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Simply Spirit-Filled[KINDLE] ✽ Simply Spirit-Filled By Andrew Gabriel – Internationally recognized author and theologian Andrew Gabriel opens readers’ eyes to who the Holy Spirit is how He can be fully experienced and what it means to be charismaticMany Christians not j Internationally recognized author and theologian Andrew Gabriel opens readers’ eyes to who the Holy Spirit is how He can be fully experienced and what it means to be charismaticMany Christians not just those who identify with the charismatic tradition want to experience the Holy Spirit but are afraid of falling into excess Some attend churches that rarely speak of the Holy Spirit and are left curious about how the Spirit moves As a result too many Christians hesitate to intentionally open themselves to the Spirit’s presenceWritten by Andrew Gabriel an internationally acclaimed theologian of the Spirit Simply Spirit Filled reveals a breathtaking vision of what it means to live the Spirit filled life Gabriel matches the charismatic experiences of God with a thoughtful and thorough theology lesson delivered from an honest and often humorous firsthand perspective Through a tour of contemporary testimonies and biblical accounts of experiencing the Holy Spirit this book reveals how to discern the legitimate signs of the Spirit’s presence Simply Spirit Filled encourages readers by showing them ways the Spirit is already uietly at work in and around them Simply Spirit Filled has a wonderful way of blending theology and application as it investigates praying in tongues how to hear God speak and the spiritual gifts It offers answers to uestions about being slain in the Spirit the relationship of faith and the healing power of the Spirit and what it means to be spiritual Simply Spirit Filled is a biblically rooted pastorally sensitive and well informed introduction to some of the basics of the charismatic tradition Gabriel brings clarity to the confusion as he nudges Spirit experience junkies toward discernment and steers skeptics toward experiencing the Spirit as than just idly dwelling within them.

Andrew Gabriel was born raised and currently resides in New Jersey He is a graduate of Montclair State University with degrees in both Anthropology and ArchaeologyHe is an author of both non fiction and childrens books who has always possessed an intense love of reading and writing A Diary of Hope The True Story of an American Prisoner of War is his first published workThe Big Book of Ha.

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  • Simply Spirit-Filled
  • Andrew Gabriel
  • 24 September 2015
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    The Holy Spirit is not hazardousif you are a Christian you can't escape the Holy Spirit anyway because the Spirit dwells within youThe Holy Spirit may not be escapable but that doesn't mean that all Christians are chasing him down There is so much confusion about who the Spirit is what he does what he wants; the Third member of the Trinity is largely a mystery because of the uncertainty and clashing teachingsWhat are we supposed to think What should we know about this Holy Spirit and the way in which he operates and what does he want with usOut of the Pentecostal Charismatic movement comes a man with answers Dr Andrew Gabriel minister and professor of theology at Horizon College and Seminary helps to clarify and demystify the Holy Spirit and what it really means to be filled with the SpiritIn his latest book Simply Spirit Filled Gabriel an internationally acclaimed theologian takes up the task of helping Christians of all backgrounds understand who the Spirit is and what experiences with the Spirit are likeWhether you are a spiritual experience junkie or you would describe yourself as a  spiritual skeptic Simply Spirit Filled invites you to look at the biblically rooted truth of the Holy Spirit with fresh eyes With a very simple pastor approach Gabriel cuts through the confusion with his own experiences and sense of humour to illustrate what is and just as importantly what isn't the Holy Spirit and a life that is spirit filledSo if you want to know about people being slain in the Spirit why some people think it's okay to bark in church or how people think uietly praying is just fine how encouragement and serving is just as important as speaking in tongues or Holy Spirit things like that Simply Spirit Filled is the book that you needIn reality there is much to Spirit baptism than praying in tongues and the gift of tongues is than just a sign of Spirit baptismI was raised in the Pentecostal Charismatic movement and I can say this for certain this book needs to be on the shelf of every pastor teacher and bible study leaderConsidering all the variations or weird mish mashed messages about the Spirit the spiritual gifts tongues and prophecy it is a wonder I developed any coherent beliefs about the Holy Spirit So many people have cut paste ideas about the Spirit and spirit filled life what the church needs is a simple and yet thorough and coherent and yet not thought to death book about the Holy SpiritSimply Spirit Filled is that bookTackling the issues like tongues and the importance of it prophecy what is happening when people are slain or fall down in the Spirit and so many in a way that makes sense is exactly what the church needs Not just the Church at large there are many that want to know what the Spirit is doing and have the language to understand but especially for the Pentecostal Charismatic movement Because there is so much intelligent clear teaching needed on the Spirit in all the movements of ChristianityIt's nice to read this book knowing Gabriel and the movement that he is a part of and not reading the traditional Holy Spirit talk While his experiences speak of experiences that are the norm for Pentecostal Charismatics some of which I have personally experienced there is no holier than thou moment There is no mine is better or this is the right denominationfaith group name calling in Simply Spirit Filled Rather Gabriel looks to the Scriptures and asks What does this say or not say about the SpiritThis makes room for the sensational or spectacular aspects of some charismatic churches But it also illustrates that there are parts of the Spirit and spirit lead lives that are not perhaps visually sensational or spectacular but eually as godly and deserving of our time As I have experienced and Gabriel rightly notes both the uiet woman praying and the boisterous worshipper on stage can be filled and moved by the Spirit in eual powerRevelations such as these and Simply Spirit Filled is full of them serves to encourage those that are charismatic to continue in this way and draw others in but also instruct those that may have belittled the Spirit's activity when it didn't seem as flashy The Spirit the Wind of God does move where and how He wills A soft uiet gentle breeze from the Holy Spirit is just as much God as the thundering whirlwind that shakes the mountain Do not reject or neglect either way as the Spirit movesOne of the most enjoyable things about Simply Spirit Filled is Gabriel's honesty Where there have been mistakes error and cynicism about the Spirit in his own life Gabriel doesn't hide it He admits he hasn't always known inviting the reader to admit they may not have it all figured out and that there is room for learning in the pages of Simply Spirit Filled as there should be in the Church The space for I did something and it wasn't right or inline with Scripture is refreshing I dare say a new and much needed space in the Pentecostal Charismatic movementI find that I am wanting from Andrew Gabriel after I've read the last page but then I don't know what there could be While Simply Spirit Filled is obviously not an exhaustive look at the Holy Spirit and a life lived by his power so much is covered in these pages that the reader is left most satisfied but hungry for of what was just read Clearly this book will entice you to read it than once Which is for the best because something this good should not be enjoyed once but on multiple occasionsYou will want to read Simply Spirit Filled again after you read it the first time“being Spirt filled ultimately means we become like Jesus by showing love towards God and others”There are few books though I know of none that have been able to capture what it means to be Spirit Filled the way that Andrew Gabriel has Not caught up in Christianeze terms or doctrinal language Simply Spirit Filled will answer the uestions of pastors and parishes have about the Holy Spirit with honesty humour and clarity This is the book I'd go to for clear answers to everyday uestions about the Holy SpiritI give Simply Spirit Filled by Andrew Gabriel a 5 out of 5 star rating

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