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The Gospel-Driven Church❰Epub❯ ➟ The Gospel-Driven Church Author Jared C. Wilson – Many evangelical churches face the problem of the open back door even as new people arrive older members are leaving looking for something else Combined with this problem is the discipleship deficit t Many evangelical churches face the problem of the open back door even as new people arrive older members are leaving looking for something else Combined with this problem is the discipleship deficit the difficult truth that most evangelicals are not reaching the unchurched at the rates they think they are In fact many of the metrics that we often count in the church to highlight success really don't tell us the full story of a church's spiritual state Things like attendance decisions dollars and The Gospel-Driven PDF \ experiences can tell us something about a church but not everythingTo cultivate a spiritually healthy church we need a shift in our metrics a grace shift that prioritizes the work of God in the lives of people over numbers and dollars Are people growing in their esteem for Jesus Is there a dogged devotion to the Bible as the ultimate authority for life Is there a growing interest in theology and doctrine A discernible spirit of repentance And perhaps most importantly is there evident love for God and for our neighbors in the congregationLeading a church culture to shift from numerical success to the metrics of grace can be costly but leaders who have conviction courage and commitment can lead while avoiding some of the landmines that often destroy churches Wilson includes diagnostic uestions that will help leaders measure and lead team transparency in measuring as a group the relative spiritual health of their church as well as a practical prescriptive plan for implementing this metric measuring strategy without becoming legalisticMost attractional church models can lean heavily on making changes to the weekend worship gatherings And while some of these changes can be good thriving grace focused churches are driven by a commitment to the gospel allowing the gospel to inform and shape the worship service and the various ministries of the church.

Jared C Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Managing Editor of For The Church ftcco and Director of the Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City Missouri He is the author of numerous books including Gospel Wakefulness The Prodigal Church and most recently The Imperfect Disciple Wilson blogs regularly at.

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  • The Gospel-Driven Church
  • Jared C. Wilson
  • 15 August 2015
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    I found this book uite disappointed It is formulaic and superficial One of the obvious contributors to this is that there is no chapter on prayer which is crucial

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    I enjoy the candor and clarity of Wilson's writing But what I appreciate most is that he is trying to be forthright and clear about Jesus in a way that shows how Jesus is amazing This book is no exception to that This book reads like a tract for how to steer an attractions church model towards a model of church that explicitly makes Jesus the center or focal point He calls this being gospel driven I was already convinced of Wilson's thesis before I came to the book But this book was helpful because he lays out a way forward that is gentle and tender towards those that aren't convinced of this I work in Campus Ministry and I'm consistently shepherding students who come out of the attractions model and want us to be attractional This book has helped me have a greater heart for those students and given me practical ways to help those students see the beauty of Jesus in what Wilson calls the gospel driven model

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    Probably one of the most encouraging book on ministry I’ve read in a while Which is ironic because the book isn’t directly meant to be encouraging—it’s meant to be a primer on how to change an attractional church to a gospel church But in that process I was encouraged because he laid out clearly over and over the importance of depth rather than mere width And in ministry where numbers are much easier to focus on and uantify such a message was a breath of fresh airThe content of the book was solid all the way through He’s a great writer it was well organized and he even had a sample case study woven throughout to illustrate his points For all this I’m very thankful I will access this book again and again in ministryThe only critiue I’d have is the lack of “gospel centered” definition It think this happens a lot these days For example he writes a lot that the gospel is enough and it is but what does that mean A prime example is when he talks about preaching He says that the attractional church is topical usually while the gospel centered church is about exposition and the gospel Amen He then talks about how this might lead people to not liking how you always focus on the gospel on grace on Christ etc Amen—understandable But here’s the critiue Still what does that look like Why I say this is because I think he’s right that the attractional topical type preaching is incorrect I also think Jesus should be in every sermon But I think people could read this advice and think that every sermon should come back essentially to justification by grace through faith in Christ alone And I’ve seen “gospel centered” churches do this—and essentially it leads ironically to poor exegesis not teaching the whole counsel of God and the preacher giving practically the same message every week As a result I wish there was clarity on what it meant to be all about the gospel—how that doesn’t exclude other topics debatable theological ideas like Reformed theology etc And this is an issue not only for Wilson in this book but for all of us myself included who are preaching the message to be “all about the gospel” I think we need less vagueness here or else we might ironically create a shallow generation of ChristiansBut overall an amazing book And as I said above a ministerial breath of fresh air

