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A Love Letter Life[Reading] ➶ A Love Letter Life By Jeremy Roloff – Tbjewellers.co.uk More than 23 million people watched as Jeremy and Audrey Roloff shared their vows and committed their lives to each other Now for the first time the former co stars of TLC's hit show Little People Big More than million people watched as Jeremy and Audrey Roloff shared their vows and committed their lives to each other Now for the first time the former co stars of TLC's hit show Little People Big World share their imperfect resilient and inspiring love A Love Kindle - storyAs Jeremy and Audrey write if you can fall into love you can fall out True love is something you choose to live out each day through your actions decisions and sacrifices To find and still seek now that is love From the moment you meet your potential spouse you can be intentional about shaping a beautiful love story uniuely written for who God created you both to be Whether you're single and searching in a serious dating relationship or desiring to love your spouse better Jeremy and Audrey euip you to pursue an intentional creative and faithful love story by sharing theirsThe journey to their wedding day was the culmination of a bumpy and complicated dating relationship From health problems to emotional walls to being separated by one thousand miles the couple faced daunting obstacles But their uniue approach to dating empowered them to write an uncommon love story and prepared them for married life Because as beautiful as their wedding was the Roloffs made a point to prepare for their marriage than their wedding dayTold through both Jeremy's and Audrey's voices A Love Letter Life tells a passionate and persevering story of relatable struggles hard learned lessons practical tips and devout commitment In these pages they encourage you to stop settling for convenient relationships offer perspective on male and female differences in dating tackle tough topics like purity give their nine rules for fighting well suggest fun ideas for connection in a world of technology and provide fresh advice on how to intentionally pursue a love story that never ends.


A Love Letter Life Kindle Ð A Love  Kindle -
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  • A Love Letter Life
  • Jeremy Roloff
  • 21 November 2015
  • 9781721347759

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    My opinion differs from the other 1 stars in that I am a Christian I agree with many of their values and morals I agree that marriage is a special gift from God and should last; my husband and I allow that belief to be a focal point of our marriage Marriage is not easy nor is it always epic yet we continue to pursue each other despite our flaws and our failures I normally stay away from making negative comments but Audrey and Jeremy's completely unrealistic expectations of marriage breaks my heart It breaks my heart that the readers of this book are told to believe their marriage needs to be forced always planned out and set up on a pedestal for the world to see Marriage has been the most difficult path in life I have taken and reuires an immense amount of work but I seek contentment not glory I want to daily put my spouses needs above my own not my desire for a million instagram followers I want God to ultimately be the driving force in my marriage not enneagrams

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    For a while now I have been following Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on social media I watched an episode of Little People Big World one day and found myself fascinated with Jeremy and Audrey They just seemed so authentic and real and completely okay with who they are So I started following them and soon loved them even Especially when I saw as far as I can tell from IG of course how they raised there beautiful baby girl I’m not religious and I didn’t grow up reading the bible but I’ve been trying to read it for a while now but I’ve been intrigued by faith and religion all my life And especially the way Jeremy and Audrey talk about being a Christen makes me feel like maybe I should find out about God and his word So when I saw that they wrote a book ‘A Love Letter Life’ I knew that was a book that I wanted to read When Jeremy and Audrey asked for people to join there Launch teams to help promote there book I was sure I wouldn’t be picked since I life in The Netherlands You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I found out I was picked to join one of the teams called Love Letter Spreaders BTW we won first place from all the Launch Teams DD And soon I began reading the first chapters of the book I was immediately hooked and knew this book was not only good but life changing Jeremy and Audrey have a way of writing that engages and inspires there readers from the very first page and I just didn’t want to stop reading Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait long to read the complete book And I started reading until I finished the whole book Now as book blogger I read a lot of books Good and sometimes bad ones I mostly read Romance novels at the moment but this book is my absolute favorite read of 2019 so far The writing is easy to follow and fun to read And I think what makes their story so good is that it isn’t perfect It has its flaws and therefor feels real Jeremy and Audrey are honest in there book They talk about their struggles and how they work hard to be intentional in their marriage They try and they mess up How brave is it to be so honest nowadays Especially on social media where people can be so unkind and downright rude But they still wrote this book hoping to inspire people Well in my case they succeededSince I haven’t been raised religiously I found there faith in God and each other so inspiring and just beautiful It almost makes me feel like I’m missing out in life That life is somehow worthwhile and beautiful as a Christen That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly a religious person but it definitely makes me think And that I think is one of the many beautiful things about this book It inspires you to want and think Reading this book also doesn’t only make me want to work harder to have a intentional marriage with my husband but also makes me want to learn about faith and religion I feel inspired to do with my life and work harder in my marriage So my husband and I also ordered the Marriage Journal from Jeremy and Audrey’s Beating 50 Percent community My husband and I agreed on committing to this journal every week Even after being together for twelve years and being married for the last two we can always do to love each other better ‘A Love Letter Life’ has already changed me and I would recommend this book to everyone out there It doesn’t matter if your religious or not if your single or in a relationship this book is a beautiful and inspiring read that should be on your TBR And boy I’m going to re read this book soon for sure

