The Theft of Americas Soul

The Theft of Americas Soul[KINDLE] ❄ The Theft of Americas Soul By Phil Robertson – Star of AE's Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson exposes the ten lies the devil has used to destroy America's soul and offers ten counter truths to put God back into culture and turn the country aroundIn Apri Star of AE's Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson of Americas MOBI ☆ exposes the ten lies the devil has used The Theft Kindle - to destroy America's soul and offers ten counter truths to put God back into culture and Theft of Americas PDF/EPUB Â turn the country aroundIn April of Time magazine raised a ruckus when the cover of the magazine featured in red block letters a now infamous uestion Is God Dead It marked a turning point for the country revealing the cultural acceptability of uestioning whether God was active and alive in our world Circumstances have not improved In his new bookPhil Robertson exposes the essential deceptions and schemes the devil has used in an attempt to steal kill and destroy America's soul With personal narrative and folksy wisdom Phil shares the ten counter truths that if believed and acted on would put God back into the culture and might just turn our country around His most prophetic work to date the new book is deeply rooted in Phil's desire that all might come into the life giving peace filling wholly transforming experience of God's great love.

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The Theft of Americas Soul MOBI ´ The Theft  Kindle -
  • Audio CD
  • The Theft of Americas Soul
  • Phil Robertson
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9781721347209

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    The theft of America’s soul by Phil Robertson is a legit look at America and the people who live within her boarders He pulls no punches I’ll say that much he don’t sugar coat nothing just tells it how it is without any reinterpretation This book was excellent I’ve recommended it to my wife and she’s already digging it and so I’ll also recommend it to you all as well it’s well worth the time and energy It’s scripture heavy at times so for those of you non believers out there not interested in reading 10% of the Bible that’s a lot by the way and also an exaggeration there’s seriously a good amount of scripture The book is based and I do suggest you discard the image that the MSM has tried to create of Phil rather I would pick up this book and you’ll find out all you need to know about this fella and the fact that he don’t need forgiveness from no man and he don’t pull no punches I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty nor do I have any desire since I have a healthy disdain for television; not his show I’ve never seen it From what I gather from his book I like this man his philosophy and specifically his grit and determination It’s definitely worth being read

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    i'm making a point to read things that stretch my brain in 2019 and help me see other perspectives in this bizarre mess of a world we're living in right now this book cropped up on the 'what's new' library shelf and since i was familiar with the robertson family from television i thought it would be an eye opening read the author has a strong very well versed articulately written view of how things could be better i see his point even if i don't necessarily agree with everything he says he is very well educated and writes very persuasive arguments for why he feels the way he does he doesn't hold back his own early troubles and always stays true to his message i admire people who are strong and focused enough to share their views openly and i'm honestly very glad i read this book it gave me things to think about this is a recommended read

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    Phil Robertson is a modern day television celebrity phenomenon although many of us have yet to sample his hit show Theft of America's Soul is Robertson's treatise on how our modern society has lost its way morally and ethically Profoundly influenced by Robertson's reading of the Bible and its commandments this book offers his views on a multitude of issues which divide our country He pulls no punches and tells it as he sees it Agree or disagree with him it's always a fascinating ride Nevertheless after a while you get where he's coming from and you don't need to hear

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    Wow What a wake up Great book on the current state of America and what America needs to do to get back on track May God Bless the reader

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    Bold accurate and simpleBrother Phil has written how to for Christians He sees what I see and that is the changing of a America Jesus spoke about the end of days We must get real with evangelism and prepare those we love for the up and coming battle Is it too late I pray not

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    I loved this book I highly recommend it to everyone Phil Robertson is a straight shooter and he doesn't hold back If you want the cold hard truth then definitely read this book America needs God than ever

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    I do have to say that prior to reading this book I am not familiar with the author or the AE show Dusk Dynasty at all I knew that he was a part of it but it was the title of this book that caught my attention This book is broken down into 10 chapters which include some very common lies that are rampant in our society These include; God is Dead There is no Devil Truth is Relative God Did Not Create Life Sex if for Self Gratification Virtue is Outdated Laws Can Be Ignored or Changed If They Are Inconvenient Unity is Not Possible Church Participation and Day to Day Life Should Be Kept Separate and Christians Should Shut Their Traps Along with the lies in each chapter the author presents the truth such as in the first chapter God is Dead the truth is The God of the Bible is not dead and He never will beThese are all topics that I can easily see effecting our current society and it was the first book I read that have addressed so many of them at once The chapters are a combination of personal stories from the author as well as scripture that backs up the truth in each chapter Although the author's personal stories were not my favorite part of each chapter I do applaud him for including such personal stories in this book And I also am happy to see celebrities speaking out for Christianity when the majority do not This is certainly a relevant book in our country today and I think anyone who reads it will be able to easily make a connection between what we see everyday in the news and social media with what the author is addressing in each chapterThank you to the publisher Thomas Nelson for sending me a review copy of this book

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    I absolutely loved this book I love how open he was about his past People who read this should realize he is a conservative Christian who stands up for his beliefs and is completely devoted to them Loved it It gave me warm feelings in my heart I stand by him and this book

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    Everyone has to earn a living and for me this is what this novel is aboutWhether your living involves preaching the gospel and believing in God while living and breathing all things duck season is anyone's guessAs a minister of hospitality the preaching was way too much for even my tasteDo I feel God is not uite involved as years pastMore than likely but times are changing people are professing faith in different ways and this is the pointYou don't need four walls to preach to pray the belongA community is than just one's beliefs one's faith one's possessions one's titleSo preach on but I think I'll pass on the next oneI grew up in the country and attend church regularly while having three kids in catholic schools but this too me was not for mePerhaps you'll enjoy it than I so take a look and see for self

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    Simple and truthfully spoken on why America is corrupt and lost I enjoyed the straightforward no sugar coated frankness how we came to where we are today Also simple solutions to get back Great book to share

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