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Have More Fun[PDF / Epub] ☄ Have More Fun Author Mandy Arioto – Tbjewellers.co.uk When was the last time you had some good and serious fun If your todo list has become the boss of you if you're so exhausted and overwhelmed you can't rememberall of that is about to change Have More When was the last time you had some good and serious fun If your todo list has become the boss Have More Epub / of you if you're so exhausted and overwhelmed you can't rememberall of that is about to change Have More Fun is your crash course to getting unstuck laughing freely and enjoying the rideMOPS International CEO Mandy Arioto is known to thousands worldwide as a lively storyteller a force of hope and an audacious risktaker She brings it all in this rollicking adventure of a book bent on helping you doof what makes you come aliveHave More Fun is for anyone who has forgotten that fun is an option In a world where political dramas and cultural uncertainties churn through our news feed every day Mandy is here to suggest that the answer to many of the most pressing uestions is funHow do I getdone FunHow do I parent in meaningful ways FunHow do I make friends FunHow can I find my purpose FunHow do I spice up my sex life FunHow do I adapt when things don't go as planned FunHow do I improve my marriage FunNot to mention that choosing fun can be a spiritual disciplinea place to experience the boundless love and joy of God in everyday surprising ways If you have ever waited until your todo list is finished to have fun or you can't remember the last time you really laughed it is possible you might be taking life work or parenting too seriously Weaving together science historical trends hilarious stories practical ideas and spiritual truth Mandy uncovers fresh ways to take fun seriously instead.

Is a well known author some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Have More Fun Have More Epub / book this is one of the most wanted Mandy Arioto author readers around the world.

Have More Fun MOBI Û Have More  Epub / Audio CD
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  • Have More Fun
  • Mandy Arioto
  • 03 December 2015
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10 thoughts on “Have More Fun

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    I got this due to my involvement with MOPS, the organization she is in charge of which is meant to be a ministry to moms. While the book has some funny stories in it, I found it was seriously lacking in the faith and solid Biblical teaching aspect. It felt more like a good old fashioned self help book relying on your own power- which is fine if that is what you are going for. In terms of of using it as a base for a year’s curriculum at you ministry where you wish to point people to Jesus- not so much. I expected much more and came out disappointed.

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    I am a MOPS Coordinator and we received a book as part of our group registration. I decided to pick it up and read it as I was wrestling with MOPS International's take on the theme for the next year of MOPS and the way they interpreted the scripture. To start out with, the book seemed light on theology, mostly fluff, but relatively harmless. There were some good thoughts on ways to add more fun to every day life. The book was a light read, not a Christian book, but maybe a self-help one. However, when it is printed by a Christian publisher and written by a women who is a CEO of a Christian organization, it is presented as a Christian book, whether that was the design or not.
    As I continued on, there were a few particular parts that stuck out as problematic from a Christian standpoint. In the parenting chapter, Mandy asks "what if our first responsibility in raising kids is to enjoy them?" No, as a Christian parent, my first responsibility is to be an ambassador of Christ to them. After finishing the book, I learned that that particular passage references Rob Bell, who is himself a false teacher. Mandy actually acknowledges that some people won't like that she quotes him in the notes in the back of the book, but says we can disagree with his theology and still listen to his parenting advice. Well, no. that doesn't work for me.
    When I got to the chapter on Spirituality, there were more red flags. Mandy makes light of faith and at the end suggests taking communion with cake and champagne. Communion as based in scripture is a very serious time of reflection and confession as we remember our sin and the gift of God's grace. It bothers me that she takes it so lightly.
    I find Mandy's theology to be vague. It is hard to pin down what she believes. Having more fun and being joyful is great, but it is not what God means in scripture when he talks about abundant life. There is far more to it to that. It also feels like MOPS took Mandy's book and ideas first and then tried to find a scripture to sort of match up with it.
    Overall, this book left me questioning the leadership of MOPS and the organization as a whole. This author has an opportunity here to reach many women with the gospel of Christ and she fails completely. It's disappointing to say the least. If you are a Christian woman reading this book, use caution.

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    Here is my “thesis” as it were: Mandy is engaging and has a fun (haha pun) and relevant message that threads the gospel in lightly, but my one reservation is that the book propagates the idea that fun is the be-all-end-all when, in reality, the Bible clearly shows that fun is not to be our #1 saving grace or goal.