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    Marriage advice after a couple of years Kidding right Hold hands during resolution of a conflict Double kidding right NoI want marriage advice from a couple with 20 years in Period

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    I read this book because I am fascinated by people who are different than me From a uick look the Roloffs could not be different than me and my husband Our values are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum As someone who has what she would consider a fairly successful marriage I was also curious to see what these two had to say about relationshipsI think the core principles of this book are things that anyone could agree on regardless of their faith and beliefs 1 Communication is key 2 Marriage is hard work 3 You should get to know someone before you actually marry them 4 Complacency is very dangerous to a marriage Hearing their love story and the struggles they went through as a long distance couple reminded me of the first year my husband and I were together We spent our entire first year apart with me being in NY and him being in SC We saw each other in person every 2 3 months but most of the time was spent in totally different states This forced us to learn how to communicate with each other right off the bat and I think our marriage is stronger because of it Where I think the Roloffs lose a lot of people is the constant talk of Christianity I understand and admire that God is a big part of their life and their marriage but I honestly believe if they toned it down just a bit that their overall message would be heard so much louder and clearer The overall message of this book is a great one that many people could learn from but I think the Roloffs are isolating themselves to a specific fan base by constantly talking about God It is entirely possible to live a “love letter life” without Jesus being a part of your life I don’t think one way is better than the other and I don’t think the Roloffs do either honestly They seem like good honest caring people Unfortunately there are a few times the book comes off as a bit preachy Regardless this was an easy read with an excellent overall message There would be less divorce in this world if people actually abided by some of these principles instead of rushing into marriage My curiosity about how other people live their lives would probably prompt me to read another book by them as it was much better written than I anticipated However if you are not a religious person or if you are easily offended by people who talk about religion a lot this is not the book for you

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    45 stars A Love Letter Life Pursue Creatively Date Intentionally Love Faithfully was a really great read I'd seen it around on social media from Jinger Vuolo Marriage After God and Dale Veronica Partridge I think and became intrigued Although I've never watched the TV reality show that Jeremy Roloff is a part of Little People Big World I thoroughly enjoyed his and Audrey's book It was an easy read; interesting fun and thoughtfulSo basically it tells the story of Jeremy and Audrey Little bits of their individual lives and a lot of how they became friends fell in love and eventually joined lives in marriage I thought it was awesome how they emphasized the importance of friendship first and also being intentional and faithful about getting to know understanding and caring for one another There were some hot topics discussed Such as physical purity and close friendships with the opposite sex after you're married I appreciated how honest Jeremy and Audrey were about their relationship purity and where they failed and the fact that they wrote it as a warning Make boundaries Have accountability partners Don't make the same mistakes that we didI loved the few pages of pictures near the center of the book It's so fun to see snippets of what you're reading about Absolutely lovelyAnd the love letters they wrote each other Absolutely precious I love this idea especially for dating couples ^^This romance definitely wasn't perfect It had it's ups and downs It's bumps and break ups But no love story is perfect What makes the difference is how you pursue How intentional you are How faithful you are Are you willing to fight for this person despite the setbacks And once married are you willing to cling to each other until death parts you regardless if you fall out of love someday Most importantly are you actively putting Christ at the center It's wonderful to see a fun couple like Jeremy and Audrey pursuing God's design for a man and his wife Fighting for each other Promoting a healthy marriage relationship that doesn't give upThis book talks about how to creatively love your special person work through baggage from the past andor generational sin understand each other's personality respect each other be intentional in a long distance relationship and so onJeremy and Audrey have a sweet story of coming together and overall I very much enjoyed reading this book I recommend to those who like learning about the real life romances of Christian couples I received a copy of A Love Letter Life from Book Look Boggers Program This review is honest and all my own

