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Seek First❰EPUB❯ ✶ Seek First Author Jeremy R. Treat – The key to a successful and fulfilling life is finding out what matters most and then building your life around it So what matters most According to Jesus it's the kingdom of God Jesus proclaimed the The key to a successful and fulfilling life is finding out what matters most and then building your life around it So what matters most According to Jesus it's the kingdom of God Jesus proclaimed the kingdom in his teaching embodied the kingdom in his life and told his followers to Seek First the kingdomUnfortunately the message of the kingdom and the good news of God's reign in this world has not only been misunderstood by the church it is also resisted in our own hearts Putting God's kingdom first does not minimize other aspects of life like our work our family and our relationships It puts them in perspective Seeking first the kingdom is a vision of following Jesus that shapes and enhances all of life offering an eternal perspective a lasting purpose and an unshakable identity It's the only thing worth building your life around.

Jeremy R Treat PhD Wheaton College is a pastor at Reality LA in Hollywood California and an adjunct professor at Biola University in La Mirada California Before earning his PhD in systematic theology from Wheaton College Jeremy was a pastor for seven years in the Seattle area and earned degrees from Seattle Pacific University Fuller Theological Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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  • Seek First
  • Jeremy R. Treat
  • 09 July 2016
  • 9781721347889

10 thoughts on “Seek First

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    Four and a half stars The Kingdom of God is something I have always wondered about While this book was a good introduction to the concept it didn’t go in depth enough for my taste But that was the goal of the author not go too deep but go deep enough So I will keep reading on this

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    Very accessible treatment of the kingdom It will stir your affections for Jesus and his way and give you hope for the unfolding of his kingdom

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    Seek First is a well rounded series of reflections on the life in Christ I can commend it highly by noting that it reminds me of CS Lewis' classic The Weight Of Glory Dr Jeremy Treat a young Pastor in LA pilots us down pleasant pathways opened up by the in breaking of Isho's Kingdom In an age of distraction everyone is looking for something that gives purpose and perspective on life An earlier American Pastor Eugene Peterson called for a long obedience in the same direction Jeremy Treat follows the same road of discipleship He notes correctly that Jesus says it is the kingdom of God that is central and seeks to apply that practically in a twenty first century urban American context Whilst still considering the global church and reflecting helpfully on the health of The Faith throughout the world and across the generations Pastor Treat recognizes that the kingdom is not just another religious idea Rather he acknowledges God's loving reign brings clarity and coherence to all of life identity work play relationships justice character in a way that is profound and practical in eual measure There are some little gems of particular import today After lamenting the common state of inept fathers and even worse the pervasive problem of fatherlessness he points to God as the antidote The father to the fatherless who offers a real presence and a standard to live up to If only we would listen True fatherhood must be balanced Intimacy and reverence are the ways of a loving father'' Let us listen to Treat Voddie Baucham Jr and others who remind us of the truth of Scripture about such important issues

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    One of the best and most helpful books I have read recently I'm teaching a Bible study through the book of Exodus and this has become one of my main resources in understanding how all the stories fit together The Kingdom theme makes sense of the Bible even some of the most challenging parts It helps me be able to verbalize the story of God's work in the world why the Old Testament is relevant for our lives today why Jesus had to die and so many I'm going to be recommending this one to many people

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    An accessible pastoral big picture look at theology and the Christian life God's kingdom as God's reign through God's people over God's place A nice little moment of orientation at the start of a new year

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    WRECKED With each turn of the page I was left with a sweet conviction that leads to repentance or a reminder of the joy found only in the Lord I have read several non fiction Christian books but this one is different I want to read it over and over again

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    This is a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyedThis is a helpful look at what the kingdom of God means and why it matters It's short it's witty it's compelling it's powerfulTolle lege

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    This is an easy to understand succinct and engaging entry to the story of the Bible and what it means for you I never get tired of learning about this Great for those new to understanding the Kingdom of God and for those who are already living as part of it

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    I enjoyed Seek First Jeremy Treat has a compelling writing style accessible combination of theology stories and application

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    Well written and I'm sure it's helped a lot of people but far anecdotal than I usually prefer Would recommend it for people just beginning to try and understand the kingdom

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