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Sacred Pace[Read] ➲ Sacred Pace By Terry Looper – How do we hear from God and discern His will when it’s time to make big decisions Terry Looper shares a four step process for doing just that—a process he has learned and refined over thirty years How do we hear from God and discern His will when it’s time to make big decisions Terry Looper shares a four step process for doing just that—a process he has learned and refined over thirty years as a Christian entrepreneur and founder of a multi billion dollar company At just thirty six years old Terry Looper was a successful Christian businessman who thought he had it all—until managing all he had led to a devastating burnout Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams but miserable beyond belief Terry experienced a radical transformation when he discovered how to align himself with God’s will in the years following his crash and burnSacred Pace is a four step process that helps Christians in all walks of life learn how toslow down their decision making under the guidance of the Holy Spiritsift through their surface desires and sinful patterns in order to receive clear peace filled answers from the Lordgain the confident assurance that God’s answers are His way of fulfilling the true desires he has placed in their hearts andgrow closer to the One who loves them most and knows them bestThis book is not another example of name it and claim it materialism in disguise Instead it walks readers through the sometimes painful process of “dying to self” in their decisions both big and small so that they desire God’s will than their own.


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    1 consult your friend Jesus 2 gather the facts3 watch for circumstances 4 get neutralThe BEST book I've read so far about making decisions and following God's will It is filled with advice that's spiritual and also practical Yes it's possible for those two to go hand in hand No fleece laying or spin the bottle type of exhortations just Biblical common sense here

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    This was the right book at the right time for me and I'm very grateful for it I can relate to Looper's realization that many times the demand of corporate life is completely at odds with what God calls us to be in a Christian life Much like Looper earlier in his life I've been a hard working overachieving people pleaser with blinders on too often that put me out of sync with my family and possibly God's preferred direction But I also have known many times the undeniable peace that comes in seeking and following God's direction and not your own Looper presents a refreshing take and easy read from his experiences and trials that guides his business principles today It is great to know there are business leaders like Looper out there and I hope this serves as a powerful call to actions for all Christians in business leadership positions

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    I heard about this book while listening to the Focus on the Family podcast when they had the author Terry Looper on as a guest specifically to talk about his book and to relate his traumatic life experience that caused him to slow down and reevaluate his priorities in life This is one of the best Christian leadership books I have ever read especially in terms of giving you real life advice that is practical and can be immediately put into practice The four steps that Mr Looper puts forward are easy to remember are based in scripture and don't reuire a lot of mental effort or serious disciplineThe author relates how he has been a successful businessman in the oil industry in Texas for his entire adult life He has always been a driven individual and works very hard to succeed In fact at a point in his life around middle age he has a moment where he burns himself out so badly that his mind literally freezes and he finds himself unable to think or concentrate on anything He is mostly incapacitated and is forced by his body and mind to slow down The author does not go into detail about the physical symptoms or causes of his burnout but it is clearly very real and very scaryThis breakdown is the catalyst for the author's reevaluation of his life's purpose He changes his work habits and intentionally spends uality time with his family where he truly stops and pays attention to each of them gaining back their love and trustThe four steps are as follows 1 Consult your Friend Jesus; 2 Gather the facts; 3 Watch for circumstances; 4 Get neutral The author also puts forward 3 core truths 1 God knows best; 2 God sees the future and I can't; 3 God loves me and everyone around me than I ever couldThe author reminds us of the friend we have in Jesus and the comforter the Holy Spirit that we can rely upon in times of great decisions of impact The relationship of David to God is used as an example in how full David's love for God was and how God rewarded David Gathering facts and watching for circumstances ie little things that reinforce or detract from alternatives you are facing are practical steps and backed up in the book with specific actions you can take The 4th step to get neutral is really the core premise of the book I find it the hardest step to heed Basically the author encourages the reader facing a tough decision or choice to get to a uiet place inside hisher spirit where heshe can truly listen for God's voice to direct a decision I myself have never heard God's voice directly despite praying in earnest However the author does acknowledge that God doesn't always speak immediately or very clearly to us This reminds me of something my father used to tell me God gave you a brain for a reason Use it when I was faced with a tough decision and not feeling God's hand to direct meOverall I really identified with this book in terms of checking your driving ambition and reevaluating your purpose and true calling in life I would have liked to have heard about the business side of the author's life specific business strategies he employed that helped to make him successful or specific strategies he used to close deals or win clients At times I found the author difficult to identify with when he is talking about how much money he is making and the big deals he is closing It made me think how hard can it be when you have millions of dollars in the bank to fall back on However this book is not about money that much It is about taming our pride and personal ambitions to be the best at any cost and instead being still and listening for the voice and direction of God in our livesI think this verse from Romans 122 that the author uotes really sums up this book Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good pleasing and perfect will

