How to Have Your Life Not Suck

How to Have Your Life Not Suck[Reading] ➾ How to Have Your Life Not Suck By Bianca Juarez Olthoff – Do you ever just want someone to help you figure life out to tell you how to win at work what guys to stay away from and what jeans rock your body shape With so much information at your fingertips rea Do you ever just Have Your PDF ✓ want someone to help you figure life out to tell you how to win at work what guys to stay away from and what jeans rock your body shape With so How to Kindle - much information at your fingertips real success good dates and true friendships can still feel out of reach Bianca Juarez Olthoff is your guide minus the cargo shorts and tacky hat to becoming today who you to Have Your PDF Æ aspire to be tomorrowPacked with lessons Bianca learned from her own mistakes and heartache this field guide will help you avoid unnecessary detours on the path to your best self With her signature wit engaging stories to Have Your Life Not PDF \ and brilliant insights from a counselor friend Bianca gives spot on advice for adulting career relationships and faith Following the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi Bianca's humorous and honest anecdotes will empower you to create a successful life and discover all you can beThis curated manual for the modern woman to Have Your Life Not PDF \ will help youConnect with a mentor let go of bad friendships and find a relationship worth keepingTrust the goodness of God even in loss betrayal and unanswered uestionsTake initiative do hard things and achieve meaningful successFall in love with God's Word and see the Bible come aliveThe perfect cocktail of sass and down to earth guidance How to Have Your Life Not Suck is just the book you need to navigate your way to the life you want to live More than that Bianca will show you that though life is tough you are too.


How to Have Your Life Not Suck ePUB Ô to Have Your
  • Audio CD
  • How to Have Your Life Not Suck
  • Bianca Juarez Olthoff
  • 06 March 2015
  • 9781721347650

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    I laughed I nodded I highlighted I exclaimedYES with this one Bianca Oltzhoff is a firecracker who keeps it real in How To Have Your Life Not Suck Becoming Today Who You Want To Be Tomorrow I made lists of people who I wanted to recommend this book to and learned a lot from it myself We have many within our society who honestly haven't had the support and encouragement they need to move forward into healthy adulthood I know at different times in my life I wished there had been people who could step up and help giving me healthy advice Bianca is that adult who can tell it like it is and still be kind enough to encourage you towards positive change Through the anchor of the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi Olthoff shares specific reasons why Ruth is someone we should follow after learn from and draw inspiration from The complex story of what Ruth walked through is broken down into subjects for chapters Olthoff shares the stories of uniue people she has ministered to through the years as well as examples of the struggles everyone deals with as they become an adult The book addresses so many things that it is difficult to list them all but be assured the important things are fully covered Olthoff also gives insight into how our view of ourselves and who Christ sees us as can often differ I love that she's not afraid to address difficult topics along with adding the insight from a therapist at the end of each chapter This book is for anyone who has had issues with accepting the truth that adulting is hard to navigateOne of my favorite parts of the book centered around her family's powerful story of redemption second chances and new life in Christ You will want to keep that highlighter handy trust meIf you've never heard of Bianca Olthoff get ready She's a powerhouse of a Bible teacher honest and vulnerable She has a great sense of humor and a passion for loving people She has served in many ministry capacities and does not shy away from tough issues She serves as pastor alongside her husband in Orange County CA at the church they founded The Father's House She is also active in the non profit world running a prision ministry called In The Name of Love If you enjoy this book then also take a look at her prior book Play With FireI was excited to read an early copy thanks to Zondervan Publishing I chose to review and all opinions are my own

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    With funny Biblically based one liners like No ringy no dingy Bianca Olthoff does not mince words and creates a powerful truthful punch Having heard Bianca speak at multiple conferences I knew this book would be life changing and was it ever Not Suck has been a breath of fresh air and encouragement from page one I resonated with the book because of the grief and loss my family experienced when both my grandmothers father and uncle went to their Heavenly homes within 23 months Our lives were turned upside down and never the same  Now 12 years later I'm a single 30 something still surviving and trying to stay afloat in this game called life and I know I'm not the only single lady to feel this wayBianca is a gifted communicator and storyteller who has a way with words to touch the hearts of generations I laughed and cried on repeat and only paused to highlight or post I could not put the book down I found myself reading for hours and flying through chapters like Bianca was live in my living room It hit so close to home and I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say nextIf you need a pick me up life gets tough then How to Have Your Life Not Suck will pull you up and put you on the road in the right direction It's an ideal read for a graduate or someone embarking on a new and uncertain adventure in life and I can't wait to share this wisdom with my friends and family 

