The Path of Life

The Path of Life[Reading] ➵ The Path of Life ➼ Lisa Robertson – The Path of Life helps readers uncover joy on the path of life the promises the journey and the destinyThis exciting and life changing journey begins by taking the first stepWhat is the path of life P The Path of Life helps readers uncover joy on The Path of Life the promises the journey and the destinyThis exciting and life changing journey begins by taking the first stepWhat is The Path of Life Perhaps the path is clear or it may be uncertain and filled with hardships The Path eBook ê abundant blessings or both No matter what their paths have been The Path of Life will help readers discover and learn how to follow God’s path for their livesAs readers dive into this book they will be euipped with the knowledge that God has a path for each of their lives a path full of adventure challenges joy and potentialThe paths of the Bible and the ones in our world have several things in common A path always has a destination often water food or shelter Someone or something has gone before and created the path We are never the first ones to walk a path Most paths have been there for a long time; they are tested tried and established Each path has a purpose a plan and a destinationFinding God’s path is not a mystery Throughout the Bible God makes it clear that He will teach us show us speak to us and guide us on this pathReaders will learn how to navigate God’s plan for their lives The Bible contains many references to “the path” When readers understand what the Bible says about paths they are euipped to navigate their own paths Lisa Robertson is passionate about walking alongside women to uncover the mysteries symbolism and truths about The Path of Life.

A speaker teacher and author Lisa is passionate about transforming lives through education and discipleship Lisa is the author of Advent Making Christmas About Christ The Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guide a freuent guest on the Club an initial board member of Alpha North America and the founder of The Path eBook ê Changing Seasons an outreach ministry encouraging and inspiring women Lisa a.

The Path of Life eBook ✓ The Path  eBook ê
  • Audio CD
  • The Path of Life
  • Lisa Robertson
  • 06 April 2016
  • 9781721346899

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    Lots of dog ratted pages something I’ve been taught not to do but what to do when you don’t have a highlighter and want to remember a great uote or scripture reference This book has good reminders for me“ The slow healing process kept me aware of my pain and aware of God if I had had an instant healing I might’ve said thank you and gone on my merry way and missed the miracle of forgiveness”“ I used to think that when Jesus worked a miracle he just did the miracle But now I have learned how important it is for us not to simply be spectators but to be ready for Jesus to give us an assignment This isn’t to say that Jesus won’t work his miracles without us he can do anything without us He’s got a mighty Sometimes he invites us into his miraculous world so that we can witness at her selves and see his great work” Lots of good things to rethink and reaffirm that can become commonplace for Christians

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    The maturity and truth this book challenged me with have been such a gift and grace from God Every day as I would read a section I would laugh because it was exactly the themes that God was already teaching me with and growing me through Robertson challenged the reader with lessons and spiritual wisdom gained from her faith journey from discovering God as her Savior in college to parenting and leading small groups And it was AMAZING and presented in a way that any age could benefit from and enjoy each section Conseuently I have a large fraction of the book copied out into my devotional journal where the words continue to give me joy and hope even as they convict me and inspire me to dive deeper into my faith The theme of the book is how to live life in a habit of dwelling walking and living in the path God has laid out for the Christian through Scriptures Through amazing and beautiful scriptures as well as great word pictures the author creatively and thoughtfully develops the theme of living for God The secret to growing the fruits of the Spirit—staying connected to the true Vine—is revealed The theme of living as a peculiar people and our path being narrow is developed The foolishness of clinging to the comfort of familiar insecurities and worries rather than trusting in God is demonstrated So many other solid Biblical truths are taught and as I read through this book in the course of a month or so I was built up blessed and bolstered in my faith I HIGHLY recommend this book to Christians who are serious about learning how to live a life centered around God’s Will FTC Disclosure I received a copy of this book for promotional purposes from Netgalley I was not reuired to write a positive review These are my honest thoughts and opinions

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    No matter what path you find yourself on whether it's filled with surprises hardships or joy you'll find encouragement in this book Lisa Robertson offers an insightful blend of real life stories and biblical wisdom to point us toward the best path of all The path of life

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    This is a very nice book of Christian witness and encouragement for women The author grew up Episcopalian and married the son of Pat Robertson of the 700 Club I appreciated the author's candor and willingness to deal with tough life challenges She tells stories of her own life and how she overcame difficult times through faith I especially appreciated her discussion of the break up of her own church and how she used this crisis to move on to new and successful ministry This book would make a fine text for a women's Bible study or book group Discussion uestions for each chapter are included in the back

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    This book was interesting I really enjoyed some chapters while others didn't connect with me There were several chapters that I took something away that I could apply to my life Others I just felt a little lost I wasn't sure how everything really applied to the idea of The Path of Life But with all that being said I would recommend this book because I really did enjoy most of it That can often happen in these types of books because every person is at a different stage in life My favorite chapters were those that dealt directly with parenting I would read those chapters again just to remind myself Overall a well written book with a great message

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    This is a great book to encourage Christians especially who are going through a difficult time The Path of Life it's a bit of biography but if you don't like them don't be discouraged by it Robertson will pull you into the story from the very first pages Very in mind that you'll be highlighting uite a few paragraphs yes it's THAT goodBy the author's witness you'll remember that God isn't only every step of the way with you but if you really trust Him REALLY trust Him He'll surprise you even when you are in the midst of the worse season of your lifeI GOT AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK BY THE PUBLISHER VIA NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR MY HONEST REVIEW

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    If you're learning how to listen for God's leading in your life this book is the perfect guide It's so relatable and encouraging in the best way; it really challenged me to think about God's best for me and not just because I can ask God but because God wants to teach me show me and speak to me personally Lisa's writing made me realize that when I am facing something difficult in my life I am not alone because someone has walked a similar path before me I highly recommend this book

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    Wonderful and powerful book This book brings encouragement for all no matter your situation With real life stories and most importantly the Biblical wisdoms help golder you in the right direction for yourself I think that you should take this book show and in small sections I also believe it's one you could most likely read multiple times and get something new out of it Even though I'm not a parent yet kids are a big part of my life and I was able to get something out of those chapters as well

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    I LOVE The Path of Life Reading is a journey a path and on The Path of Life I felt refreshed with a new dose of hope for the future and for the faithfulness of God I highly recommend the book

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    This book is a must read If you are on the fence with your faith this book will help If you are not on the fence you still need to read this book Lisa opens up with the path her life has taken It has wonderful study guides I thoroughly enjoyed reading and “studying with Lisa”

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