una.

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    I have a confession to makeI stalk Christine CaineI read her blog listen to her podcasts and follow her on TwitterWhen you listen to or read what Christine Caine has to shareyou realize that she leaks JesusI want to be around for the splashUndaunted is the testimony of someone who was lost and then was foundA story of the rescued called to rescueIt isn't just her story but ours as wellThroughout this book Christine shares about looking to God for her identity along with her purpose She is completely transparent in telling her story showing how God has worked in her life and brought her through so much with the truth in His WordMy favorite part of the book is where Christineshares about finding our identityWhy is it so hard to choose first what God says about us?Why do we listen to the voices of others than His?Allowing the labels you give yourself or someone else gives you can cause you to miss God's truth about who you are and into not pursuing God's purpose for your lifeGo to your Bible to remind yourself what God saysGod's TruthsGod made each one of usGod chooses each one of usGod is always with usHe names usHe saved usHe is our FatherShe goes on to write about overcoming disappointmentfighting fear and following the example that Christ set before usShe challenges us to believe and goTo be the rescued rescuersTo liveUndaunted

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    This may be like a 35 because I didn't love the writing but OH MAN is there a lot of truth in there It's hard to think about writing styles in the midst of all that incredible messageI've heard many sermons by Christine Caine and this book was just as good as those Challenging in so so many waysI'm leaving this book challenged not to sleep walk through life but to be sensitive to and aware of opportunities and interruptions that could change the direction of my lifeWe are meant to be a light in the dark not to sleep through the night

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    God doesn't call the ualified he ualifies the called This is the main thing I got from this book and I think will stick with me forever I just know that whatever he calls me to do that he will help me to do it even if it seems impossible or if its something I have never done before

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    I can't say enough about this book Every single page moved me and humbled me There is always a tendency to think of ourselves first; like we are the world that should incumber everyone's thoughts and minds In reality the world is made of people who need love compassion help rescuing who need Jesus The pages of this book knocked the wind out of me I would think of the times I have been selfish in my own desires when I am truly living a blessed life There is a girl out there that has stripped away from her family stripped away from her hopesand dreams and is thrown into human trafficking A child who has been taken from their parents all while I'm sitting in the comfort of my home A mother who has lost her child but pushes forward toward the things God has called her to do A Christine Caine who has been faced with trails tests and temptations and yet she has a revelation of God and His promises Jesus commissioned us to go into the world and shine His light in the darkness so that others can be rescued and set free Our world is right there in front of us everyday; at work at the storeetc Our world is made of people that need us to be all who God has called us to be in order to help them

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    Are you afraid to do what God is calling you to do? Then this book is for you There is ALWAYS something to lose we can choose to surrender to the fear and let it rule us or we can surrender to God and live Undaunted My favorite message from this book is to remove the phrase but God from our lives But God I don't know how to do thatBut God no one will believe meetc God does not ask Are you capable? He asks Are you willing? We will never have enough time money resources or know how but God will use what we have and make up the rest When God calls us we see problems He sees possibilities We see difficulties He sees destiny What is God calling you to do?

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    Absolutely amazing example story While I held my sleeping 5 month old daughter I welled up with tears as I read heartbreaking stories of young girls who have been hellishly abused As a daddy I cannot fathom such things As Christians we must realize that those girls are all of our daughters and sisters and we must accordingly take action in the name of Jesus

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    This book fell into my hands the very week I needed the help it is packed with What were the odds of that happening? I didn't recall how it crossed my radar when I had placed a reuest with my library to buy or borrow it and when that would happen It arrived via inter library loan which pushed it up to the top of the 'gotta read now' stack Now I find myself wanting to purchase a case uantity to give away to any and all takers The case uantity is two dozen so I've settled for just six which is still a stretch for my budget one for me and for five of my most special friendsThe author first shares what she calls her Schindler's List moment I'll wager there are very few who can put the book down after reading this chapter What ensues in the book is her personal journey to that momentYou'll find yourself googling her name and her organization to learn about this remarkable woman and the work she is doing

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    I didn't know I needed Christine Cain and her inspiring words in my life until I read them Thank you to a friend for lending it to me I want to buy for myself and a dozen other people It is hard being a Christian nowadays for all the people that are negative towards it Religion isn't bad there's just bad people in religion So to read about forgiveness and seeking God and being called to do selfless acts makes me take a strong look at myself and want to be a better human in this life I always feel daunted by the tasks in front of me and God gives me the strength to want to walk with a purpose of feeling Undaunted She doesn't push her beliefs on anyone so I did like that She just talks with a zen and her truth as it is known to her Good Book

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    Some of the stuff that goes on in our world today is shocking It’s difficult to imagine teen girls involved in human trafficking abused sex slaves facing their lives with no escape beatings and even death I was amazed when I read about such cases In my little world such happenings are impossible Or are they?In her book UNDAUNTED Author Christine Caine begins the story at a safe house in Greece run by The A21 Campaign the rescue ministry that she and her husband Nick started She’s talking with fourteen young women from European countries who had been rescued from sex trafficking The stories the author hears are heartbreaking The uestion the girls ask her is even so “Why didn’t you come sooner?” As she considered the uestion from the teens she also thought of her own storyThe discovery of the secrets about her life along with Nick’s love and understanding helped Christine Caine to heal and to forgive as God asks us to do She gives examples from Scripture to show others that have forgiven Joseph for example who forgave his brothers saying God intended what happened to him for the good Dealing with her struggles opened her eyes to what God had done for her and wanted her to do for others Christine Caine’s reflections about her life as she followed God’s will for her along with uotes from the Bible make UNDAUNTED an inspiring story that will lift your heart and give you courage to face whatever obstacles you encounter I know the book has encouraged me to reach out to others knowing God will show me the way It will help teens who are dealing with their own situations find the answers they need With God all things are possible###

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    Totally inspiring especially very encouraging Worthwhile reading I get caught up with fear and trying to run away from where God wants me to go Christine is right we tend to make lists to get away from it when in the beginning the idea sounded great The stories were really amazing Loved it the first day I read the book I was almost halfway done because I could not get enough of the book Feeling the love of Christ through her story was amazing Im definitely going to keep this book to be reminded time to time of the power that we have through Christ

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