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    Bianca pours out her heart in this book You can feel her drive and determination to fill our lives with practical ways to have it not suck I cried I laughed and I said “Amen” uite a few times out loud This book has the power to change lives There is fire and truth behind every word From covering dating to adulting through the lives of Ruth and Naomi I gained many new perspectives on how to better myself to glorify the Lord in those areas My favorite part of reading this was how Bianca always tied everything back to Scripture It reminded me that in all we do we do it to represent God and all He stands for All in all this book is a must read Single dating or married this book is for you Long time believer of Christ or new to the faith this book is for you Unsure of your faith or where you stand this book is for you Stuck and not sure where to go next this book is for you Everyone can gain something from it I’m so excited to see how many lives will be changed by it Your life will not suck after reading this

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    Love this book And love the author pretty sure we're soul sisters and would be best friends in real life hahaShe takes the book of Ruth from the Old Testament in the Bible and uses it as a guide for how to live life well from dating and relationships to being a successful person in the work force to trusting God in all things Eually hilarious down to earth and with words of significance and impact this is going on my faves and will gift it to others lists

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    Wish I'd had this in my 20's This is the kind of stuff Rachel Hollis WISHES she was dishing out Girlsladies do not be deceived by the shallowness of that girl Bianca may be young but she is on fire Can't wait to see what she writes as she gets older

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    Imagine holding a glass of wine and lounging on the couch while listening laughing and talking with your homegirl This is that book Bianca is honest and funny while delivering wisdom encouragement and practical helpI love Bianca's understandable deep dive into Ruth's life and what we can learn from this book in the Bible I also like Dr Deb's Thoughts From A Therapist sections You get a mix of inspirational and informational learning Love thatIf you feel a little stuck this book is for you That's where I was and it's like Bianca came over to sympathize cheer me on then kick me in the behind to get me moving towards awella life that didn't suck

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    I absolutely love Bianca  When I first started my religious journey her words spoke to me the most  This book was difficult for me to get into simply because it seemed to be written for women at a different stage of life than what I am currently in  Overall it still had lessons that I could learn and was a good book

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    This is a good book I'm not the intended audience but I finished it just because It's full of truth in Bianca's own uniue style I'd probably recommend this to teens or twenty somethings It's encouraging

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    “How To Have Your Life Not Suck” is a book this current generation of young women need in their pocket Bianca touches on all the things through out this book from dating to faith to adulting Bianca weaves the Bible story of Ruth through out this whole book and gives us take aways that are easy to apply to our own lives Some of my favorite parts where from DrDeb and I cannot express how much I love that Bianca teams up with a therapist to help us better understand the points that Bianca makes such as her thoughts on “internet stalking” rejection and characterIn a world where there is a lot of pressure to be a strong independent woman it can be hard to try and balance it all Bianca encourages us to be strong and independent women but she also encourages us to be compassionate good friends and honorable women She challenges us to find value in ourselves so we can be all that Christ has called us to be She lets us know that we don’t have to do it alone and she gives us advice on how to build healthy relationships around us so that not only will we succeed but others around us can also

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    Many may gloss over the title of this book and think Great another self help book Krrrrrr Hit that break because this is not just another one of those books Not Suck speaks to women of all ages and all stages of life Whether you are single married experiencing blessings or going through loss this book gives you the tools to navigate through the varying seasons of life and to do so with grace and dignity It is designed to strengthen you in your faith and help you rise up to become the woman God wants you to be based on the biblical story of Ruth It will have you laughing crying and resonating with the people who are mentioned in this book Plus it will make for a great gift for the women in your life 

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