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    A fantastically challenging and thought provoking book that forces you to honestly evaluate your entire walk and ministry Told with real clarity and conviction the exposition is driven along by an accompanying modern day parableI have only one criticism; that same parable feels unfinished and having established a firm foundation the author descends into a long shopping list of do’s and don’ts that fairly presume the justifications for his recommendations have already been laid out In fairness the approach is fundamentally practical Nonetheless it would have benefitted by accompanying in situ explanations of greater depth particularly considering the oft challenging conclusions In this regard it ends up feeling rushed and loses some of its impactThat said a must read

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    If I could somehow get every member of my church to read one book this would be the one Wilson reframes the church growth conversation around the gospel and encourages pastors to prayerfully labor for healthy growth that can only come from God's work in the gospel It is written with humility and a pastoral heart The major strength of this book is that it is not merely theoretical Often books will give you a gospel vision for ministry and never tell you how to move forward Wilson offers his vision of a gospel driven church and then offers an abundance of helpful counsel for how to lead with humility and navigate change I highly recommend this book to anyone in ministry

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    This book is for church leadersmembers who have been thinkingWhat is this 'new' gospel centred thing I have been hearing about and for those who have been struggling with how to measure if your ministry or church is practicing a Christ centred understanding of grace This has been an excellent summation of a gospel driven ecclesiology with clear appeal to re evaluate what we church leaders and members measure as successful Thankful for the assumptions Jared confronts He doesn't leave us feeling judged but gives us generous instruction to point our churches toward what matters to Christ

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    I wish I had this book from Wilson eight years ago when I transitioned a ministry in the way he describes in this book Each chapter provides helpful insight and reminders for those looking to make the gospel the center of their church and life Wilson uses a fictional large church's transition as a trail throughout but the tools and priorities highlighted are important for churches of all sizes and contexts His five metrics that matter most make the book vital for the church And beyond becoming a gospel driven church this book is going to be helpful to those of us already leading gospel centered churches Read this for yourself buy it for your team Be encouraged in the gospel

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    The title is a tip off of the type of language in this book gospel driven and metrics I'm not fond of that way of looking at the subject of the local Christian congregation and at first I struggled with his talk about attractional churches But I'm writing this review to tell people who might not read the book because of the same language prejudice This is not that kind of book Don't be misled by the author's choice of a title title and the author's way of describing a popular type of Christian church think Willow Creek Instead of the jargony book that breathes the spirit of the times this is a well written argument for returning churches to places that worship Christ and focus on the proclamation of His WordNow how I finished that sentence may send you off in a different direction Either oh I already value that and don't need to read a book about it or snore that's the same old same old This book presented me with some new thoughts and I'm grateful for it One treasure I'd never heard before Jonathan Edwards' What are distinguishing scripture evidences of a work of the Spirit of God The title made me suspicious or at least cautious since Jesus compares the Spirit to the wind that we don't know it's coming or going So I was pleasantly surprised that Edwards who admits you cannot measure these things offered this list1 Esteem for Jesus 2 Repentance Wilson's summary of Edward's point3 Growing respect and interest for the teachings of Scriptures4 Growing in love for God and for other peopleThese are healthy outcomes to look for Granted we cannot judge by outward appearances but consider what it feels like to look for these ualities compared to judging a church by the size of its programs its membership or church attendance these are commonly tracked by metrics referred to in the title I was pleasantly surprised at how thought provoking this book is I listened to the audio book but this was a book I wish I'd had a paperback copy of in order to mark up underline and ponder

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    Jared Wilson seems to be writing books just for me Or at least the Holy Spirit is making it seem that way I will pick up one of his books I think I own most of them and say “this looks interesting” and little do I know that this book will be just what I will need over the coming week Thank you Jared for listening to the Lord in this and for another great book

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    Very Jared Wilson Relentlessly committed to gospel centrality I think this would’ve been a paradigm shifter if I hadn’t been following his ministry and reading his books for some time Still solid Beneficial for all but particularly for pastors who are somewhat on the fence concerning philosophy of ministrytheological vision

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