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    I am so in love with this book The way Jeremy and Audrey write is truly inspirational I love how honest they are within their words God is really using them through this book #ALLLMusicCitySeekers #ALoveLetterLife

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    The star rating reflects my thoughts on the writing style of the story I do not rate personal stories It is their story not mine and I do not believe it can be given a star ratingI have followed Jeremy and Audrey's story for uite some time I have watched Little People Big World for as long as I can remember Therefore it was only natural that I followed the stars of the show on social media It was there that I really started to follow Jeremy and Audrey's journey through Beating 50 Percent and Always More When they announced they were writing a book I was interested but skeptical I will be the first to say that religion is not the center of my life It is not to say I do not have my own godly beliefs it's just to say it is not my driving force Because I followed this couple for so long I knew religion was their driving force and I was skeptical that their book would make me feel as though I was a horrible person because I didn't have their strong viewsBut I am happy to announce I was wrongJeremy and Audrey created a story that felt as though you were reading to a story from an old friend They shared their trails and successes throughout their relationship all while being honest They shared that it was not easy and that they were not perfect people But they also show you how they solved these challenges as a team and how you can change yourself and work towards being a better you Religion is mentioned in their love story but it was done with so much class and simplicity I found myself connecting with bible verses they referred to and thinking about how they apply to my life My favorite part of the book was the systems they used to help understand themselves and others This is the part of the story ANYONE can take something from They spoke about The 5 Love Languages Enneagrams sharing each other's passions or dislikes and several other systems that can help support your understanding of others and yourself Overall I believe this is a must read for those who are on the journey of love but also if you are trying to discover how you want your life story to be written

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    I thought this book was good and cute

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    I really love all the ideas and material they give to us as readers I thought a lot of it was as insightful

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    Jeremy's family have been filmed for their reality TV show Little People Big World for much of his life which is how I came to know of him since I loved that show Their wedding was televised and I remember being impressed with how intentional the details were and how much they centered the wedding around their mutual love for Jesus Fast forward five years and they now have a thriving marriage ministry called Beating 50 Percent that focuses on helping others build strong lifelong vibrant and God glorifying marriages I love listening to their podcast Behind the Scenes and reading posts from their blog that are encouraging truth filled and written from a place of humility And Greg and I use their Marriage Journal to help us communicate routinely Audrey also has her own clothing line called Always More And now they have written their love story jam packed with not only the sweet details but also tough lessons they learned along the way things they wish they could have been vigilant in and plenty of truth bombs sprinkled throughout They are incredibly relatable honest down to earth and inspiring and this book showed all of that I loved hearing about the way Jeremy patiently pursued Audrey in friendship before they officially started dating as well as their long distance woes since we definitely had our own that made me nod my head in agreement as they explained the love hate paradox of depending on things like texts letters phone calls and personal gifts in the mail when they were thousands of miles apart They specifically wrote lots of letters to each other hence the title This is a great read for anyone familiar with their story but also for anyone who wants to be encouraged in their singleness dating or married life There is plenty to glean whatever the season

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