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Brave Surrender[Reading] ➿ Brave Surrender Author Kim Walker-Smith – Kim Walker Smith's passionate performance of How He Loves helped transform Jesus Culture into a global worship movement Brave Surrender is the story of how Kim journeyed from a place of shame and fe Kim Walker Smith's passionate performance of How He Loves helped transform Jesus Culture into a global worship movement Brave Surrender is the story of how Kim journeyed from a place of shame and fear to stages around the world where she boldly proclaims the unconditional love of God Through her own story Kim inspires us to experience true freedom and healing with JesusComing from a painful childhood Kim struggled to believe that God could heal her heart or bring any sense from her past Yet when faced with the choice to hand her struggles over to God and receive His love in return everything began to change On the other side of surrender Kim began a journey of looking at one painful memory at a time with God and exchanging her perspective for His truth a journey in which God rewrote her story of pain into a story of redemption and hopeIf you are longing to experience God than the shame or hurts of your past the pressures of your present or the fear of your future Brave Surrender offers a soul healing path forward As Kim learned in her own life the first step and the bravest step is letting go Once we let go of anything that gets between us and God we are freed to take hold of the life that truly matters As Kim writes When we encounter God's love it changes the way we see And when we learn to see what He sees we will never be the same again.


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  • Brave Surrender
  • Kim Walker-Smith
  • 10 February 2016
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    “When I tried to end my life and found myself saved by JesusI had surrendered my life to HimWhen I was going through inner healing and facing my anger and pain toward the men who had hurt meI had surrendered it all to JesusWhen I was called to Africa and terrifiedI had surrendered my fear to JesusWhen I knew it was time to step out and move I had trusted JesusWhen I was slandered and accused I had surrendered my painand my need for punishmentto JesusWhen I was terrified that Jesus would let my babies dieI had surrendered them to HimI felt as if my whole life could be summed up into that one word surrender”And surrender is the architecture of this autobiographical memoir Surrender is the story of a self described “overachieving world traveling worship leading heart exploding drama lovingmama” It’s the story of seasons of “difficulty of having two babies in fourteen months the heaviness of postpartum depression the trauma of childbirth the trauma of close friends losing babies the anxiety of moving multiple times the challenge of planting a church the stress of having multiple jobs and the pain of losing” a stepfather It’s the story of “stepping into a deeper level of forgiveness reuired me to surrender Not the kind of surrender that waves a white flag to say I’m too worn down to fight but rather the brave surrenderthat reuires me to lay down my own strength and trust in God’s” For followers of worship leader Kim Walker Smith or for those unfamiliar with her Brave Surrender will usher you closer to the heart of the Father

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    I really enjoyed this book I picked it up because my word for 2019 was #bravesurrender A few months ago I discovered that there was also a Christian book by that title and I added it to my TBR listI had never heard of Kim Walker Smith before I bought the book It turns out she is one of the lead singers for the worship band Jesus Culture I had heard of Jesus Culture before although I’m not super familiar with their music Brave Surrender is Kim’s memoir about how she grew up in an abusive home and went on to find Jesus and develop a deep abiding relationship with Him She chronicles many ups and downs in her life and how she ultimately had to forgive those who had hurt her and surrender her pain to God The book was a uick yet inspiring read Although I’ve not endured any of the same trials as Kim I found myself relating to so much of the book because of different trials I’ve endured and having had to forgive and surrender myself to find true healing that only Christ can give

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    This book is so so so so so so good Easily my top 5 favorites and most important Kim Walker Smith’s story of trauma hope healing humanity and recurring brave surrender is just awe inspiring It displays the real and practical application of the gospel It demonstrates the truth that we are set free in an instant but liberty comes in choosing that freedom over and over and over again I spend most of my counseling sessions teaching the importance and how to of forgiveness and replacing lies with truth Kim’s story spells out the profound and liberating truth of just that I’m recommending the book to everyone I’m giving it to my teens to listen too And I hope to revisit it many times in my own future It hit places in my own soul that needed tended and led me to my own new breakthroughs and truths Read this book It’s potentially life saving