    I am a MOPS coordinator, and when I lead my MOPS group, I use the MOPS curriculum to further our group’s needs and facilitate women growing closer to God—and I think this book is something akin to the MOPS curriculum: Most things work really, really well, but the others that don’t I leave by the wayside. Mandy has a gift for storytelling and engaging people; she is charismatic and clearly cares for ALL the world, not just the churched. I think that’s one of the things that allow this book, and Mandy, to connect and reach out to people who may not subscribe to the idea that Jesus is Lord. There is no pretension in her, and her anecdotes are delightful. There’s been controversy in the MOPS community over the idea of her putting into writing that she (gasp) went skinny dipping with her husband, but as someone who is “in the world but not of the world” (i.e. I work a full time job and interact daily with nonbelievers as opposed to only rubbing shoulders with those who subscribe to Christianity), her message must surely resonate with the average person so much more due in part to her “realness.” (And, seriously, if one were to have issues with skinny dipping with one’s own husband, then I must recommend the MOPS Intimacy Collective!) Our goal in MOPS and life is not to play the Puritan but to exhibit the grace Christ has imparted to us undeservedly! So easily we turn others off with stodginess and lack of love and grace when Christ was the antithesis of the Pharisees!

    However. There are issues. As noted above, Mandy spends an entire book talking about fun and its role in life, and while it is a great message, fun is not why God put us here on earth; as the age-old catechism put forth for children everywhere: “Q: Why did God make you and all things? A: For His own glory.” We are here to glorify God for HIS pleasure, not our own... but I do so love how following His plan brings joy! (Note: Joy is not a direct synonym for “fun” 😉)

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    I had the pleasure of getting to hear Mandy Arioto speak at MomCon a few years ago and parts of her talk from that day still resonate with me. Her engaging and lively style translate to the page. Arioto's book is a quick read about infusing one's life with more lighthearted joy. Her book is targeted to MOPS members and as someone who spent her fair share of time in MOPS, I recognize the optimistic style. Have More Fun doesn't dig deep and covers a lot of territory quickly making the book feel a little superficial in scope, but it's a good conversation starter.

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    Once upon a time, I made a bucket list full of fun adventures. Now I make To Do list for cleaning my house. What I loved about this book is Mandy's real examples on hope to bring fun back in to my home. I don't have to go Cliff Diving, but just stopping and embracing the laughter around me is enough. Have More Fun is for every mom who just feels overlooked and overwhelmed!

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    I am neither a mother nor a Christian but I am going through a challenging life transition, and this was the perfect length and tone (mostly) of a pep talk that I needed.

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    3.5ish stars. I'm on the fence. This book seemed to be right up my alley. Women? Having more fun? That sounds like something I want more of! However, it should have a disclaimer as this book is for a very specific demographic: white, middle class, suburban, Christian, women with children. She's a mom and former youth pastor, so those two identities show up strongly. I decided not to judge her too much and listen to a voice I wouldn't normally seek out, just to see what I could glean from it. The book is short and fun is universal, right? I skipped a good portion of the parenting chapter because I had no interest in it, otherwise I read on. (Many women who don't fit in the aforementioned demographic, like myself, may find themselves skipping personally irrelevant bits of the book.) I was initially, and momentarily, turned off early on because she uses the watered down phrase "racial tension" instead of just saying racism. That was the first sign that this book may not be my style. It has noble intentions, but isn't fully 'woke'. However, the empowerment chapters that have true feminist vibes and draw from history are full of the aliveness/fun/awakening force a woman might really need in her life. There is a strong call in this book to make spiritual practices more fun as well. I wouldn't call this book preachy, but she does reference her faith many times.

    Arioto promotes body love, writing strangers love notes, being unconditionally kind, starting outlandish and fun traditions, and leaving unnecessarily crappy life habits behind. She asserts that we all need to be spending less time planning our lives and more time in the moment. I wholeheartedly agree. The grand plan is not the lofty world-changing goals but the moments spent loving and laughing. She does a better job of sounding less cliche them I am right now. There were definitely strong tidbits and life-giving storytelling in this book that I would very much recommend. It definitely infused lightness and power into my day. If you have an insecure girl still living in your adult female psyche, this book might inspire you and reset a dreary life perspective. That alone makes this worth a quick read.

    Overall, infuse more 'life' into your life is the message. I can dig that!

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    I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I was thinking...I think I'm sort of fun! But I had no idea how much I needed to read these words! From parenting to everyday life, this book has caused me to take a look at what really matters, to slow down, to take things easy and enjoy the little things. I loved the practical tips at the end of each chapter and I plan to look back at those when I'm feeling stuck in certain areas. Highly recommend this read!!

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    Mandy's book helped me realize how I had been sitting on the sidelines of my own life- remembering to plan, clean, launder, cook, repeat. She taught me how to put more groove back- and get out of the hum drum place I was in!

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    Loooooooved this book! Interesting, fun, easy to read and a powerfully simple idea to have more fun with your life! I consider this book a personal challenge!

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