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    It may not be an instant classic nor all that fluently written not sure the co writer really did their job all that well but this is five stars because of the teaching This book picks up on already well understood principles of guidance then both takes them deeper and metamorphosises them into faith lifestyle Merely summing up the four steps of 1 Talking with Jesus 2 Gather the facts 3 Watch for circumstances 4 Get a peace actually it is 'get neutral' in order to get a peace; doesn't do them full justice Really the key idea is in the book title that we do all this in pace with God Instead of being driven by our own agenda's and expediency which is basically sin then instead if we learn to move with God at His pace we get our true best outcomes Terry Looper has had outstanding success in business life and although there are far too many books usually written by 'successful pastors' in the sense of growing a big church which is not necessarily what Kingdom success looks like at all this book does not come across as just another 'look what I've learned on the way up' Rather it seems much about what he had to unlearn to move from worldly paths of getting ahead while burning bridges and self in order to let God lead Looper already had his record of worldly success complete with pseudo Christian wrapping before his true conversion to make Jesus his Lord While others in such circumstances might go onto a career change as indeed Looper contemplated he stayed on course with entrepreneurial endeavours but made them healthier and truly Godly In essence this book has profound lessons to teach about true Godliness and is well worth the read

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    I loved this book Very straightforward and applicable but you feel Terry’s authenticity We are constantly rushing to move forward and make decisions as uickly as possible If we truly believe in God and his goodness though we need to give him the power to make and influence our decisions Slowing ourselves down through obedience and prayer we can get our own emotions and desires out of the way and allow God to guide us to the right choice Terry breaks this lesson down very clearly through his own story and then shows how to apply it in many different phases of life This book will seriously affect the way I live my life

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    The principles in this book are life changing It's worth the book just to see Looper's 4 step process that isn't really steps but principles to lead you discover God's will in big decisions His concept of getting neutral is life altering Also slowing down The guy started a company and committed to only work 40 hours a week WhatBut it's not just an invitation to change our pace it's an invitation to be loved by God EnjoyGreat for leaders especially business women and men I so appreciated Looper's vulnerability and his personal commitment to self awareness and growth

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    I really wish I could go back and re review some other books I’ve read because this one tops most Terry Looper offers biblical practical advice about what following Jesus looks like in our everyday lives This will be a book on my shelf for years to come and one of the first I offer to a struggling believer and to someone struggling to make a decision based on God’s will for their lifeUltimately I’d like to meet Terry and learn about his experience and practice

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    Terry shares a clear outline for practicing prayerful spirit led decision making that anyone can follow if you are willing to invest the time In a culture where we fill our lives with busyness that so often leads us to rush ahead Sacred Pace was a refreshing guide to slowing down making wise decisions and replacing the hurried pace that leads to burnout with one that cares for the soul

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    Definitely one of the better books about finding the will of God mostly because it lays out 4 key steps to do so1 Consult your friend Jesus2 Gather the facts 3 Look at the circumstances 4 Get in neutralMany great stories accompany the author’s process of finding God’s will for his life in this book and he provides an exciting journey with him through that

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    The author has done a good job documenting the steps he takes toward staying in alignment with God For me at least there is nothing new here But then again I haven't documented my process and am pretty sure the author does it much better Good book for anyone interested in the topic

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