No Is a Beautiful Word

No Is a Beautiful Word❮Download❯ ✤ No Is a Beautiful Word Author Kevin G. Harney – If a person has extra time nothing to do and finds themself looking for ways to fill their empty daysthis book is definitely not for themNo Is a Beautiful Word is designed and crafted for people whose If a person has extra time nothing to a Beautiful PDF/EPUB å do and finds themself looking for ways to fill their empty daysthis book is definitely not for themNo Is a Beautiful Word is designed and crafted for people whose plate is full whose margin is thin and whose life feels overloaded They are looking for help relief and wisdom to navigate the countless options that life offers on a daily basisThis book No Is ePUB ½ is needed by people whoGo to bed with a To Do list that never seems to get totally doneKindly say Yes and secretly regret it five minutes laterFeel pain and live with guilt when they have to say NoWere taught that No is a dirty wordBelieve that saying No is a sign of weaknessFeel trapped by unwise past commitmentsWant to say Yes to what matters most in life but are too Is a Beautiful PDF/EPUB Â exhaustedKnow that their life is out of balance and are seeking to fix itIt will be valuable forLeaders who have a tough time making the hard decisions because they fear hurting someone's feelingsExecutives who feel over extended and pressed to the edges of their capacityParents who feel overworked and under appreciatedStudents who are trying to balance the intensity of school work and their relational worldRetired people who find themselves saying with subtle humor but aching regret I am busy now than I have ever beenSingle people who go to bed at night exhausted because the day left no margin and offered no oasis of peaceMarried people who love their life but secretly dream about time to play space to relax and taking a napNo Is a Beautiful Word is designed to be read briskly chewed on thoroughly and acted on practically The chapters are brief by intention They range from one paragraph that's right some chapters are only a few sentences long to four pagesThe goal of this book is give people clear concepts paint a picture of what it looks like to live out the idea and then move on to the next thought The vision is to help people learn to say No to the things that don't matter or don't matter as much so they can say Yes to the things that bring life hope peace and lasting meaning.


No Is a Beautiful Word PDF ´ Is a Beautiful  PDF/EPUB
  • Audio CD
  • No Is a Beautiful Word
  • Kevin G. Harney
  • 23 September 2015
  • 9781721347766

10 thoughts on “No Is a Beautiful Word

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    A few observations1 Despite this book's brevity it's still too long and still too repetitive I've concluded that learning how to say no doesn't merit a book length treatment 2 Although there are a few good soundbite moments this book mostly just presents ideas readers could arrive at through common sense I didn't learn anything from this book that I didn't already know from my own thoughts and experience 3 This book wanders beyond its stated focus No Is a Beautiful Word is designed and crafted for people whose plate is full whose margin is thin and whose life feels overloaded from the book description Several of the chapters have nothing to do with the problem of overload and overcommitment Chapter 51 No Words for example encourages readers to think through toxic words and phrases eg I'll never forgive you they'll never say to others especially in the heat of the moment While there's nothing wrong with saying no to using certain words and phrases that practice doesn't fit this book's focus at all 4 There are Christian books that throw in a few Christian examples but otherwise sound like secular self help books and then there are Christian books saturated from the inside out with biblical thinking Sadly this book is the former Honestly I wish it had claimed to be a typical self help book so that I could perhaps be generous with my rating But when a book claims to be from a Christian perspective I must automatically hold it to a stricter standard My recommendation is that you pass on this one If you're feeling overcommitted and occasionally exhausted Kevin DeYoung's Crazy Busy David Shona Murray's Reset Refresh one is targeted at men the other at women or Tim Challies's Do More Better are better places to start

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    Kevin Harney an author I had not heard of previously has written a book of practical advice for anyone struggling with significant demands on his or her time Perhaps the best concept here is that one has to say 'no' to many things so 'yes' can be said to the most important things in one's life This slim volume consists of 68 short chapters which is not a strength of the book I found wanting detail and context for each of Harney's points of emphasis I believe the book would have been stronger if the author had developed some his ideas in greater depth But anyone who takes the book's lessons to heart will find a productive and fulfilling life and that's no small thing

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    Easy read with lots of practical steps to learn to take back control of our lives of the hectic pace filled with so many reuests Say no in a variety of ways in order to say yes to others Reminded me of 1 Cor 612 all things are lawful for me but not all things profitable There are even many good things out there to do but only a few bests I will be recommending this book to a few people around me

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    I really enjoyed the second half of this book The first half just felt like a long list Also I read Boundaries by Henry Cloud a while back and this one reminded me a lot of that I think it's a worthwhile read especially if you haven't read boundaries The second half was definitely a decent refresher for those of us who have

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    A must readThis was a great book It had good explanations and practical applications I am glad I read it For those who feel obligated to always say yes You need to read this No is not a bad thing

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    Easy read good concept not original could have been a blog post

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    Èo Learn to say “No” when you suppose the book not well enough to change your mind and make you decisively especially after browsing the title a bit self overactVÀI GỢI Ý NẾU MUỐN TỪ CHỐI Không chắc là để khi khác nhưng thật lòng rất trân trọng với lời hảo ý này của Không nhưng tôi biết một người khác có thể làm được không nhưng mà tôi có ý này Không nhưng tôi thật hãnh diệnkhi anh đã nghĩ tới tôi vì nó thật sự rất có ý nghĩa với tôi Không nhưng tôi có thể đưa ra vài lời khuyên được chứ Không tôi có thể nói đùa một câu được chứ Không tôi có thể nói lý do được không Không nhưng tôi thích điều bạn đang làm Không và bạn nên cẩn trọng Không nhưng tôi có thể đưa bạn một nguồn thông tin tra cứu Không cảm ơn thứ đó không dành cho tôi Không điều này có thể khiến tôi phải trả giá Không và tôi sẽ không bao giờ Không vì tôi chưa thể uyết định Không vì mẹ yêu con Không nhưng làm ơn đừng nghĩ tới điều tệ nhất Không miễn bình luận Không xin cảm ơn

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