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    I chose this book because I love Kim Walker Smith I first heard her singing He Loves Us with Jesus Culture I was drawn to her energy and love shown through her worship I loved her joy which bubbled out of her as a laugh in the middle of the songThis book was so raw and real Her testimony is beautiful and powerful I was surprised how much I could relate to her story with her pain with father figures her feelings of hopelessness and her encounters with God I laughed cried and felt the deepest of emotions as I read this book It was as though Kim was sitting across from me at a café sharing her testimony with me I love how God transforms people beauty from ashes His great love is never ending His presence is never failing and dependable His word is steadfast and solid His arms are comforting protective and loving Some of my favorite parts are as followsturned my face toward Jesus and asked How much do You love me Immediately I saw Jesus throw His arms open wide and say I love you this much His arms began to stretch as far as my eyes could see and beyond He was laughing with so much joyI looked to the left and the right and couldn't see an end to how far His arms were stretching Realizing there was no end to His love for me I began sobbing and laughing with joy Page 84I asked Jesus What were You thinking when You created me as soon as the uestion left my mouth a picture appeared in my mind I was standing beside Jesus and we were both facing God the Father across a table The Father suddenly reached into His chest grabbed His heart and ripped off a chunk of it He threw it down on the table and it became clay As He began shaping and molding it I realized it was me When He was finished He reached over grabbed a box and placed me inside itThe Father stood in front of the box with a look of excitement and anticipation on His face Suddenly He threw open the box and the little me began dancing singing and worshipping HimThe Father became so excited and shouted Woohoo as He jumped and twirled around Then He shut the box waited with great anticipation and threw the lid open again Once I sang and danced and He ran around shouting for joy I stood there watching Him repeat the same seuence of events over and over I was bewildered at His excitement for me Then the Father reached into the box and put me in the palm of His hand In that moment my perspective changed I went from watching all of this along the side to being there in His hand He was pulling me close to His heart and as I got closer I could see the outline of the place where He had ripped out the piece to make me He slid me into that spot and I fit perfectly like a puzzle piece As I nestled into His heart I could feel the warmth of His love Then I heard the Father begin to speak You are not a mistake I knew exactly what I was doing when I created you This is the place you were made from and this is where you stay here in my heart so close to me Nobody else can fill this spot It's just for you Pages 85 86 Jesus loves us exactly the way we need to be loved Page 138When Jesus forgives us He completely removes and forgets about our sin His version of justice doesn't focus on punishing wrongdoing but on the restoration of what was lost or damaged by it Page 144 There is nobody who is too lost for God nobody who is unseen by Him There is not a single person who has made such horrible choices that God will remove His love from them He loves us in the middle of our mess and bad choices and He loves us even when we reject Him Page 185As you may have guessed I really enjoyed this book I highly recommend it to any and everyone It is so powerful and beautiful You will be surprised how relatable Kim's story is to your own God made you and He knows every detail of your story His love for you in incredible Thank you so much for reading my review I hope you enjoyed itDISCLAIMER I received this book from BookLookBloggers free in return for my honest review

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    This book is a beautiful testimony and example of God's relentless love Kim is open and vulnerable about her healing process and trusting God through itI would highly recommend this book and I will definitely read it again

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    Kim Walker Smith is a talented singer with a powerful story to tell In her book Brave Surrender Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story she encourages readers through her story of hope and resilience The book focuses on themes such as surrendering to God and accepting His love She talks about finding faith and healing from traumaThe following paragraphs contain spoilersThe book begins with major events in Kim's childhood including her life changing introduction to Jesus Kim's parents divorced and her mother remarried three times Kim's first two step fathers were abusive though her third step father was a kind Christian man One of the most touching parts of the book was when Kim's little brother Matt who had felt the sting of rejection by his biological father happily announced to the family that his stepfather George was his new daddy nowI loved reading Kim's story and seeing how she landed in ministry and started leading worship One of my favorite parts in the book was when she talked about how she met her husband Skyler Another favorite part was when she talked about her little boys Wyatt and Bear The book shows readers that surrendering to God is a courageous thing I received this book for review

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    Fantastic Kim Walker Smith lays bare her personal journey of anger betrayal disappointments and ultimate redemption for the whole world to read in this her first book I couldn't put it down Her honesty regarding her childhood abuse young adult search for meaning and adult disappointments is raw and almost shocking But it is so helpful to know that when she sings of going through the worst of life and not giving up on God you know she's really lived that belief and conviction Walker Smith gives the reader an incredible close up on her inner life as well as her outer one too She writes with bravery on the spiritual encounters that she's had with the divine and those beautiful images will stick with me long after this book goes back up on the shelf Her encouragement to listen to God REALLY listen and then obey with confidence is compelling I felt so lifted up by the triumphs of her life that she relates Truly an inspirational read for anyone going through a tough time and aren't we all The only thing I could have wanted of was detail on her professional singing life and the role God plays when she gets onstage but that's because I sing as well

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    I picked up this book around midnight exhausted thinking I would just preview the first chapter before going to sleep Two and a half hours later face raw and eyes swollen from tears I had finished the entire book This brave testimony is really a love story between Walker Smith and Jesus It’s the story of a broken young girl becoming a healed strong woman that daily makes the choice to surrender to Christ and follow Him wherever the Holy Spirit may lead It’s a portrait of a God so loving and so wonderful who does not demand perfection but constantly asks “Do you trust Me Do you know how much I love you” I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing while I read At so many points I felt God speaking to my heart through her story and revealing His faithfulness What struck me especially was the way that He used seemingly small disparate things to come together for her good as He promises in His word and weave together a story of ultimate joy for His daughter who He loves so much That was my main takeaway from this book He loves us SO much This was beautiful to read

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    Having a few current concussions myself I really don’t know what would happen if I got another one and put my family supports through that againConcussions and Parkinson’s that’s different parts of the brain as ms and risk of so many diseases The mental illness part of it should be classified as a brain disease rather mental illness Right now in life with high fats or cabbage broth soup or time restricted eat Made huge leaps in what I can doIdk what I’d do if so happened another big concussion again to be putting family and the friends left through thatI just don’t want to think about it some daysOr very hard daysA good book made me think hugely this book on the emotions and feelings that spin off things like that I guess not many put up with itAlthough my sister said she would always love me no matter whatI find she lives in in another part of the world so who says distance isn’t the answer for that by a huge part of it I’d suppose

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    Literally read this in 5 hours This is the book I’ve been waiting on in this season Whether or not our stories are the exact same as Kim’s or they’re written differently I believe we all struggle with the two uestions she dared to ask God“how much do You love me”“What were You thinking when You created me”Too often we believe the lies that are planted in our lives by the enemy Circumstances shape our view of God and tether us to the lie of being worthless But when we dare to surrender to God and let His love wash over us we’re changed Incredible book Incredible story Incredible love woven into the tapestry of these pages I recommend 1010

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